Hd Cricket Batting Tips How To Play Left Handed Cover Drives

Ok Guys so what we are going to do in this tutorial to teach you how to play some lovely David Gower like cover drives For those that don’t know David Gower was probably the most graceful batsman to play the game Key stage 1 move your head just inside a line inside of the ball if your a left handed batsman that means that your head will be on the right and the ball
will be on the left hand side of your head Key stage 2 Whilst Gently moving your head forward to keep transferring your weight forward, move your hands down through one straight lines through the ball Key Stage 3 Put everything together and let them ride Thank you for watching – Please feel free to subscribe and if you have any ideas for tutorials
that you would like us to cover please leave a comment in the comments section below Please also like and Share this video…Thank you again

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  1. Sir i have been playing for my club for the last 4 years and last year our club took part in 50 over tournament and i scored 312 runs in 5 matches but this year my club again took part in the first match i scored a 89 and after that i struggled and in 5 matches i ended up getting only 122 runs in 5 matches and i have struggled against the fast bowlers a lot i have been caught behind then i was bowled i mean iam just struggling against fast bowling my feet are not moving and iam not stable with my batting at this point of time sir do u have some tips…

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