32 thoughts on “Hd Cricket Batting Tips How To Play Sachin Tendulkar Cover Drives

  1. Hello Friend – Here is My Front Cover Drive Cricket Batting Tutorial hopefully now you'll be better able to play some Sachin Tendulkar like Cover Drives

  2. Great video. But I would like to mention sangakkara is an awesome player to cover drive. I admire his cover driven shots, and also yours.

  3. wonderful, it's very hard to play the straight drive or the cover drive like the great Sachin Tendulkar, but you have done a great job of playing the cover drive exactly like him and then also explaining the shot, very well

  4. i have been facing issues with ball coming on to legstump and ball which is keeping low,so please help me out.

  5. interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for cricket batting tips book try Knewreck Cricket Lessons Guide (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  6. thank u so mush bro can u upload one more video for show all how to hit a six on a down ball i always try but i always have a 4 or other not six please tell me ok bro i give 5 stars this video and subsribed your channel please reply soon and upload soon please ok i like your shots i really love your shots plase tell me this ok

  7. to become complete batsman follow these shot of best batsman
    cover drive of virat
    straight drive of sachin
    on drive of Smith
    reverse sweep of maxwell
    switch hit of kp
    flick of azharrudin
    pull of Matthew hayden
    hook of de villiers
    defense of dravid
    cut of Gilchrist
    slog sweep of warner
    upper cut of sehwag
    scoop of dilshan
    paddle sweep of de villiers
    in side out of sangakkara
    back foot punch of sachin
    simple sweep of ponting
    helicopter short of dhoni
    timing of inzamam
    power of gayle
    reflexes like mccullum

  8. Great cover drive. I scored 569 runs. Last match I got out . That was a cover drive ball please make a video of virat cover drive technique

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