6 thoughts on “HD Cricket Video Analysis Batting Coaching For Coaches Pt 1

  1. The Back leg needs to be more stable. Don't mind moving after the batsman has made contact. The problem comes when the back foot moves during the shot. The solution for me would be. Making sure all movement is lead by the head and not the feet. But also do lots of balance games and fitness session working leg strength. As after leg strength improves. He will find it easier to divert his weight to each leg quickly and efficiently. 

  2. The batsman's stance seems to be unbalanced as after playing a shot,his backfoot come right across where as the body should not move after playing a shot,it has to be balanced.
    Also,foot work is not so good ,the feet need to move forward or backward while playing a shot and also the shots seemed a bit cross batted whereas they shud b straight.

  3. Firstly, he needs to stay as side on as possible. He is squaring up and this isnt a good sign. Secondly when playing his shots, he needs to keep a high elbow, and a good way to see weight transfer on the front foot is if his front knee is bent. I think he should also keep his head over the ball and take bigger steps

  4. He have to transfer his weight on to front foot by moving his head forward and his bat should be come straight vertical in line of the ball and should plant his foot beside the line of ball and try to play the ball under his eyes

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