100 thoughts on “He Did Things to Me at Baseball Camp That I’ll Never Forget

  1. You can always pray to jehovah if this happeneds to you (Or anything else) please pray to him! At least one time

    Im a jehovahs witnesses and in my religion we  believe that one day jesus  (the son of jehovah god) will fight against all the evil in a war called Armageddon, some faithful people will stay with him in the sky and some will be brought to a perfect paradise:)

    the bible also says that evil people , satan and his demons will all be destroyed and in this new world, people will not suffer nor die ever again:)

    Just thought it would be interesting for anyone reading to know this:) that's why i shared it:)

    If you want to get in touch with the Jehovah's witnesses, just Google the nearest kindom halls near you or download the app JW. Library on any device and give it a shot! We only live once so why not experience the Jehovah's witnesses meeting? If you don't like it, you're not forced to go if you dont want to!:). Everyone can go and you dont need to pay, everything is free.

    Please consider giving the kindom halls a change just for one time or just praying to jehovah!
    Thank you all so much for listening to my comment and hope you all have A fantastic day! Bye

  2. Her: Time to show Dave everything I've learned from practice with this fastball.
    Dave: I'm gonna end this girl's life with this mother of all homeruns.

    Poor girl was never the same again

  3. Most people is taking this as a joke, and writes comments just to get attention… I don’t think this story should be ignored and made jokes out of. I can relate to this girl a lot, and could imagine me feeling like sharing my story, and instead of people caring and listening… people would just make jokes about the title, how many times the voice has been used, and more.

    I hope someone else other than me is willing to listen to her, and care about her story.

  4. Okay @kimberly roberts made a joke as top comment . I shall explain it here before i woosh all of the replies . She is referring to a movie in the 90s called The Parent Trap (starring Lindsay Lohan/the Olsen twins) in which they swap places at a camp . The title was never different , it is a JOKE.

  5. How is Steven your fictional twin though? He looks nothing like you. Do you mean personality wise?

  6. There is not point in saying that your not going to say what happened to you since your story is the same as a few others. This is boring tbh, respect my opinion thank you.

  7. I’ve had this same problem, except it’s different, my imagination has made me think there is a large screen on the back of my head, no one caused it, my imagination just thought it up and it never went away, and here everyone can see my thoughts, the only way to escape is to cover it, it makes me feel scared and awkward when ever I think of weird things, I hear people laughing behind me all the time, it’s usually just them talking to other people, but it makes me feel uncomfortable, this is why I stay in my room all the time, no one can see me think, it’s a get away from those weird thoughts

  8. Writing is a great way to escape your problems, but it can't help fix everything. I'm glad you got help, hope your stories become best sellers one day. You're going to be OK, the pain doesn't go away but it will get better in time.

  9. The plan was to right a series of 25 essays the work divided evenly between the three peeps (men)
    It the end the wrote 85 essays in the span of 6 months
    John j got sick after writing 5
    James Madison wrote 29
    This girl wrote! The other 51!

  10. I totally get this girl, I write too and I've put my characters through a lot of the stuff I have ever been through. It actually does help a lot but it doesn't solve everything, so talk to someone if you need to ❤

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