Heart Of The Beaufortain I Vol – Bivouac # 2

My journey begins on Saturday morning 11 o’clock I parked the car near Arêches, and got my backpack ready for two days adventure After a couple hundred meters skied down, I reach the Dam, that I’ll have to cross I then follow a mostly flat road now covered in snow that gets me around the lake I’m now in unknown teritory Everything looks a lot more beautiful and complex than what I’ve imagined from what’s on the maps Plan a was to sleep in a hut, here at the bottom of these mountains But the Sun is still high in the sky I’m starting to feel the weight of my backpack. I have blisters at my toes and heels I’m pretty happy to finally reach the top of the ridge. I can now look for the best place to stop for the night After a warm soup couscous special homemade mix eaten with freezing hands I slide into my sleeping bag … Keeping my body warm, outside the sleeping bag was crucial in the morning. I forced myself to eat and drink more than I felt I needed Adjusting the camera settings was a bare hands operation and I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted, I had to move on I launched from the sunny area and flew straight here into the shade I expected a strong katabatic wind and after landing, I struggled to kill the wing that wouldn’t stay still on the frozen snow So I used the help of a few rocks to catch it. Thank you rocks ! I immediately started to pack the wing which had to be held on the ground using more rocks and the backpack I Made my way up to the “Col d’Arpire” on a thick layer of fresh snow. I was moving slowly but steadily I had to get the skis off to finally reach the top I’m filming with my shitty phone camera and recharging the photo camera for future shots The South slopes of the pass were frozen, but the top layer was getting soft thanks to the Sun warming it up After a few minutes trying to find the safest way down I reached the south end of the lake I haven’t been able to melt my water reserve that had frozen during the night I was thirsty and relieved when I found running water in that stream It was time to walk up again I was now closer to the village and with every track I crossed my feeling of freedom and loneliness got away I had the landing area in mind from the beginning it was close to the car, and the only one without an electric line crossing in the middle of it The now has melted a lot since I left but it still looked big enough It was the best feeling ever, I could sit down and realize how many places and feelings I’ve been through since I left the day before

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