Hello Neighbor In Real Life Hide & Seek! Rare Dino Strike! Steel Kids

(dance music) – [Boy] This is a paid
advertisement for Zuru. Let’s see what we got. One of these Dino Strikes could
be the rare golden fossil. – [Lauren] Or a roaring T. Rex or a charging Triceratops. Oh yeah! I’m ready, are you ready? – Let’s battle. (suspenseful music) (roaring) (crashing and banging) – Ha ha, I got your
Tyrannosaurus skeleton! – Yeah, well I’m about
to get your Tyrannosaurus with my Velociraptor X! – Ha ha, missed! You just made my Tyrannosaurus mad! (roaring) Get him! (roaring) – Aw man, you won the battle, Lauren. – Yeah! Tyrannosaurus is king! – Hey friends, don’t
forget to like this video. – And subscribe. (gasps) – It went over the fence. I’ll help you find it, Lauren. (gasps) – They opened the Dino Strikes without me. I’ll show them. (cackling) (suspenseful music) They want their toys back from me, they’re gonna have to play my game. – Found it! – Hey, where’d all my Dino Strikes go? – I hid them. If you want them back, you’re gonna have to find them. – It’s the neighbor, come on. All right, which way should we go? – Maybe in the kitchen. (gasps) – A box fort! Let’s go in it. (theatrical music) We gotta get back all 13 battling Dinos from the neighbor. (gasping) – Hey! – Run! (suspenseful music) Sh, that was a close one. (dark music) – It’s the Dino Strikes! Shawn, there’s two for each of us. (upbeat music) – Come on, let’s open them up! I wanna see what’s inside
these five surprises. (upbeat music) (groans) – Man, I lost them. Better go check the rest of the house. – [Lauren] Look what I got
on the collector’s guide and it’s a Velociraptor. – That’s cool, it shows all
13 Dinos we can collect. My instruction manual
says I got a Triceratops. Look, I have a red missile, so my dinosaur is on the red team and yours has blue missiles, so yours is on the blue team. – All done. – That was easy to build. You can swap your blasters to make double and even triple blasters to arm your Dino. – Can I borrow your red missile? – Look what mine does. If I wiggle the tail,
then it’s head moves. Now, let’s build the other Dinos. (upbeat music) – Hmm, now I gotta find something to do. I’ll just open two of
these five surprises. Yes, can’t wait to see which Dino I got. (upbeat music) Oh, I got some parts right here. Oh, there’s the head. Yes, I got Stygimoloch! (theatrical music) Whoa! It’s a rare gold one! Spinosaurus skeleton. Hmm, that was fun maybe I’ll just open two more. – [Lauren] My triceratops skeleton is ready for battle. – Pew pew! We gotta go find some more Dino Strikes! – I got all the missiles. – Aw, c’mon, let’s go find
our way out of this maze. – Tyrannosaurus skeleton. – We’ve been under this place forever. – Wait a second, this looks familiar. – (gasp) There’s the entrance! (gasp) the neighbor’s in here! – He’s opening the Dino Strikes! – We’re gonna have to
wait here until he leaves. – Ankylosaurus. Fight! – The neighbor’s got his back to us, let’s sneak into the bedroom while we can! – Ha! (screaming) – All right, let’s set
our Dino’s over there, and then let’s through the garage. – Ha ha ha ha! Nobody sneaks by me! – Let’s look in that cabinet. There’s two flashlights, um, this looks like the house key Oh, look! There’s some type of
Dino Strike key in here. It says ‘rare’, I’ll keep both of these. Did you find anything? – No. – Okay. Hey, the neighbor was playing
with Dino Strikes in here. Let’s search the cabinet! (gasp) Two more Dino Strikes! Let’s open ’em up. Mine’s gonna be on blue team. – Look, mine’s gonna be on red team. – Huh, is it this way or is it this way? Hm. Aw man, another turn? Made this box fort too hard. I’m always getting lost in here! – Pterosaur. I can rain fire on you from the sky! – Plesiosaur. I can rain fire on you from the water. – Ah, finally! – Lauren, I think it’s about time we go find the other Dino Strikes. – Hey! (screaming) – Oh no, they went in
my box fort maze again! – Ha! Aha! Well, this is the kids. I did find one in the crates I hid. Time to take a break. – All right, this’ll it work. We gotta stick together, we can’t get lost in the jungle. (loud humming) You see anything yet, Lauren? – No, but I thought I heard something. (roar) Shawn, I thought I really heard something. – Lauren, I think I hear
something, turn your light off! (roar) Lauren, where are you? Where’d you go? Oh no, I lost Lauren! – (gasp) Shawn, I found a Dino Strike! I’m gonna have it out of the jungle! I’ll wait for you on the stairs. – Okay, Lauren, I’ll
meet you on the stairs! (gasp) – A Dino Strike! All right, I’m lost, so I gotta find a way out of here now. – Yeah, I got the Tyrannosaurus again. – Hahaha! Velociraptor X. (gasp) – The exit, finally! You! (screaming) – The exit, finally! Huh, wonder where Lauren went. All right, Stegosaurus,
let’s go find Lauren. Where are you? I don’t know where she went. Huh, maybe she went in the bedroom. (screaming) What? – Ha ha ha! Now it’s time for the battle royale! – You’re going down! (groans) – Ha, you missed! Take this. – Bleh! – Shawn, you got my Velociraptor! Oh no, I lost! – Hey, you can’t hit my
rare Spinosaurus skeleton! Only another rare gold dino can hit him! Yeah, I won! Neighbor rules! – Not so fast, I still have one left. – What?! – When I was looking
for Lauren, I found it. Whoa, what’s that? Whoa, this is the rare one! – But, then, where is it? – Right here. Another rare gold dino! Yeah, I won! Whoo! – Well played, Shawn. I thought for sure I’d won. – Yeah, let’s play Hello
Neighbor Dino Strikes again, but, this time, I wanna be Neighbor. – Let’s do it! Guys, don’t forget to like this video. – Have a awesome day, friends! – Don’t forget to subscribe.

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