HELLO NEIGHBOR MAKES SENSE NOW! | Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek

Hello Neighbor Hide and seek is the latest
installment of the mysterious mystery fest that features this fine, mustachioed gentleman. Throughout our Hello Neighbor journey we have
taken in all sorts of terrifying things such as a basement meant to trap a child and fool
them into thinking they’re NOT in a cage of sorts. Hence the weird reality simulations that really
aren’t too convincing. Anyway since the very beginning we’ve asked
the question…why is our neighbor building this monstrosity of a Dr. Seuss house? Carpentry can be a cathartic hobby but this
is ridiculous! You may recall that several moons ago we here
at Treesicle brought you a two part SYNK on the FINISHED GAME that was Hello Neighbor. We concluded and pondered all sorts of spooky
things that tied together a rather convincing narrative if I do say so myself. I’d recommend checking those videos out
if you haven’t seen them yet or if you need a refresher. I’ll be going over some info from them but
definitely not going too deep. I’ll just be summarizing a bit. Speaking of which, we pieced together the
neighbor’s family’s backstory…including but not limited to…the wife died in a car
crash, the son killed the daughter in some kind of horrible, pushy accident that involved
gravity, and the shadowman is our protagonist’s fear of the neighbor and his house manifested
into a misty, ethereal entity. There were some Zak Bagans references too. Duh. But how much of this was actually true? Well gentle viewer the answer to these questions
and ones not yet asked lie within the dream-like and slightly poopy splendor of Hello Neighbor
Hide and Seek the…the demo. Fetch quests were never so revealing probably. HIT IT! Like any story, let’s start at the beginning. The opening of Hide and Seek shows this is
clearly a prequel. The Neighbor’s family is happy, healthy
and not-at-all dead. The mother is cooking breakfast, the children
are playing and the neighbor-husband himself is…on the phone. Hmmmm. Tiny Build knows this update would be picked
apart by groundbreaking YouTube channels like ourselves so surely the neighbors actions
during this scene are not to be glossed over. While the rest of his family is engaging in
loving togetherness, our neighbor is taking a call. Presumably a business call. Such a scene paints the picture of a father
who wasn’t quite there. Likely he showed his love by providing but
being with the family is just as important. Also he’s wearing his black gloves and that’s
pretty weird. Anyway, while the mother cares for her kids
and the dad is talking business the children retreat into their imagination during a rousing
game of hide and seek. A likely mundane room is transformed into
an African oasis type deal and naturally what follows is sixteen fetch quests. One after the other. Whoop whoop! You’ll notice the sign with nine animal
plushies and an arrow pointing to a big ol’ basket. The logical implication of this is that one
must obtain nine plushies and place them in said basket. But then you may say…” Grant if there’s nine plushies on the sign
then why did you say there’s sixteen fetch quests?” The answer is…I…I don’t know. There’s seven additional duplicate animals
you’ve gotta find and throw into the basket because reasons. Maybe that doesn’t make any sense but don’t
worry! This here clock on the wall keeps track of
how many you’ve collected and how many more you need! Nine plushies on the sign, sixteen to collect,
and all this is kept track with a clock that goes up to twelve. As clocks do. BECAUSE SCREW NUMBERS. THE NUMERIC CHAOS OF HELLO NEIGHBOR HIDE AND
SEEK ONLY DEEPENS THE MYSTERY. Numbers are just an abstraction of the human
mind used to quantify the universe anyway so only losers take them seriously why should
they be consistent? Moving on, the daughters thumb is super weird
and gross which isn’t that important but it’s kinda funny. Also if you get glitched between a rock and
hard place don’t hesitate to hit the “I am stuck” button. And further still, I forgot to mention that
during all this hunting and fetching the brother is trying to catch you…a la Hide and Seek…and
if he succeeds he’ll take an animal or two or five out of the basket and place them randomly
around the map…wasting sand in the hour-glass that is a metaphor for you life. We’re getting DEEP people! But we ain’t stopping here. Oh no. While the lovely oasis doesn’t have much
in terms of plot development, we do get a cutscene of a raven picking up the daughter
cuz birds are strong AF. Alright! So far we’ve got a father who isn’t there,
a two children, nine different plushies, sixteen in total, a 12 hour clock and…a raven. GASP! WAIT A MINUTE. Zero plus two minus 9 plus 16 divided by 12
RAVEN WEIGHS. Hnnnnnnng. THIS CAN’T BE. This raven means something. Something…diabolical. We KNOW the daughter was killed sometime after
Hide and Seek Took place. Clearly this raven…is an omen. A SIGN OF TERRIBLE THINGS TO COME. Like death. And dark witchcraft. Just ask Edgar Allan Poe. About the death part. And behold! After putting all 16 animals in the basket
it’s eatin’ time. Time to eat bread with some spoons and…wait
ME. DOER OF DARK WITCHCRAFT. And wouldn’t you know it! YouTuber and l33t h4x0r Ertyez verified that
a black flying demon is indeed watching us. Check out his video in the link down below…there’s
all kinds of weird, hilarious stuff he finds. Anywho what’s odd is ravens have been referenced
before in hello neighbor. For instance, after our protagonist gets evicted
and is driving back to the neighborhood from his effed up childhood, there is a bunch ‘em
perched on a sign. Probably cawing. AND in the start menu to this game we see
a doll hanging onto a shelf for dear, inanimate life as a raven stares at it. We know from previous games this doll is representative
of the daughter…we go over it in the stories you never knew. This further confirms the daughter falls to
her death at some point…which is sad stuff. Not to mention we also see in the trailer
for the full release of Hide and Seek the father and daughter looking super sad which
leads me to believe someone died before the daughter did. I’m guessing the sadness on these two faces
is caused by the wife’s death because in the roller coaster dream-sequence from the
original game we see the brother at the controls of the coaster which has little pushy hands
that ultimately push the daughter to her death…symbolically. Which is representative of reality! So the brother kills the daughter which means
he can’t be dead yet. It’s hard to kill when you’re dead. I would know. It’s odd the brother isn’t in this trailer
at all but maybe he’s just playing guitar in his room or something. Recall in our Story You Never Knews we believe
the brother to be the last family member alive besides the neighbor. He isn’t associated with raven in this new
game so I think it’s safe to say it’s confirmed he ain’t dead. He just felt super guilty for killing his
sister and ran away. So to sum this all up, the daughter is confirmed
to get killed because ravens are symbolic of death, the wife is confirmed to be dead
because of all the sadness from the trailer and the brother is likely still alive. Also the neighbor is probably a father who
works too much and wears creepy black gloves for no reason and his family was once indeed
happy and not dead. Honestly not too many answers in Hide and
Seek but remember this is a demo and there will be a reveal on August 30th. In spite of some bizarre numeric choices and
unfortunate thumb something rather I can’t wait for this game! I’ll be at PAX West when it does come out
but you better believe Ryan and I will be playing this bad boy either during the convention
or after we get back. I feel I’ve summed up everything from this
installment but let me know if I missed anything. I guess there are the chin swirls that seem…genetic…the
neighbor and his kids all go in the same direction. Not protagonist’s chin swirl tho. He’s got his own stuff going on. Weird stuff but I dig the attention to detail. Anywho, let me know if I missed anything and
while you’re at it check out our playthrough of this demo. I assure you there was no salt. I’m Grant…and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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