Hello Neighbor: The Story You Never Knew

December 8th, 2017. A day which will live in infamy. Because the full Hello Neighbor game finally
came out! And we can unwrap all the answers we’ve
been craving for so long. Answers to questions like…if the neighbor
is so crazy then how does he maintain such attractive and trimmed facial hair? Mr. Neighborman I… By the way with the full game released it’s
clear this mustachio’d antagonist isn’t our father. Phew! But still…who is he? And why has he constructed a house that only
a crazy mccrazyface would construct? A handsome mug with a stache to decorate it
can only get you so far before people start asking questions you arguile wearing, flamboyant-stretch
doing, kidnapper! The kidnapping is probably the main issue
really. Also driving skills not great Who hits a pizza truck? The kind of man our neighbor clearly is, that’s
who. But that’s the question isn’t it? Who is the Neighbor exactly? His motives and personality are the qmark
that binds this entire chaos of evidence spanning normal waking reality and lucid dreams. Not to mention…dreams within dreams: a depth
to the psyche which few games dare touch. But what does it all mean? Who is this gloved man of many nightmares? And what is he hiding from the world? From us? Since those early alphas so long ago we’ve
called him a monster. A kidnapper! The devil. Finally with the full release we can put this
man and his creepy house under a very flattering spotlight. But not too flattering. I mean…it’s hard not to admire his… Mmmmm. Stranger danger never looked so appealing! I mean…THAT’S A BUTT! Stop! It’s time for the schtick people! So round up your mannequin collection, hang
some weird pictures on your walls, and prepare yourself! For the story of tragedy, guilt, and the looming,
spooky darkness they leave behind. This is the story of a house that reflects
the mind who built it, the story of Hello Neighbor, the story you never knew. Ah no! You nimble, cold faced…man. To unravel your psyche and what lead to your
insanity…let’s rewind to the beginning. To Act 1. In the first cutscene, we are not the grown
man we’ve come to know in the Betas and Alphas. We’re a child…playing with a ball. And when we kick our ball and follow it we
get another cutscene. The infamous, neighbor dragging someone who
is probably a kid into the basement with an accompanied scream. Not to mention, if your look right around
this area you’ll see Simming children’s posters. NOT SIMMING CHILDREN! I think we can all assume they’re supposed
to say “missing”. And we see a missing boy and a missing girl
highlighted on these posters. Is this screaming, unseen child one of them? Who knows! But it’s time to investigate! Looking around the house we see the same-old
same old from previous builds, eyeball paintings, apple paintings, paintings of a husband wife
and child, all great decorations! They add a little artistic pizzazz. But back to the story! What really moves the plot forward are the…I
guess you’d call them dream sequences, that happen at random times between when the neighbor
captures you and when you wake up across the street. The first one…is telling. I mentioned it a little bit earlier. Walking down a long hallway, if you look to
the right you’ll see the neighbor letting someone into a car, running around to the
driver side and then driving off. Only to get involved in an accident with a
pizza truck where his passenger is either dead or gravely injured. Sirens, perhaps an ambulance can be heard
approaching in the distance. And look! A high heel! Judging by this feminine footwear and the
chivalrous action of letting someone in then getting in the car himself, I think we can
assume our man of mystery lost or will lose his wife. Poor guy. This is the first tragedy that befalls our
neighbor. An accident which may have been his fault. These cars both ended up on the opposite side
of the road from us, or more importantly, on the same side of the road as each other
so it’s likely somebody was on driving on the wrong side. And judging by the same red car parked…on
the fence during Act 1..it’s not crazy to assume the neighbor’s a bad driver. So our neighbor played his part in his wife’s
death. And..even if he didn’t..even if he wasn’t
at fault…our villain has lost his wife. Is he even a villain at all? The next dream sequence encounter with him
is…more creepy and strange than tragic. On the wall above us is a silhouette of the
neighbor digging a hole for something..or someone. Probably both actually. We’ll get to that. The silhouette finishes digging, leaves and
doesn’t come back. So we walk through the door to find a GIANT
neighbor searching the room for something. Could it be what he wants to bury? I think it is. Act 2 leads me to believe this, but we’ll
cross that bridge when we come to it. These dreams are very insightful but oh so
mysterious! But dead wife and hole digging aside, let’s
talk about the oh so tantalizing basement. I mean it would be tantalizing IF IT WASN’T
WEIRD AND CREEPY! When we get the red key, we’re able to make
our way down the stairs to the place where, as far as I can tell, a child is being held
against their will. I mean, we can all agree that at this point
right? In my previous Hello Neighbor videos I argued
for this to be a little girl by the scream but truth be told child screams can be quite
androgynous. Not that I would know. But I think this is a little boy. A missing boy…who killed someone. Someone close to him. And yet a tragedy of this magnitude is only
one of the reasons tearing our neighbor’s mind apart These gory details are what our child-protagonist
aims to investigate, and that curiosity has gotten him into this basement…where there
is no child to be found. There’s only a crude simulation of reality,
as though trying to keep a prisoner feeling like they aren’t in prison. And judging by the food items around there’s
little doubt someone has been living down here. A someone who has escaped. Something our good protagonist surely wants
to do as well. Except…after being chased down a long corridor…oh
I uuhhh…OH! He captured us. And we’re trapped here. Trapped here until…we escape. Which to be fair is usually how it works. But yeah, the room we’re trapped in is locked. So how does one escape from a locked room? With help of course. While meandering around in our little room
of joy we hear a crash followed by the sound of a door unlocking. And sure enough, we’re free! But hold on. Who unlocked the door? Surely our neighbor man (who put us down here
in the first place) isn’t just letting us go. Thankfully we have a restart option! This time, if we choose to look through the
keyhole…maybe we can glimpse who…..*gasp* Is that?!? Hm…Yes. The simming boy. One and the same! He was stuffed in the basement and put in
a weird unconvincing reality simulator to make him feel better about it. It didn’t work! So he escaped. And thanks to his enginuity, we’re allowed
to escape too. But what does this have to do with the missing
boy being a murderer? And more importantly, why would that make
the neighbor become the crazy man he has? Well since we can safely assume this is the
same kid who our neighbor locked in the basement at the beginning of Act 1 we can begin making
connections with the insights of Act 2. So what are we waiting for? We make our way out of this basement prison
only to be greeted by a new neighbor house. Jiminy Cricket, good lord man. How long have we been stuck down there? Regardless, our neighbor has gone even more
off the deep end than before. He’s now added some….improvements to his
house. Totally safe improvements. Oh. And a wall that would put Fenway’s Green
Monster to shame around the perimeter of the property. Good to know our crazy handyman realizes the
importance of blowing off steam with the wholistic hobby of carpentry. Step aside Jesus! But yeah, we wind through and around this
haunting house, deciphering the methods to our neighbor’s madness until somewhere along
the way we get even more dream sequences. Very telling ones, I might add. The first dream sequence is set in a sort
of theme park. The main attraction being a roller coaster
operated by none other than the missing boy who helped us in the basement earlier. Except…how he’s red. The color of EEEEVILLLLL. Well he’s under a red light but could be
symbolic. Allow me to explain. Hopping on the coaster we’re first taken
through a warmly lit kitchen filled with the sound of a family laughing. A family of four. These are happy times…until the next room
begins. It’s the same place, but everything has
been flipped upside down, lights turned off, and we hear only the sound of a man crying. It’s as if our neighbor’s life between
that scene and this has literally been turned upside down. These rooms aren’t just sections of a dream,
they’re states of mind. And something took a family from happy togetherness
to lonely despair. Continuing onward, the roller coaster crosses
another threshold, this time having two little pushy hands up front. The suspenseful cart wheels forward until…the
missing girl! OH NO WE’RE GOING TO PUSH HER OFF HNNNNGGGGGG Recall the missing boy was the operator of
this dream rollercoaster…which means these hands…this path we were taken on…was his. First there was a happy family, then something
changed all that. Then another horror: a brother killing his
sister. This roller coaster is a timeline. But why did we go down it? How did these sad, sad dominoes fall in the
way they did?? We’ve already gotten a whopping hammer of
a hint from the car crash in Act 1. The neighbor’s wife was gravely injured,
with an ambulance making its way to the scene. It’s hard to know for sure if she was killed
outright until this next dream sequence: the hospital. A heart monitor beeps next to a bed while
the neighbor waits anxiously in the waiting room. Then the monitor flatlines. There’s no indication here who this is who
passed away, but when you look at all the evidence the answer is clearly the wife. Judging by the roller coaster dream and the
car accident, the most likely havers of death are both the wife and daughter. So it had to have been one of them that flatlined
here in the hospital. Here’s the thing though, before Act 1 even
began, there are missing posters hanging around the neighborhood for a boy yes, but also a
little girl. If neighbor’s daughter was the one who died
in the hospital then why would she be on a missing poster? When you die in a hospital, public records
get updated pretty quick. No. This girl died outside of the public eye. The wife was taken to the hospital after her
very public crash, and passed away from her injuries soon after, but the girl was killed
at the hands of her brother. At the hands of the only family our neighbor
has left. Recall that the house in Act 1 is already
starting to look a little…funky. The neighbor has already started to lose his
mind because at this point his wife is already dead. Case in point, the house is messy and has
its share of…questionable addons. For instance! This ladder in the back that leads to a janky
platform on the roof! A perfect place for children playing to end
in tragedy. And notice how it’s been blocked off. As though something happened up here that
must never happen again. A brother killing his sister. Or the neighbor didn’t want anyone entering
through the hole in the roof. But regardless, if it had to happen anywhere
in this house, this would be the place where someone was pushed off and died. There’s a doll at the bottom to represent
the daughter and also a guitar for the brother. As seen by the puzzle in his room I never
mentioned. We also see this same doll in the basement
and lying around the car crash dream sequence. Is this doll in the places it is… By accident? Perhaps. What we do know is there’s a casket buried
in the backyard and within that casket is a key to a little girl’s dollhouse. The key, in this sense, is more of a symbolic
representation of the daughter rather than the daughter herself, as tinyBuild has chosen
not to provide corpses to represent the deceased – as also shown by the empty hospital bed,
even though someone was definitely in it. And so with his wife and daughter dead, what
better way for a loving father to protect his only remaining child than to hide him
away so the world will never call him a murderer? And what better way to hide the whole ordeal
than to hang missing posters of his children all over the neighborhood? People will notice if his children aren’t
around, but they won’t get suspicious if it appears he’s looking for them. And certainly no one will ask a grieving father
if the accident that killed his wife is his fault. Our neighbor is putting on a facade, but it’s
not so fake and misguided as we’ve thought for so long. He’s trying to cover his tracks and protect
his son and himself from the repercussions of accidents he played a part in creating. First the car crash, then his daughter being
pushed to her death off the rooftop he built. Such guilt would drive any man insane. It’s no wonder why the neighbor is so insistent
on getting you to leave and then going to all the trouble of walling you in after you’ve
seen too much. If you tell the world what you saw, our neighbor
will lose the only family he has left. He’ll lose the only sanity he has left. Sure his son already escaped the basement,
but if anyone else finds out the whole story…that’s it for this family. And there lies the answer to this mystery
house’s creation: it’s a broken floorplan designed by a broken mind. It’s meant to keep you out so you don’t
learn the truth, then keep you in once you’ve learned too much. Indeed, Act 2 ends with your escape and the
neighbor not running after you with hate behind his eyes, but rather letting you go with a
concerned, suspicious look on his face. He doesn’t hate you, he’s just worried
about what you might tell the world. The neighbor isn’t a properly moustached
Joseph Stalin, he’s a loving father who knows not how to deal with the tragedies he
caused. That’s the motive behind the neighbor: his
tragic secret we’ve been dying to know for so long. We understand now what tore his family apart,
what tore his mind apart, but what of the surreal, Dr. Seuss house in Act 3? What of the shadow man that haunts it? And us? Unfortunately I can only answer so much this
episode. The answers to those questions will give new
meaning to what we’ve uncovered today. They’ll tie together a story where nightmares
and waking reality meet. Where demons haunt us as an adult just as
they did when we were a child. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell. The darkness is approaching. Can you contain it? Find out next week in the story…you never

46 thoughts on “Hello Neighbor: The Story You Never Knew

  1. Omg in the end of hide and seek the boy pushes the girl and in the rollercoaster the boy activated the rollercoaster to push the girl

  2. My theory is that they where all happy until the wife died b/c of the car accident but the neighbor survived and at hello neighbor hide and seek you can see the neighbor holding the mom’s purse and the brother was angry b/c of the mothers death and boy took his sister’s doll and the brother at ended ends up pushing his sister off b/c of rage but I don’t know what about the brother

  3. The Missing Boys' Name Is Aaron, Our Protagonists Name Is Nicholas Roth.
    Edit: The Missing Girls' Name Is Mya.

  4. What it all meant is that one night the Neighbor took his wife out somewhere only returning with his self and his wife's purse. Something happened to the wife that she didn't survive. Soon after the brother becomes abusive and one day the brother and sister are standing on a slab of wood towering over the rest of the house and the sister if near the edge. The brother accidentally pushes the sister off. Soon after the Neighbor found out and went insane.

  5. You know, I don’t know why people think that the daughter got pushed off a roof by the son. It showed a rollercoaster and the girl was on it, that could either represent someone in a car or a rollercoaster. I undersrand where they’re coming from but I feel like if that was the answer then they would’ve made it more clearer that it was the son who killed her and not her being stuck on a rollercoaster or on a road

  6. at 5:30 i instantly was like "that specific little girl (aloy from horizon zero dawn) wouldnt get caught.."

  7. This is a brief explanation of the neighbour’s story….

    The boy was abandoned in the basement which explains the scream in the beginning cutscene while the other girl was brutally murdered at a carnival ride by the boy once you get the dlub yaits place so actually the reason why the neighbour locked him in the basement to make sure he was not able to murder anyone so you set the boy free by escaping the basement.

    Act 2

    The wife died due to the car crash and the daughter buried in the yard but one thing remains…

    Why is she on the poster when she is dead already which tortures the nieghbour

  8. He gets hit by the pizza truck. The neighbor's name is Theodore Peterson. His daughter is called Mya, his son is named Aaron and his wife is named Diane

  9. For those watching this years after this video was originally posted you will know that the ending of hello neighbour hide and seek tells how’s the little girl died the brother pushed her off the edge

  10. The neighbor is crazy because he doesn’t want anyone to find out his secrets that he had his wife killed and his son murdering his sister

  11. The Black Figure Represents Fear, The Fear Chase's Your Child Form Around A House That You Have To Protect * In Act 3 * That Is You, Getting Over Your Fears.*That Being The Neighbor* At The End Of The Game, The Neighbor Is Trapped In A House With Fear. It Is Forever Knocking On His Door Due To The Fact That He Can Never Get Over It. His Fear Being Losing His Family

  12. I think that when you ride the roller coaster and when you have hands pushing the figure of the daughter away is to represent to the neighbor that no matter how hard he tries to get his daughter ( If that's what she identifies herself as) back, she will always be just out of his reach.He can never reach her.Maybe that's why ,as I believe, he made a deal with something to not just get his daughter back, but his wife and if his son is deceased (though no evidence and shown that as far as I'm aware) to get him back too.

  13. I was always terrified to watch hello neighbour stuff, until treesicle made me laugh at the poor neighbour

  14. The mom died of crash, then brother got mad and killed his sister. Then neighbor locked him in the basement and the brother went crazy. Alot of the dreams are about hello neighbor hide and seek.

  15. Poor neiber I feel bad for him because he’s haveing a horrible life here are the reasong why:

    1: he lost his wife and daughter and wife

  16. İsn't The Story İs of Hello Neighbo is Hello Neighbor Hide And Seek? Alo He Trapped His Own Child Because He Pushed His Siter At The Rooftop For Accident. (U Can See İt At Hello Neighbor Hide And Seek At Stage 5 (Ending) )

  17. When I was on the roller coaster I saw it like the neighbor accidentally pushed her daughter off a building and the hands represented that he was trying to save her!

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