where did you find this thing don’t
worry where I found it Logan all it up oh that’s creepy
that’s creepy looking like finally low time to read a book without Jake it’s
just Logan this time it’s real okay look I was just realizing we’re moving in a
couple of months and that means Logan do you know what that means we get a new
house not just a new house Logan new neighbors and if I know one thing about
neighbors because I played a lot of video games we could get a hello
neighbor neighbor an evil guy what if our new neighbor is literally
the guy from hello neighbor no no that that can’t be we need we need
to prepare Logan we need to be able to face a hello neighbor hello neighbors
just the video game Walken yeah it’s real all right I’ve already prepared a
test scenario I’ve got the costumes I’ve got everything ready Logan we’re doing
it right now we’re doing hello neighbor in real life right now so we can be
ready for our new neighbors it might sound crazy
Poppa Jake is always prepared that’s why I pop Jake’s super smart everyone knows
that okay fine Jake we can play hello
neighbor perfect Logan um we’ll be ready for when
we get a hello neighbor here put this mask on got all ready for
you you’re gonna be the neighbor Jake here and we are back today guys we are
gonna be playing a hello neighbor and real life you guys never played our
neighbor before it is one of my favorite games of all time it’s also super spooky
kind of freaks me out but basically you are breaking into your neighbor’s house
who is an evil mastermind and you are trying to uncover the clues and
mysteries and because we are Jake Jake Jake I think when we go to our new house
we’re not gonna be breaking into any of our neighbors place well those when we
might have to if they’re creepy masterminds of evil and so guys what we
decided is today we would replicate hello neighbor in real life and play our
very own hello neighbor game also Before we jump in
this guy’s I did want to remind you a big shout-out to all of you guys who are
smacking that Bell button down there as well as hitting the subscribe button be
sure to join the pop Jake family the greatest family on YouTube and also if
you guys didn’t know we just launched a brand new March check it out you guys
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season 2 merch love links down below and I also think there’s some cards down
below that you guys can see so definitely let me know if you grab one
of these and make sure to post a picture on Instagram but before we can actually
play this game I need to explain to you guys the rules and Logan you need to get
your Hello an apricot zoom on where did you find this thing don’t worry where I
found it Logan all it up oh that’s creepy that’s you it alright so
basically the way that the game works is I’m gonna start outside and Logan’s
gonna be inside wearing noise cancelling headphones while he’s inside he’s gonna
be hiding a group of objects so we have the hammer we have a flashlight money
notebook we’ve got a banana in case I get hungry no there’s actually an object
that we’re gonna be hiding and the final object is gonna be the money behind a
locked door that I need to find these keys to open all while Logan is roaming
the house trying to catch us if Logan is able to catch us before we get all the
objects he wins if we get all the objects before he finds us we win now we
have multiple entrances to the house we can run outside if you know we get
caught we can run out come back in the front door wherever we need to but the
objective of the game is to be sneaky and find all the objects we’ve got the
entire Papa Jake mansion open as well as a bunch of box boards Jake I I think
this costume you got is gonna be way too small they didn’t have adult sizes so
they only had child sizes so yeah Logan it’s gonna be a little bit tight but I
think I think it will fit that seat that’s perfect you could wear that to a
nice family dinner this is not perfect you already looking like hello neighbor
Oh actually be so scary you guys okay so
we’re also gonna have a hello neighbor caps but you can watch from Logan’s
perspective this might’ve been the worst idea ever this might be one of the
scariest videos I’ve ever done I’m battled against the rain but now I
got a battle against Logan his hello neighbor over here if you guys like
these video games in real life be sure to smack the like button down
below let’s try Crespi 30,000 likes for this hello neighbor video I know you
guys can do imma wait wait wait wait wait okay you just like to be yeah thank
you so much thank you and you and you and you and all of you guys for smacking
the like button pop Jake family is strong I Jake it’s time for you to get
outside okay I’m gonna hide the objects and then it’s time to start this game
alright let’s do this so I have my noise cancelling headphones and I’m ready to
hide the objects for the first object we’re gonna hide the banana inside the
dirt okay I think the banana can go in the fryer just like for the next object
the hammer I think we should put it right here under the stairs I’ve made my
secret compartment where I will be hiding all of the money and only with
this key can you get behind the door let’s see if he can find that we will
put the flashlight right here and the keys to the cash will be at the
end of this maze all right let’s see if J can find all of these objects alright
guys so the two minutes is up which means it’s time to head inside the house
and start playing this game I have no idea where Logan’s gonna be or where
he’s hid these items but because I only what he can hear with the sound
cancelling headphones and I kind of wanted to think that we’re coming
through the front door so here we go okay I don’t know how I can talk because
I have no idea how I like to hear because we turn circle inside the board inside the port there’s
probably something in the fort this is really tricky guys I’m trying to figure
where he is but I’m also trying to not make any noise
I’m like whispering I know we a sound casting headphones always listen to
music but I still feel like he’ll be like do mine noise or something so far
we haven’t found any items and he’s honestly just kind of pacing back and
forth it might have been smarter for us to head downstairs but he gotta be
something else first item so far no sign of Jake we got the banana so now we’re
gonna find the other items uh-huh all right there’s a flashlight there’s a
hammer we definitely need the keys of review at the final item which is the
cash okay I think what I’m gonna do is I’m a strength living downstairs and
hopefully we can dodge it it’s pretty messy down here I should be over here
and put me down if he does come down the stairs we’ll be able to hear when we can
home all right I was looking where would I hide an item here be in the fourth this is so stressful I’ve seen a little
bunch of times luckily I’d already seen us I don’t know
if he knows we found with anemia I don’t know these men keep checking if we found
the objects but so far we’ve been able to come out luckily the pop jig mansion
has a lot of different routes to take so if we can kind of keep playing this
rodeo we might be able to win this game okay let’s keep the banana here I’m
gonna put the banana here if you guys check yours check this out
so these are the cuffs which means the money is even behind here so the final
item is some money but we need to find the keys for the cops we need the hammer
the flashlight okay let’s reset here let’s go through
here okay we’re gonna get in here really quickly it’s using a box for you know
cuz it’s already really dark in here and I don’t want to be in the dark book okay
Logan put an arrow here which I’m assuming means he wants me to open this alright here we go
well I don’t want to do this oh look literally right here the keys
okay alright we got the keys I have the flashlight cause I’m holding it so all
we’re missing right now to beat the game is I need the hammer and I need to get
back down there and open it up Tyler Saturday I think this is the door okay
it is little trapdoor you must’ve thought if we got the key then we headed
up to the hammer which means the hammer has to be upstairs or in the main for
the key for want to get people who thought like putting down – if you guys
think this game is awesome okay when the office hammer Hammer hammer literally
right behind for the Xbox okay we got the hammer now it’s time to head back
downstairs we will again I apologize Logan knows I’m about to win this game
which means he’s probably gonna be camping down there please hand cuffs handcuffs are off and
there we go I got the mone we did it guys we beat the game carousel
suppose I don’t know where he is look I want money dude I deked you out and we got the file
item which means i officially win hello neighbor
that was super intense and guys like i said if you think we should do this
again for another game and of course guys we never want to miss one of these
awesome videos this is our button hit the subscribe button filling the jake
family we’ll see you guys next time another

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