helmet vs baseball bat slow motion riding reviews

hello my fellow bikers this is Chris
riding reviews today we’re going to be doing a video on how this protects you
from so your helmet contains 3 parts a hard outer shell, it contains the inner polystyrene and it contains a soft cushion this
helmet will save you life remember to respect and keep it nice and dry so for a head analog I’m using a parmellow
I couldn’t find a watermelon they were out of stock in a way of a car or a
floor I’m using a hammer or a baseball bat now we’re going to try it
with the helmet see how that exploded now we’re going to try with the helmet see if there is any difference that’s good now you can see how a helmet can
potentially save your life now let’s have a bit of fun so no people were hurt in the making of
this video but some parmellows got pretty messed up so if you got any
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