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Hey Guys, it’s Gerald from BG Academy here. And in this video, I’ll be trying to get some
ideas and suggestions on how can I make better videos for You Guys! First of all, thank you guys for supporting
BG Academy, we’ve finally, finally reached the 5000 subscribers mark. When I was starting Youtube, I was trying
to do this like, to help out the students that were under me, to learn a few tips or
two, on how to play better badminton. But it turns out, you guys from all over the
world, started watching my videos, and giving me such positive comments. Yes! Finally reached 5000 subscribers I….. *Tsk* I’m so happy! *Chicken Dance song*
I need to catch my breathe I’m so excited All the positive comments, suggestions, feedback. It was very, very empowering. All of these would have been impossible if
you guys didn’t support me, so thank you so much. Anyways, you know when trying to make better
badminton videos, I was thinking, like. I realized that the more tutorial videos that
I make, and then I did a search out there, then I realized that, there is a lot of other
tutorial videos that are similar to my video. So I realized like, was it really, really,
the best kind of videos that I can make for you guys? You know it got me thinking, like. What else is there? And that’s why in this video, I need your
help. I need you guys to tell me, what kind of categories
would interest you guys the most. Some of the categories that I noticed would
interest a lot of viewers would be like for example, training guides, tutorial videos. Like for example, would you prefer for me
to create a training program, and to actually do the program, so that you guys can actually
see me doing that training program. *Fan girl Scream* Or would you guys prefer a little bit more
scientific? Like for example, court fitness videos, how
to improve your court stamina. And not to get breathless in court. Or Maybe would you guys like equipment videos? So you guys got to tell me, what interest
you guys. So what you have to do right now, is to leave all the suggestions down in the comments section below. The next thing, I like to find out, since
we have 5000 subscribers One thing that I like to find out is… What is your level of play? Did you just start out playing badminton and
you decided to watch some videos to get better? Or have you been playing for a while, meaning
you have certain level of play, you’ve played for a while and you are just looking to get
better. Or,
Are you like a professional player, maybe like a competitive in school or in your company,
so you are trying to watch videos to get your game up to the next level. So knowing what level you guys are at, would
help me make better and more relevant videos for you all. So i have made three comments, down below. So all you have to do is pick the one that
is most relevant to your level of play and give it a thumbs up. Problem, I’m actually a student right now
and work has been killing me. So there has been a lot of things that has
been going on in school, in the badminton academy. And I’m trying my best to get everything sorted
out, to do as much as I can, for all of you badminton ethusiast out there. So I seek your understanding that if sometimes
my video quality may not be the best, like in this video, used an outdoor badminton court,
I hope you guys can forgive me. Is that alright? Forgive me because I would like to make good
quality videos and get them out to you as quick as I can. And if I need to make every single video very
professional, then I’ll probably be making one video a year. So that wouldn’t be very nice.I’d like to
get as much content as I can out to you so I seek your understanding and support for
all my videos and channel. I’m not really making much money out of this,
I’m really doing this out of passion, hopefully in future I can make some money out of this. I hope. But nonetheless, I’m super, super thankful
for you guys for supporting me. And if you are new to our channel, I would
love to have you subscribe so that you can learn how to play better badminton safely. And there’s just so much things I just want
to tell you guys, you know I never did a video that is like, personal… I guess… So this is the first time I’m being a little
personal. You know I still remember the first time I
made my first video. The first time I made my first video. The first time I make my first video…. I still remember when I made the first video
it was when I was 16, you know I tried to start Youtube. *mumbles* okay start again, start again. Yes we finally reached 5000 subscribers. I’m so happy!

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