Herman Smit Jeugd Honkbal toernooi 2015 / Youth Baseball Tournament

Spikes Herman Smit Kids Baseball event 2015 Our drone will now take off. It will be filming us today. Wave a the drone! Just wave because you are on camera! Before we start with the tradition of the balloons, to honor Herman Smit. A former chairman, who’s goal was to promote youth activities, and get them involved. We will be honoring him for the 5th time with releasing the balloons. Enjoy your day and have lot’s off fun… and be sportive! Do we all have a balloon? Ladies and gentleman… Can I have your attention please! I’ll now give the floor to Caroline for releasing the balloons. So don’t let them go yet! I will count down to zero… and then we release the balloons… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… GO! I wish you all a very pleasent day!! We thank all volunteers and participating teams!

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