HERON HIGHLIGHTS: #20 Field Hockey tops Lakers, Wood breaks record

With two goals and one assist for the
third year in a row against Oswego leads the Herons to a 5-1 victory
Hannah just your thoughts on the win overall. I think we really came out
strong today because Oswego is always a rough surface it’s really
bouncy and we usually play an astroturf so I think we came out with our sticks down on defense and we played a really good total team defense and we also just put
in the goals when we needed them. The win is the the team goal always but today
was a little special too though your two goals give you 90 for your career one
more than Sophie Dennis’s career record can you put that into words what does
that mean to have the career record for William Smith? Well I’ve been looking forward to it for a couple games now because I didn’t score in two games and it was like a little rough, in my own head and stuff but I’m really proud of myself and I’m proud of my teammates I
know that Ali Frary and Maura Moran have been on the field with me all four years
and Emily King and Katie B have really stepped it up this year they’re my
fellow seniors and I’m really proud to be on the field it’s such a great team
this year I think we’re really stepping it up we had no expectations coming into
the season and I think we’ve done a really really good job coming together.
We have really great team chemistry and I’m really happy. And then is that extra
special having Sophie on the sidelines I mean I imagine she’s probably
been a resource for you to help mature your game and help you progress. Yea Sophie’s been a huge mentor for me, ever since freshman year I’ve always wanted to break a record cause she’s a
great field hockey player but she’s really been supportive and so is Sally with this endeavor. They always say it’s not about the goals it’s about the wins and so we’ve just
really done a great job as a team I just need to commend my teammates. What is it that makes a player like that so special I think its those things that you just really can’t coach in some players – both Sophie and Hannah have it – and that’s that nose for the goal, that competitive drive, that spirit and I don’t think they run a total in their heads I think that they
just know what their job is and they’re persistent and they’re
aggressive and they never take a play off they’re in the game all the time.
Hannah is great because she is you know very aware of how many people are marking her. Obviously she’s such a talented scorer usually teams have maybe two or three girls on
her and what’s tricky is that she doesn’t just have this huge cannon of a
shot she has amazing stick skills and she also has great vision there in
the circle so she knows when to pass it back she does a great job drawing corners for us so I think besides having this amazing, direct shot she’s just a super
versatile forward and she’s been a huge threat that way for us. So huge
congratulations to Hannah we’re so so excited I’m so proud to have been on
this journey with her for the last four years Me, Katie, Ali, Emily her fellow seniors were just, we can’t put into words how much that means to be a part of a program that’s setting records so I’d like to keep that going the rest of the season. you

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