HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Hockey shuts out Nazareth in UCHC Semifinals

Kennedy once again trying to react
from the left side crease Kennedy at the wing drops it off up top now for Marty
no way to go ahead first day of the game and I’m the bearer the William Smith
Herons take the one nothing lead weeping motion out there trying to gain
control moving into position can they get the shot? yes second goal of
evening controlled by the William Smith College and the goal scored by Jordan Roetzer said well I’ll tell you
they had a player in ideal position and Vince trailing and she couldn’t handle
it look out and that is a loose puck did
waffle Williams was able to fend away and how she did so is beyond description straight ahead to teammate Lexi not keen
on the left side regain that’ll be a shot hard shot wide to emily Cromer when
I say wide she was wide open before the shot and you got a credit Olivia
Williams with that same to leave Nazareth behind five seconds to go and
this one will belong to William Smith College and so it will be the herons that will
face Elmira College tomorrow afternoon for a three o’clock match at the UCHC championship game

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