HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Hockey skates past King’s

It’s fed to the far side boards, and the
Herons will try to break it out. Pass up to the left side, Maura Mulligan. They have a possible three on two. Hampton avoids a check. Comes right down Broadway, feeds the puck
to Mings. Wrist shot! Score! Julia Mings goes top shelf and the Herons
are on the board at 3:14 in the first period. Luth, the outstanding first year, Luth will
try to backhand the pass, gets it free to Kennedy, Kennedy right out front, one-time,
score! Laura Rollins on a beautiful feed from Kennedy
to make it 2-0. Left-wing side, Mulligan the rebound, cycles
the puck in behind. In to forecheck now is Mings. Mings sends a pass in front, score! Mings sets up Maura Mulligan for the goal
to make it 3-0. Emily Martino through some traffic feeds the
puck right-wing side, Nottke fires, deflection, score! Luth backhander, loose in front, score. Puck slid right out to Gina Scibetta and nothing
that Sierra Stoltz could do with the loose puck right to Scibetta on the door step and
she tapped it home. Scibetta, left-wing side, back out at the
middle point, now Rollins, Rollins right one-timer, score! Jules Kennedy set up by Rollins on the power-play
goal. Cycles. Out front. Loose! Shot! Save! Rebound! Score! Gina Scibetta. Scibetta able to clean it up for her second
goal of the period and it’s 7-0. Still the King’s power-play, back in their
own end Meghan Mietlicki, forechecker coming on, and it’s stolen by Brown, Brown walks
out in front, tripped down right in front, score! And then falling down and she scores is Julia
Mings. Gets back up, Mings with the loose puck goal
is a 4 on 4 goal to make it 8 to nothing. A one-time out front for Scibetta, just missed
it and her pass is gonna miss everybody and here’s a race to the puck. Hustling after it is Mary Deyell. Deyell half a step, fires, kick save! Best save of the night, Olivia Williams as
the horn goes, ending the second period. Egan Sachs-Hect, she’ll send in Luth now. Luth comes right down Broadway. Luth to the goal, shoots and scores! Luth is gonna score for the first time today
to make it 9 to nothing. And they can get Zeveney. Shot, loose in front, pad save Zeveney, Luth
rebound, bodies everywhere, puck is loose, score. And again it’s Gina Scibetta. Hat-trick Gina Scibetta! Three loose pucks in the goal mouth and it’s
10 to nothing.”

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