HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Hockey wins season opener in OT

and the puck is played in the left-wing
corner now by Weiss Weiss trying to get it free help from Ming’s
defender knocked down on her butt and the herons pick up the puck and keep it
walking out front here’s Weiss pulls the trigger score
Alison Weiss the junior on the power play and the herons have the first goal
of the year dumps in one hopper Williams sticks to the side easily into forcheck now to nicole schneider schneider centering pass off a herons skate and in
the net scibetta steals left circle walks in
shot waffle save can’t find the rebound comes loose left wing side
scibetta grabs it back great power play here here is everything but a goal out
to Emily Martino middle points shot in a glove save by Jalbert goes left
point mary-kate Martino left circle fires pad save rebound score Weiss
Alison Weiss taps home the rebound for her second of the night Fantasia and
she’ll carry out goalie staying in right now Fantasia carries in goalie still in
the net with 23 seconds they don’t pull the goalie and they score to tie the
game with 20 seconds left salve is gonna try to win this faceoff Mia LaPlante wins it though they’ll poke at the center Mings will try to skate through
does Ming’s inside the defender has Hill in front
shoots save rebound scores! Mia LaPlante first career goal it’s a
game winner LaPlante able to clean that one up came right off the rebound
beautiful stick control just to stand their fire that one up into the top
right of the net to give the herons a 3-2 win

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