HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Hockey wrangles Mustangs in UCHC opener

cycles it into the corner and now it’s
set up in front. Nobody there but Roetzer gets it bounces off the side of the
post and they score on the rebound. Line change and then the Herons back over the line shot wide by Scibetta. That may have hit the defenders. Gina with a little bit of a toe drag tried to change the angle. That’s walked out in front Scibetta with a shot, scores. Gina Scibetta able a walk out from
behind the net and got in the slot, turned and wristed it past Smyth-Hammond.
in the far corner under two minutes ago as she circles around. Worked down the far
wing and here is Jules Kennedy with it shot scores.
Somehow that found the net and with a 1:40 to go in the second period. It
is 3-1 as Stephanie Hampton with the redirect in front. Wide of the
net. To the far point. shot in front and loose puck scores.
Jordan Roetzer able to put it over Annie Smyth- Hammond Hammond who was down on the ice.
All right here come the herons again and it is Sachs-Hect walks in on goal
scores Egan Sachs-Hecht

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