Herschelle Gibbs record breaking 175 runs in AUS vs SA 438 run chase match

but he has got 1500 as an important
statue remember in that pedigree with African Alfre for one Herschelle Gibbs record breaking 175 runs to catch as a slip and also a short
cover bracken again now this is the sort of situation
Herschel Gibbs will enjoy left away just behind square on the left side come back
for to driving on the beautiful suffering gifts and it does drive them yep the square of
the wickets he’s as good as anybody in the world yet again adjust highlights
without the right pitch this is and then when you can play through it like that
with confidence and it goes where you wanted it to go it does really excite
you need to do something down the track and chest over top a Michael Clarke and
that’s why well it wasn’t going to take too much longer
Herschel gets 13 from 14 right now that’s what it’s all about yeah and get
those lines and lanes wrong you can swing through it with gay abandon this
is exactly what mr. Gibbs is doing speeds away yet again another welcome
boundary for South Africa Vishal Gibbs as we all know is a rare
talent good shot from Herschel Deb’s has got that away beautifully nice and flat
for sex so there’s a sex off the first row the other brettly is going some
pretty tiny place one hundred and forty five point five case prayer and Gibbs as
logging a place and strokes nice position for that
and into the stand on the short boundary that’s what played that’s beautifully
played steered to the boundary for four keep them going
I think you a little bit generous there I think I think was a half steer I think
he was looking for that area there’s no doubt about it there’s neither a nose is
no step so you can handle the bat I think it was a thickest edge no slipper
damn for more and that’s the advantage of Lee he really comes on to the bat so
if you missed the fielder anywhere after you’ve hit it it’s gonna go away for
four no doubt about that at all they’ve got the way that’s for take that short
delivery and it got the treatment it deserved called as well so that makes it just a
little bit worse well he hasn’t learned when he gets a
new ball in his hand brettly all he wants to do is bar 150 plus and when
they’re chasing a target and they looking to hit every ball hard what
you’ve got to do is change the pace slower bores are the or slow and not
quicker Britt turn edge chases on the ball is going to win whatever this is for South Africa is not
finished the crowd on their feet waving their
arms with every boundary she does open the blade though to be
fair see there’s a real buzz about the
wonders now was 25 runs ahead at this date South Africa against just 46 deliveries
good entertainment for Plato so Gibbs everybody knows good rehearsal gifts can
be when he finds touch questionis is it that kind of day all
looks worse for wear good shot yeah that’s what that need to do there’s
no doubt that hence they get a bound Red Ryder here
gonna press on them three goals not going for too many 6000 runs in my
minutes national cricket bill for Hershel Gibbs that is a very good shot
just rocking back and Henry the truth accounts before to get shot bland bounce
for up from the blade touch that they have from the Hershel Gibbs he didn’t
know if he knew that was going that’s a fine stroke 150 on the board now Avery’s father
Wow it is raining runs what a shock commercial Gibbs just a little check punch and after shots like that they said he
will be I don’t know what the record number of
sixes is in a wonder again but this would be pretty close one ninety four
one better riches would have been proud of
this shot down there check over
in the extra cover region Gregg sucks play yet today this will go
down as one of the best it’s a beauty just kept the face going
through the hitting area lastly control it’s on it’s really on
here we go in the air what a response off to a Wicca
they crossed so Gibbs facing he goes to 90 looking at the toe of his bed that’s
how good the bets are today Mike o’clock Ross smile we’ll keep
talking about the sixes Barry Richards that’s 19 now there he goes
the powerplay I got him up nothi this he says
melosa goods isn’t gonna change his game and maybe near a milestone I have to
agree with him and this is the way to go if the opportunity presents itself we
call it that to stand in the way what the team needs brilliant shot that’s it
so on he’s done it so well to die already 97 now to Gibbs and we does go
around it this crowd will erupt just 1/16 it’s far from over but till now they’re
going to celebrate with him a suburban is when it’s needed most by side has
come to the body look at that city nine boys grand strike right
and isn’t it good to see look it’s informed well appreciated by the scribe they’ve
seen some brilliant fricative brilliant hundred confronting and gives us one for
ship class matches is nice touch Adam Gilchrist Chucky is an
the fastest hundred in eighty four balls it’s now and that was by Herschel Gibbs
he’s now made it in 79 the literally nachos 400 you’ve got to
be kidding I won’t have to eat my words the regard it’s a game whose fan
seamless straight boundaries his fancy in his Australian bowls of that sort of
price they’re gonna pitch it up and he’s going
over the top wrongly
what resort to South Africa crowd are really getting into it now they sense
that the something special is happening yeah and not just for my innings but
because it just relieves the pressure in your mind and you’re looking to go at
everything it’ll be just a little careful not there he goes again
morons Stand and Deliver that’s a home run over
third base and again morons campus is going to
stand up to the stumps he will not do it and his bothers have paid the penalty
he’s got to get up because they’re using that their feet to get out there they’re
creating a different length you gotta pull him back look we’re so Gibbs is
he’s right out of his crease don’t know what they’re doing they’re not thinking
clearly the Aussies you can understand there’s pressure from the South African
batsman happy
again panting having a chat to loose has got the sweeper back you can only
have two out of the ring there he goes again he’s selected his area and that’s
on the offside as much as Ricky Ponting puts it through midwicket social games
puts it through boy oh boy
crowd just giving himself room he’s clearing
the left leg he shuts up and strike it’s going straight the hint of work he’s
going in that area through the cover region moriki funding right now I think he’s
busy changing his he’s filled every ball there we go again
that’s the arrow a city was going for you can’t protect it up in the ring
because he just dies to make sure
that it’s in the Blanco otherwise you pay big Tom
the pressures just get into them right on a link here the left leg squared it
over the top even if it doesn’t at the middle it’s going to go over the top
oh I square that’s tender third man
Hezbollah what another this is Ben two hundred and thirty two for two 13 runs from the server 16 from the one
before 29 and to South Africa just absolutely racing along
could be see something special Hospital gets tossed rally about Hershel Gibbs
and there’s still more work to be done can you believe that you think with a
highest fall I did win the guy Maisie he’s going outside
is going offside big time plenty of boundaries 16 fours four sixes lots and
lots of boundaries here today in the
always tucked up his tux drop the chocolate
here’s at the case of this time it’s the other way around
Drakken that drops the cup side of steak listen to the chairs in the background full toss miss it strike to aim as easy
as you can get in these kind of games if you were Gibbs you’d have to walk down
inside today when you you can’t believe it
Sydney does ball good shot very good shot
he got them a bit of room there take that gives us blocks to that away to the
point boundary he moves to 136 of 95 balls what an innings he’s playing here the ratings of a lifetime next time he doesn’t have to run a wire
there we go it’s the wire on the arm so I’m gonna Pete the field yes it has
let’s go as well not be diving away let me get there when you start to see the fastball is
jabbering away then you know things are starting to change
look like to Sydney Harbour Bridge there the way he died over there I’ve got a
deli Tony that’s what you look look at there
what’s going on this Sydney Harbour Bridge oh boy spanning the board Gibbs on
strike on 140 always hit that one beautifully one bounce I think before
cetera shot by the that’s exactly what he’s going to do
slay took on leg stuff for middle if it’s out there pick these gap hit it
over the head of the infielder well we’ll find leg up in the silica cannot
go too straight so you really amorous now he’s gonna go
off static the huge sakes what is happening here the most sixes in a match is 21 2:21 is gone to 150
water stroke Shh there there was a time just a little while
back when those guys were jumping up and down for joy
yeah right at the moment yeah elapsed on your side I ride it
some would say fortune favors the brave Tony that’s it the message what can you say this is ready for nothing that you can’t
believe if you channels tear out watch this in the box when we look at there keep it on the ground now I reckon Gibbs
can do this without hitting the ball in the air thing is that time I don’t think Hershel
Gibbs will change his game mine is in that mode I think he’ll he’ll carry on
playing it’s a question of how quickly can callus get in that if Gibbs did get
out and let’s face it he’s gonna be tiring he’s gonna be tired was tiring
all the while that’s in the air and there’s a fields going down there but
it’s got all the way well there’s no doubt that what deciding
is the way he’s gonna fight I’m still not sure that it’s the right guy to guy
that well you just keep watching and he’ll keep meddling it up too wha- show
that six makes at the most sixes in any one day the national level Simon’s to him again and again that’s
the biggest six that was a rank to us it’s a question of help itself at the
moment yeah the potato this is got out of hand for Ricky
panting you look around the ground that shot well I think a couple Italian is
great and that’s it well I’m afraid to say
that section of the party has come to an end he’s hit two sixes he did what he
thought he would do he did I really think that he should have thought he
should have hang in there a little bit however that doesn’t attract to one of
the great innings of all time he’s wandering off this ground
being poor piling up the body of Simon’s for 175
that was I see para performance we’ll play Moochie as good as spinnings as anyone has seen
here does 175 to 90 mindful fall down into
that famous tunnel

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