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Hello everybody to a new episode of Hertzberger TV today´s going to be a little bit different than normal because we are in a beautiful inflated hall And today we are going to talk about indoor hockey Indoor hockey´s obviously very fun but I´m not going to do it alone because I don´t know too much about indoor hockey He is the poster boy of Dutch indoor hockey Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Tigges! Welcome! How are you? Good! An inflated hall, what do you think of that? I think it’s stunning and a good new development You are able to find them at more clubs than ever We’ve got one at Amsterdam as well now since two years What makes indoor hockey so fun? Especially compared to field hockey What’s more fun? I became better at indoor hockey because I became more specialized I think Indoor hockey could be very attractive (not always of course) Obviously the sport is fast, counters, many goals Those are the things that made me like indoor hockey If you had to name three things you should be good at to play indoor hockey What would those be? Firstly, your basic techniques must be sufficient. I give training myself as well and I often enough see that people struggle with the basic techniques It’s pretty difficult to stop the ball in a good manner Secondly you have to have a good feeling of where the spaces are on the field Where is the space and how much is there? And lastly you and your team must make good agreements on how to approach games and to be disciplined enough to stick to them especially with defending which is the most important part of indoor hockey Summed up: good basic techniques, Yep Recognizing where the spaces lie And the last one is making good agreements and sticking to them Robert to start playing you need different gear than outdoors I see that the stick is way thinner Yep as you can see the stick is thinner You can’t hit indoors anyway it’s more about the flexibility and pushing The ball is more light as well This is to fasten up the games even more So if you never hit outside you could actually play with an indoors stick? I’ve tried it once but this happened because there was no room for us in the hall so we went outside The disadvantage is that the stick will squeeze itself through the synthetic grass so your stick will start going in any direction it wants to It’s not ideal One of the questions I got sent was: Are you allowed to play indoors with your outdoors stick? This is allowed, but I guess it won’t be very pleasant and that you won’t get any better because of it because pushing the ball is essential out here A thinner and lighter stick makes this easier And now, the gloves This one is crucial because you aren’t allowed to play without one Yep, indoors you aren’t allowed to play same with the mouthguard Gloves, very important also because the tactic used by the coach is usually to keep yourself as close to the ground as possible So yeah, without your gloves you will be pretty vulnerable. And everybody´s always got their own story with his glove, do you have one too? For sure, as you can see I’ve cut out the inside of the glove Why do you actually do that? Because I’d like to have grip on my stick. I don’t like it when there’s a piece of leather between my hand and my stick, as you can see this glove is as shattered as it could be The little plates have broken on multiple fingers, everything is completely worn out. Tape is even holding some pieces together. I got gifted this glove about 12 years ago, I’ve played everything with this glove ever since and I can’t even think about replacing it. I’ll only stop using it when I stop playing indoor hockey Before you start to modify your own gloves at home, get your parents involved and let them help you with the scissors and everything. I’m a pure attacker and I like to score goals, but I can’t lift indoors. I’d like to know how to pass somebody to eventually score without lifting. Do you have any tips on how to do that? What happens most of the time is that we, in the Netherlands tend to go to the corners of the pitch a lot One of the first things I’ve learned is that you should attack the forehand of the defender and after that pass him at his backhand side. This way you’ll get in a better position to shoot at the goal than you’d be in the corner of the pitch. Could you show me some stuff? You’re the defender and your goal is to keep the inside shut Most of the times players will run like this to get here And as you can see I’m pretty much in the corner now and scoring will be pretty difficult with a good keeper. Try to cut inside and to look for the forehand of the defender and make a short turn to reach de circle as quickly as possible So I try to take the ball here and after this I have an amazing place to take a shot from Preferably top bins 🙂 Right now you make a turn this way, can you make just a short dummy too? Ofcourse, a simple dummy will do too Good for us this is an inflated hall otherwise that ball would have been gone. Good goal. This actually is the most effective shot We’re aiming for top bins all the time but in-game this is the most effective way of shooting. Low? Yeah just low, give the ball a little bit of height preferably. Uhm, Robert, “Tiggie” some say the boards are an extra player for your team. But when should we use the boards? You should use the boards as little as possible only when you really need it You shouldn’t use the boards just because they’re there. We’ll try to demonstrate but as explained, if you are able to pass the ball directly, do it. When you’ve got no other option use them. We can’t do this without the help of somebody I’ve brought along, Tristan Algera! So when I’m in this position and Tristan is able to pass to you directly, he should Once I give him some pressure Tristan should obviously use the boards. In conclusion: just pass it directly if possible and when you’ve got no other choice, use the boards. Sometimes the ball is passed very close to the boards to you. What is the best place to position yourself when a ball is passed to you and you’re close to the boards. When the ball is passed and it’s really close to the board just place yourself like this. If you’re running just take it low on your backhand but do it strong! Indoors it isn’t allowed to participate laying down on the ground while outdoors, you can. The rule says it’s only allowed to have three points of contact with the ground. So it isn’t allowed to place your hand like this? Nope. But I’ve seen some pictures on your Instagram (Follow Robert by the way) while you were flying around, how could that happen? Well, it’s a technique we’ve been practicing a lot, especially with our strikers in the build-up to the world championship. It actually is just a dived push You take the ball forwards a little but more than usual and dive to get as much power as possible. What you are trying to do is use your body weight for more power So you can’t play while lying on the ground but this actually is allowed? Yeah you don’t have three contact points while diving so it is allowed. You alright? Yeah I’m fine. He’s not that young anymore So you receive the ball here but you want to get it to your forehand but making a short turn and shooting afterwards will be pretty difficult. Make a big turn and create space for yourself by diving and what you’ll get seems a little bit like a judo dive As you can see I’m already falling Try to make it more or less like a roll to make it hurt less. Just like this: I’ve given you some examples now it’s your turn! It won’t be easy as I’ve been training it for 12 years. I find it to be a little bit scary but I’ll give it a shot This might end in a good way or this will be the beginning of my blooper video. The motion should be more a roll than a fall actually. Rolling more than falling?! You hear it What we’ll try now are scoring via one-touches I’m curious. Okay let’s go. One of the most important things obviously is the penalty corner just as it is outside. There are some variations, any tips on that? Sure, first there’s a choice to make concerning which side you pick to take the penalty corner from, the left or the right. My favorite option is to take it from the right side because you only have 2 people involved. Just the injector of the ball and the one shooting. When injecting the ball from the other side there’s one player who has to stop the ball as well. There are more mistakes to be made from the left side. My tip would be to hold the ball outside the circle as short as possible and to train yourself to stop the ball and shoot it in one fluid motion. The ball doesn’t have be in a complete standstill according to the rules? Nope it doesn’t, as long as it has travelled outside the circle for just a moment. Okay let’s see! I remember everything for myself, everything. Just like that . As you just saw I begin my motion towards the goal before I’ve even stopped the ball. “Tiggie” thanks for helping out today I’ve learned a lot and hope you have at home as well When you’ve got any questions to me or to him, just leave your question in the comments and I’ll try to react to them. “Tiggie” thanks again and good luck this season as a player, coach whatever and we’ll come across each other soon Thanks for watching Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed watching the video If you’d love to see certain things, leave your ideas in the comments and I’ll try to deal with them. See you in the next video!

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  1. Jeroen, de CTO's in Nederland hanteren o.a. de term Topsportleefstijl. Voeding en dietetiek hoort daar ook bij. Zou je iets kunnen zeggen over leefstijl en voeding van een tophockeyer? Waar houd jij wel of juist niet rekening mee?

  2. Een hoop mythes over de turn/reverse hier in de comments. Natuurlijk mag je dit wel gebruiken om om je tegenstander heen te spelen, maar je mag niet een turn in de directe richting (door de speler heen) van de tegenstander doen (behalve op de keeper). Ook is een turn in het block van de tegenstander altijd geel, dus pas op. Dat je alleen een turn mag gebruiken als je een stap bij zet of zolang je het niet blind doet is niet waar.

    Spelreglement: Ook de actie om de bal aan
    te nemen, vervolgens te draaien en trachten de bal door een dichtbij
    staande verdediger die probeert de bal te spelen is gevaarlijk. Beide
    acties dienen te worden bestraft. Daarbij kan een persoonlijke straf
    tegen de overtreder op zijn plaats zijn.

  3. Hey Hertz it hard to tackle left hand players in hockey can you make a video or give me some tips for tackling!!

  4. Hi hertz maybe een keertje een speler die al gestopt is aka een teun of roderick weusthof
    Maar ook spelers zoals stephan veen of een taco zeer welkom
    Ga zo door!

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