100 thoughts on “HE’S A HOT BASEBALL PLAYER | our first Halloween party

  1. Happy Tuesday everyone. We're back! We hope you all had a nice weekend and some of you had a long weekend. If you aren't familiar with Husband and Husband or Jonathan and Aaron, you should be. They have been such wonderful friends since we've been in Portland. When we first met for pizza and drink, the conversation just flowed. Yes, we do have different things that interest us but that's the beauty in a friendship. They have been great role models for us because we do look up to their relationship. We can't thank them enough for making us feel so welcomed here in Portland, Oregon.

  2. Socializing is healthy and sometimes important. The best way to meet other people that can possibly become great friends. Like Jon and Aaron. Well, they're OK sometimes 😂

  3. You guys are cute and the party hosts seemed very nice, but as a Halloween party, that sucked. The TV was on and no dance music? No one in drag either? I've never been to a gay Halloween party like that. And you guys left before midnight to go home? What? How old are you guys, like 65?

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  5. Hey it was an amazing video but I hv to say I enjoyed behind the scenes of the video most I saw Bernard drinking but didn't see Adam taking any lovely packs(that's hw we moderate it here in India hahaha) i wanted Adam to be drunk as same as he got in Brazil coz at that time he does more cute things n Bernard pampers him hehe.. 😄 it look so cute. All I hv to say is keep it up… a big thums up to both of you. Lots of love….❤

  6. Hey boys! You got a permit for those tight ends??? My heart is tickin 3x. Love you both sooo much. Wedding in Dec? You never answered me yet! Did it hurt when you both fell from heaven???? Until next week, take care if each other! Love you both, Bill from Cali.

  7. Love……………………………………………………………………………………………………

  8. hi Adam and Bernardo i hurt my neck for 2 days wraper warmer helps me feel better so i feel lot better now last i went to pumpkins patches i rode on hayrides and maze and eat hot dog drinks tea bottle too with my sister in law and my niece chelsey i had big fun i love you both so much love David

  9. I love you guys 'BERNADAM', but does Bernardo have to kiss you a million times in each video. I love kissing and watching two men so much in love kiss, but in a YouTube video, 5-6x or more is a bit excessive…but that's just my opinion. Doesn't make me love you guys any less. Just 'get a room'! LOL…Oh yeah- You have one! *wink*. All My Best And HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2019! A Fan And Friend Who's Not Afraid to be Honest and Upfront with You! BIG HUGS From Clearwater, FL <3 CHEERS TO YOU BOTH!

  10. I am watching this vlog eating cookies..then @ 3 min mark had to put them away. UGGHHHHHH I felt so inadequate . LOL. Looks like you had a great time . Blessings!

  11. Hot guys. But not ALL gay men look like this. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and color- which should be shown more of. And to all who are reading this comment; don't always let a mirror be your looking glass, for the true reflection of who you are, is the mirror of your heart♥️.

  12. Last year, I went back home to my home County in Rural Republic of Ireland from the UK for Halloween and the most magical part of it was being on an overnight ferry out of Holyhead in Wales, in the middle of the Irish Sea heading for Dublin with a full moon on a clear night with the wind howling – many Americans do sometimes forget that the origins of Halloween are Celtic, it is more Scottish, Irish & Welsh than English though and goes back historically to pre-Christian times up until the coming of Saint Patrick, reputed to be Welsh or English, but of Roman origin

  13. Vocês são fofos!!! A felicidade de vocês contagia e é muito lindo ver vocês juntos…Que Deus conserve esse respeito e amor que vocês têm um pelo outro. Um beijão!

  14. Youtube suggested me the channel of the couple so cute, because sometimes I watch channel in English to try to learn some things and I was surprised with you speaking some expression in Portuguese, loved. I love your culture, a day to meet your country and congratulations on the beautiful channel, success!

    @ViitorMoura / 24 years

  15. You both have the most beautiful bodies, that should not be covered up, especially those asses that never quit! MMMMMMM!

  16. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I saw Adam’s future self but like 10 years older, don’t worry Bernardo the partly grey beard looks good on Adam. 😜

  17. Guys I really like what you always doing …I do sometimes think of having someone who can always treats each other like the same you doing. .

  18. Mis Bellos!!!
    Se ven súper guapos…
    Fueron …con respeto los mas lindos les quedó muy. Bien ese disfraz…
    Con cariño…

  19. Eu amei o vídeo. Como vejo vocês são excelentes na arte de fazer um bom vídeo com alegria e muito amor. Amei ver vocês vestidos de jogador americano. Ficaram sexy. Gostosos. Sensual. Excitante. Monumental. Amo o amor que vocês passam pelo vídeo. Outra coisa se vocês ficaram super gatos de branco porque então não se casam na cor branca? É uma sugestão minha, que tal? Quero respostas. Desculpem-me de estar um pouco longe de vocês e dos vídeos. Hoje eu fiz aniversário de 38 anos de serviços públicos. Estive muito doente. Recife/PE-NE-Brasil em 24 de outubro de 2019.

  20. Love the costumes. I'm behind on watching this one. What are you guys doing on Halloween? Are you dressing up or going any where? Hugs to you both ❤

  21. I wish I had a relationship like they do. I relate to them because I don’t like parties much. Unfortunately I haven’t found my guy yet! That really sucks! 😔

  22. Guys I love this video…so funny….too bad the football player's costumes didn't work….but I looked cool…and the baseball players were so hot… you both looked so handsome….thanks for sharing this video, in my country we're not suppose to celebrate halloween….it's not "our thing"…anyway I'm glad you had so much fun at the parth with John and Aaron I love their costumes as well…..love you guys so much…
    #GoOutAndMakeMemories ..

  23. DAMN, this video didn't waste ANY time showing twk half naked sexy bodies😆😆😆!! Ur killin' us guys!!😣

  24. Adam vc fica muito lindo de barba. O Bernardo não consigo imaginar sem. Vcs são muito fofos. Obrigado por compartilhar. Venham visitar salvador, na Bahia. Vai ser muito legal.

  25. I agree with Bernardo. The football pants looked like a diaper. I always thought it would be funny for Halloween to exaggerate the cup in baseball pants by overstuffing it full of socks. It's sweet how you both got so shy, (you say anxious) before the party, yet you're so open about displaying your life as a gay couple on video. You're my favorite shy husbands. And are you sure that cat wasn't a rug? Since possums like to play dead, maybe it was a pet possum dressed up like a cat for Halloween.

  26. They were late because they were "getting ready ….and everything…" uh huh. I think it was the "and everything" that made them late, though I don't blame them: they looked hot in those baseball pants.

  27. Hey Gentlemen. I remember the engagement video and I thought I saw a picture or video showing that you got married in court. So is the December wedding more for others to celebrate your marriage?

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