Hide and Seek #149 on HIGHRISE – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Custom Minigame Gameplay | Swiftor

What is up unibros I’ve got Hide and Seek for you on Highrise from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 This is one of my favourite maps I really hope you enjoy it if you do enjoy it drop a like and if you’d like to see some Hide and Seek on older maps on Call of Duty Let me know your favourite maps in the comments What is up unibros we’re playing some Hide and Seek on… .. Highrise – why’d I forget that? – *brainfart* anyway – here are the players in the game who do you think will be found last a few people have already lost their life trying to trying to get great hiding spots for you but… they did so in vain but! we got plenty of players to look so here we go – good luck everyone oh yeah we’re in third person also so we know exactly how they look when they hide “he’s breaking glaass!” “not too confident in my spot”… you’ll be fine… unless you’re this guy (it’s true) R.I.P. pokenuts! i learned some important lessons last time we played hide and seek on this map R.I.P. “are you serious?” RedBall is out. du- it was a good you know (we dont know) using a pot as your head (oh now we know!) it’s a good idea wow swiftor has a long neck recording a game right now bro think the glass breaking is is uh a natural phenomenon on this map :O I found one… (R.I.P.) tbone is out almost missed you man just gonna – oh you car-what? guys wow man.. solid snake wannabe dudes it almost worked it almost worked.. “oh wha?” so you’re near a printer is what you’re saying right now “what? oh no im following swift” you guys… makin all these sounds “think he touched a printer” *laughs* well there goes corgi “ooh it’s a teddy bear” remember if you’re spectating me it’s fine but you can’t you can’t give away any uh any information now I need to make sure I get to these guys before they kill themselves i’m saving them in a way R.I.P. *sighs* the flash… “get rekt m8” “you know…” i should’ve just got up and ran and been mr laggy pants you could’ve done that… there may have been some reprecussions “yeah that’s why I didn’t heh” yup you did the right thing. “take that down to floor 25 please” hmmm “where was mw2 located like” “states or something?” uhh i dont know this is.. likely in the U.S. hmm searching through third-person makes it easier to check certain angles without me rising ma life so that’s a plus ahh look at that one grrreat spot! (R.I.P.) ez “I thought he was going to win” yeah man that’s a close one how’d you die? what?! four people?? “yeah 4 people left that was fast “cuz like 6 of them died” alright guess i’d better get right to checkin everywhere then there’s one op spot that won last time i need to make sure i check “these are all pretty good spots hmm ooooOO R.I.P. OHAHHAHO SNAPPINGLEGEND rest in piece! good try ma friend you made it into the top.. 4! be proud! “that’s what I don’t like about” “black ops 3 how you” “is like how you can put half your body through” “through a wall” ah how’d I miss you last time shame on me – R.I.P. powerking is out you know what just because it made me messing it up let’s go to this spot rwj I salute you man thanks so much dude alright think im gonna just do it “alright then it’s just you and me” yup i’m gonna try and avoid this but uh just gotta do it “i’d say the same” “ohh my god..” “that was close” that was done just for suspense guys (sure swiftor lol) no worries (mhm?) that was *heh* that was just a keep keep you guys on your toes “he almost fell off” nah i knew exactly what i was doing I know the hitbox for this thing piece of cake “oh okay” “oh” guys.. guys. comon i know exactly what im doing boys have some faith “just dont press a because’ then you might “climb over something” “and fall off” “jump on there” I got it bro i’ve played this before don’t worry man yeah man let’s stop that * laughing * nahh alright just wanted to check this spot over here hmmm alright let’s have a good view of what’s going on *awkward silence* “uhh this is going pretty good so far” “for a last game” “same” hm “yuh” no fire and magnum are still in the game let’s see here… “i accidentally uh” “I got kicked out” like there was that one tricky spot behind the a wall “HOOO” R.I.P. magnum is done alright! fire your gun now you’re done let’s see where you are “pretty good spot” where? fire your gun “you literally walked right under him swift” *laughs* where is he? OH dude i’ve never ever seen that spot that’s a great spot i didn’t even know you could get up there like that i salute you well done i did not know that spot existed i didn’t realize you could get up over there what a dangerous gamble and he won and theeeen you die alright wow “thanks man” alright good game guys as always guys thank you for watching the videos in case you did not know im on instagram my username there is swiftorsays one day i’ll get the swiftor handle.. anyway! im doing the snapchat thing on there as well so if you got instagram and dont use snapchat hey! drop me a follow! thanks guys! – see ya next time!

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