– Oh, hey guys. Come on in. Thanks for coming over. Today we’re playing classic hide-and-seek,
but this time, it’s Luke’s turn. C’mon, let’s go! [Kyle Voiceover ] Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys
and Games! Let’s have some fun! – So, we’ve already played this game two times. I’ve already gone, and Gage’s already gone. Now it’s Luke’s turn. – You’re supposed to pop up. -Well, so, Gage has a total time of – Five minutes and 26 seconds – and Kyle! – Has the time of six minutes and 36 seconds – and my goal is to crush the time. If you want me to crush the times, make sure
to crush the thumbs up button. Let’s just go play, okay. – Okay. Let’s go. – Okay, guys, one minute is on the clock. As soon as I go through that door, start the
time. Are you ready? – Yeah! – In three, two, one, go! – Okay, you guys, I am hiding, I’m gonna go
for an obvious spot, but not so obvious at the same time. See, this right here? Look. This is the pantry. I’m gonna go right in here, behind the door. – Luke is at 35 seconds, and we are going
to be running the time. I’m gonna be having it on my phone here, and
we’re gonna see what time Luke has to beat, it’s six minutes and 30 seconds. – That’s from you, Kyle – Okay, here I go. – Good job, alright, let’s see how Luke does. Let’s see where he’s hiding. – [Luke] Okay, guys. I’m all hidden. Lemme shut this door more so they don’t see
it. I gonna keep my flashlight lowered. – [Kyle and Gage] Five, four , three, two,
one! – Okay, we gotta go in! – Alright, we gotta go in now. Starting the clock now. – Okay. – [Gage] Gotta look everywhere. – [Kyle] Where could you be, man! – Kyle, we should stay together. – [Kyle] Yeah. – Stay together. – [Kyle] We search slowly, he might be – ‘Kay. – Yeah, go search over there. I’ll go downstairs – Okay. He’s not in there? – ‘Kay. I’ll go downstairs. – I’m comin’ too. Wait, check in the pantry, yet? – Go check! – Okay. – Yeah! I got him! – He was in the pantry the entire time?! – Thirty-nine seconds! – No – Yeah! – I found him! I knew you were gonna be in the pantry. – I thought for sure I was gonna last there
for a long time, but you reminded to go look in the pantry, aw man! – Yeah, ‘kay. We gotta go back outside, and you gotta hide
for another minute. – Okay – ‘Kay let’s go! – [Gage] Alright, Luke, your time starts now! – Now! – Go, go, go! – Guys, I’m gonna do something pretty dumb,
but I think it’ll be kinda smart. I’m hiding in the same spot, you guys. They’re never gonna expect that, I’ mean,
who’ll check the same spot twice. – I think he’s gonna lose in another, like,
30 seconds. – He’s gonna have another 30 seconds, and
then we’re gonna find him. – Yeah. – I dunno, he’s never been good at hide-and-seek,
but he’s been a really good seeker, he’s never been a good hider though. But, we’re gonna see here in this next round. – Yeah, we’re always gonna find him in the
first minute or so. – Yeah. – [Luke] I am going to win this, future Luke,
congratulations, you’ve won the game. – [Gage] Kyle, where do you think Luke’s going
to be hiding next? – Definitely downstairs. – [Gage] Definitely downstairs, okay. – I mean, there’s a lot of hiding places down
there. – That’s true, there is a lot of hiding places,
but I dunno we’re gonna have to see and four, three, two, one – Let’s go! – Let’s go! – Right. Let’s go. ‘Kay, just do a quick runaround and check
everywhere up here. – Nope. – [Kyle] Nope. – Check in here. – Goin’ now, check the pantry again. – Oh my! I found him again! – Yes! – Oh my gosh! – It didn’t work! – You knew it, Kyle. – Yeah! – [Gage] High five! – I mean, I have no words. So on to round three. – [Gage] Okay. – Luke, Kyle literally said that we find you
in the next 30 seconds. It was 20 seconds. It was 20 seconds! Okay, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke. – The third round, I was just goin’ easy on
you guys. – No, bud. – Smash that like button, and give me a good
like. – [Gage] Luke, for the last two rounds, you
hid for a total of one minute, so it’s not that good so you better find a really good
hiding spot this round. Good luck, Luke, I believe in ya. – ‘Kay ready? – You can do it. – I don’t believe in him. – Three, two, one, go! – Okay, we’re gonna have to go downstairs. The first two rounds didn’t work out too well. So, I’ma try to find one downstairs. See in here. – I don’t believe in him, ’cause I mean, I
have six minutes and 30 seconds, that’s pretty long. – That’s true, I guess he only does have a
minute, but I think if he finds a really good hiding spot, he’s gonna be able to hide for
a long time. – Yeah. – I’ll go right here. And turn the green screen, like this. – Alright, Kyle, it’s almost time to go in,
tell me when you’re ready. – Okay, I’m ready! – Ready? And three, two, one, go! Go, go, go! – Where are you, little Lukey? – Right here. – Okay. Check in there? – Check in the closet. – Check thoroughly this time, I think he has
a really good hiding spot. – Okay, I don’t see him anywhere. – Okay, he’s not in the pantry, Kyle. – Yeah, he’s not in here or there. Let’s check thoroughly this time. – Let’s check up here another time because
I think there’s a couple hiding spots we didn’t catch. Is he under the table? Let’s see, nope. – Is he in here? No he is not. I’m gonna check in this bathroom real quick. – Okay! – Okay, he’s not in the bathroom. I think we should go down in the basement. – Yeah, he’s not in here at all. – Okay, come here. – Let’s go! – Let’s go! – He’s at two minutes now. He’s doing pretty good. – We better rush. – Yeah – Well, we don’t need to rush, we still need
to check thoroughly, ’cause he’s still quite a bit behind, but that’s okay. Wait, Kyle, I think I know where he is, come
here. – The lights are off. – Let’s see, is he in here? Nope, he’s not in here. – Better hurry. – Oh, I thought he was in there. I thought I heard him rustling around. – Yeah, you check in there, and I’ll check
inhere. – Okay. Oh my gosh. Where is he? – Where did he go? – Yeah, good job, Luke . – That was crazy, you guys! – [Gage] I know. – I hid for a long time, I’d say though. – It was the third and final round, and we
caught Luke! – No! – Yeah! My time was six minutes and 30 seconds. – My time was five minutes and 26 seconds. – and my time is right here, and it was around
three minutes, but in the end, that means that Kyle is the winner! – Yeah! – Good job. – Good job. – Hi five guys! – That’s it for this video. If you like this video, definitely you’re
gonna like these other ones, because I picked ’em just for you! And we’ll see you guys next time. – [All Three Boys] Bye! – Good job, Kyle, that was so much fun. – That was so cool.

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