Hide and Seek Challenge in Supermarket collab with YouTubers !! (2019)

Hey guys. Welcome back to my YouTube Channel and today I am here with Amira. Hi. Summer, Hello. and Georgia. Hi and today we are going to do a video with each other and today we are going to be doing the hide and seek challenge In Asda But we are going to do it in certain aisles because Asda inside is really big and we might get lost so we are just going to do it in certain aisles so also make sure you go over to their channel at Fun Days with Summer and Georgia and my channel at Princess Amira so many channels okay so let’s go ok so we are now in Asda upstairs and we’re going to count. Me and Georgia and Summer and Amira are going to hide. so let’s go ok no peeking! That’s why I have my floss top on. Ohhh because you love flossing? are you hiding under there for a minute while you count? What are you going to count to girls? what are you going to count to? Go on then you two start counting 1,2,3,4,5 I will keep counting. You two think where do you think you’re gonna hide? any ideas? no peeking you have a talk about where you think you are going to hide you two? I think I know where they are going to hide Like behind some clothes but we might see their feet? mmm-hmm that’s a good idea , look for
their feet isn’t it how do you think we’re gonna find them?
what you think you’re gonna look for? I am going to look for pink trainers, because Summer had pink trainers on. Oh well spotted I didn’t even see that. Amira has brown heels on oh yeah so look for brown boots okay let’s go, they might hide in the girls section? good thinking, they might? okay well you’re gonna start looking girls, what do you think okay
yeah I don’t think you’re gonna find them straightaway, uh-huh I saw the clothes moving! so did I So right now we are in our spots and Amira is just there found you !! you can see the clothes moving from miles away the clothes are moving like this That was funny! Me and Amira are going to count to sixty now near the escalators 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, 20 They might be somewhere near the coats? imagine if they were hiding in the same spot! Yasmine whispered to Georgia where they should hide but we didnt hear !! What is that moving? I have found them !! We found you !! Ouch my back is killing we’ve got ready good space for next time. It was really squeaky on here I nearly fell asleep because of how warm it was I saw Yasmine’s hair 5,6,7,8,9,10 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 what we gonna do after this? Clothes Challenge? clothes challenge? who can find the best outfits or the worst outfits? Both? or who could find the best present? so many things you could do
isn’t there. While we are waiting , oh I have lost count. go over to Georgia and Summers account at fun days with summer and Georgia and after this we’re gonna play some mini games so
like who can buy the best toy. Or who can get and buy the best outfit?
silliest outfit? but we’re gonna give them 15 more seconds. 15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 make sure they found somewhere?okay why don’t we start over this side this time so right now we are in a really squishy spot I really hope they didn’t see us what if they see us though through here? I dont know! Let’s put a box like my head is like hitting the top. yeah let’s put a box. we’re right in the baby cribs and push chairs I’m ready scared keep looking for feet underneath things found you !! already!!I saw Amira !! Amira !! That is actually a really good hiding spot. Yeah it is good Amira was sticking her head out. I know where I am going ha ha I think Summer is stuck? So it’s got to be somewhere like here? yeah can you get in there both of you or not? and I’ll put a box in front of you? okay
can you both get in there? I’m scared of the dark! It won’t be dark don’t worry. Shall we get in there and you put a box infront? yeah get in there it is bigger It’s bigger okay okay no just leave them like that okay okay you okay in there? are you okay in there you two? yeah okay now don’t it will be too dark. I can’t see you Yas In here okay.
it says team floss! Shoe me how you floss! oh my goodness,that’s amazing, that is really
fast. fast flossing! okay tell me Yas what you heard? I heard literally when we got out of our space yeah, Summer and Amira I heard them talking and they said they were going to hide near the baby nappy thing like that. i didn’t actually look but I think it
was, I’ll show you in a minute but I literally saw them. I don’t have to changed it though? What do you think georgia? I don’t know but at school I always cheat because I look where they are going. ha ha you are a little cheater are you? Yeah do you always win then because you cheat? yeah because I look and then I tell my friend my secrets and tell her not to tell anyone and then does she tell everyone? yeah oh no no okay let’s go It’s quite big in here Yeah there is a lot of room I think they just walked past? yes. I really hope that like it takes longer than last time. Wait. What if they give up and then we will completely win? Its sweaty in here!! I see my mum OOh stay together Yasmine’s marching !! Yasmine’s marching You haven’t found them straight away again how did you even see that Yasmine? How did you even see that? Mummy pointed. I didn’t point How did you even see them? Because they went… I’m going to oh so she heard you. oh so she heard you
before. Georgia’s telling me that she cheats all the time and she peeks guys so we are changing it so before we were in the kids section and now we are going to do it in the adults section They have to be full length things so it goes right down to the floor find some dresses
something like dresses or coats or something?
trousers. trousers is a good one It might be too obvious that we are hiding behind here yeah behind here look. It might be obvious? Do you think it will? Look there is loads of room behind that one. Can you get behind there Yas? or not?
and I’ll put this over the top like that you’re so good at hide-and-seek Yas! I know. I am going to peek !! Where do you think they’re gonna hide? erm I think they might hide down there. Hmmm good idea 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 We need to be very quiet because if they hear us and they are going to hide even more so we need to be really quiet. I have a good idea. Yeah? If we don’t talk near them then we will hear them talk. do you think? Let’s go down every aisle. Shhhh !!! They’re not under there, definitely They are not under there Yas because you can see the bottoms! erghhh what is that? There’s so many random stuff. Where could they be? I hope this spot is really good? I wonder if they’re coming yet? Okay keep going Yas is whispering. Its not down that one Yas because they’re men’s. They’re mens so maybe they’re behind the bra’s or something? Found you !!! Where’s Amira? Where’s Amira. That’s a good hiding spot
where even is she? Oh hello It was a secret passageway, that was a good one is that even supposed to be a walk through? I dont know if it is or not? I don’t know? ha ha Georgia likes the dressing gown! I have found Yasmine !! Georgia!! A minute ago we went through this passageway and someone came one way and I went one way and then we just faced them Oh my gosh my leg is killing So guys I hope you enjoyed this video today. and you need to comment down below who you think was the best pair? me and Georgia or Amira and Summer? and who do you think is the best hiders? and who do you think is the best counters? and yeh so make sure you go over to Summer and Georgias account at Fun Days with Summer and Georgia so I hope you enjoyed this video guys. make sure you follow me on TikTok at Its Yas Underscore official and Instagram at Its Yas Official Thank you for watching this video guys. Love you all. Bye. Bye. Bye

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