HIDE and SEEK Challenge with Goo Goo Galaxy Aliens! | Emily and Evelyn

– This video is sponsored by Moose Toys. Hey, guys, so today
we’re going to be doing a very fun hide and seek in our apartment. – And also, I have some very
awesome new hiding spots. (growling) – What, what’s that, Mango? (suspenseful music) (upbeat music) Is there anything outside? (growling) (upbeat music) What is this thing? – What’s going on here? – I don’t know. It kind of looks like a spaceship. (whirring)
(electronic tones) Where’d it go? – I think from the side of the building. It’s right here. (electronic tones) Whoa, it’s so close. – It’s about to crash land. Whoa!
– Whoa! Did it just crash land on our balcony? – I can’t believe this. – Wow. – They look really friendly, let’s go check them out. Wow, this is amazing. Where did she come from? (whooshing) – [Toy] We come from GooGoo Galaxy! – Whoa, let’s bring you guys inside. – Emily, look, they brought presents and it has a note, too. – Let’s see what it says. In a tiny corner of the sly floats the cutest cosmos in the
universe, GooGoo Galaxy. This is the far away
home of the Goo Drops, the cutest alien babies to
ever shoot through space. Now they have finally
landed and found you. Discover which star
your Goo Drop comes from and see what they’ve brought
with them along the ride. Wow, they’re so adorable,. They even come in their own space pods. – [Evelyn] And their
bellies are so squishy. – This one’s name is Luna Laguna. – This one’s name is Yumi Unicorn. – [Emily] This is Astra Nommy. – [Evelyn] This is Stella Skygems. – [Emily] Let’s take them
out of their space pods. – [Evelyn] It’s great to meet you. – You guys are adorable. – [Evelyn] Their space pods
are so detailed inside. It even comes with a DIY
galactic slime activity. – Let’s take it out. Oh, it’s in a cute little cup. – [Emily] Here it says, open
hatch to find surprises. It comes with slime crystals and a intergalactic passport. – The passport shows all their
stories and personalities. With my head in the clouds,
I’m always dreaming of goo. – Luna Laguna loves
swimming through the stars and watching meteor showers. And look, Evelyn, it says I
can play hide and goo seek for hours and hours. We were just about to play that. Time to take you out of your space pod. Aw, you’re so cute and jiggly. – Looks like they have a
galaxy inside their bellies. It’s so squishy. Emily, look at what it
says about Yumi Unicorn. Filled with BlizCo glitter
from MystiCo, my home star. I know you love goo as much as I do! – We should make the Goo To Go Slime! The instructions are right
here in the passport! First, we have to add the
slime crystals into the cup. Okay, let’s pour them in. (pouring) Next, add water to the line. – Okay, you have to be careful, Evelyn. – And now we have to stir it! It’s so satisfying. – The colors are so pretty! After you mix it, you
have to let it set for fifteen to thirty minutes
so the slime can form. – We should play a round of
hide and seek while we wait. – Yeah! – Okay, Emily, this is
how it’s going to go. I have Astra Nommy and Yumi Unicorn. I’m going to hide them somewhere and you’ll have to find them. – Let me count to 15 and
then start looking for them. – [Emily] (counting) – Okay, guys, I’m going to
hide Astra Nommy right here. – I’m going to hide Yumi
Unicorn right here. Shh! – 12..13..14..15.. Ready
or not, here I come! Where did she put them? – Go find them! (skips) – Are they here? No. Not here, or there. Here? I found one! I found one! I found Yumi Unicorn! – You still have Astra Nommy to find! – Hmm (upbeat music) Where’d you put her? (upbeat music continues) Where is she? – You have to keep on looking – No, not there. I found her! I found Astra Nommy! Aww, she’s so squishy. – Good job Emily. That was quick! – We should check if our slime has formed. – Yeah, let’s go! – Mine looks pretty set Okay, next step is to
add the cosmic cloud. Whoa, it’s green! – Mine is pink. – Now we have to add a
little bit more water Whoa, watch it grow! – Yeah, it’s getting puffy – Now let’s add the star shine on the top. – Wow, it’s so pretty
and it’s really shiny. – Whoa Now let’s put the lid on. (lid clicks) Now we have our Goo to Go
in a handy little dangler. – I really like mine – Check the colors of your goo to see what message your
Goo Drop has for you. – I got shooting star and
it says shoot for the moon! – I got cool comet and it
says you’re out of this world! Okay, I’m going to go hide
Stellar Skygems and Luna Laguna You go count. – Okay – (counting) – Okay, I know where to hide them Shh (Evelyn continues counting in background) – 13..14..15. Ready or not, here I come! (upbeat music continues) – Where is it, where did you put it? – [Emily] You have to find it! – Not here. Then, here Oh, I found it! Yay! I found Luna. Now, let’s go find Stella. Where is she? Where is she? I can’t find her. I can’t find her. – I don’t think you can
find her that easily – Found her! – [Emily] Awww – Yay, I found Stella too – Guys, we had so much fun
playing with our new Goo Drops We can’t wait to get to know them better and show them around Earth. – We can’t wait to introduce
them to our friends and show them all of our favorite places. – I think they’re so adorable and squishy – I love the slime surprise
that they brought us! – Thank you to Moose Toys for sending us all four of the Goo Drops
and for sponsoring this video – We hope you collect all four of them – And thanks for watching – See you next time – Please subscribe – [Emily And Evelyn] And bye!

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