Hide and Seek cover (male version) | Jordan Sweeto

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan Sweeto. And I hope you like my cover of “Hide and seek.” If you do, please be sure to subscribe for even more covers and original music from me. I also have a brand new original song called, “Coney Island,” coming out this weekend. If you’d like to support me please consider pre-ordering it on itunes right now. It’s the first link in the description. I hope you enjoy the cover. ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”I know you can hear me.”♫ ♫”Open up the door,”♫ ♫”I only want to play a little…”♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”You can’t keep me waiting,”♫ ♫”It’s already too late…”♫ ♫”For you to try and run away!”♫ ♫”I see you through the window.”♫ ♫”Our eyes are locked together.”♫ ♫”I can sense your horror…”♫ ♫”Though I’d like to see it closer!”♫ ♫”Ding dong”♫ ♫”Here I come to find you,”♫ ♫”Hurry up and run!”♫ ♫”Let’s play a little game and have fun.”♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”Where is it you’ve gone to?”♫ ♫”Do you think you’ve won?”♫ ♫”Our game of hide and seek has just begun!”♫ ♫”I hear your footsteps,”♫ ♫”Thumping loudly through the hallways.”♫ ♫”I can hear your sharp breaths.”♫ “♫You’re not very good at hiding,”♫ ♫”Just wait, you can’t hide from me,”♫ ♫(I’m coming)♫ ♫”Just wait, you can’t hide from me,”♫ ♫(I’m coming)♫ ♫”Just wait, you can’t hide from me,”♫ ♫(I’m coming)♫ ♫”Just wait, you can’t hide from me,”♫ ♫”Knock, knock,”♫ ♫”I am at your door now”♫ ♫”I am coming in,”♫ ♫”No need for me to ask permission.”♫ ♫”Knock, knock,”♫ ♫”I’m inside your room, now,”♫ ♫”Where is it you’ve hid?”♫ ♫”Our game of hide and seek’s about to end,”♫ ♫”I’m coming closer”♫ ♫”Looking underneath your bed, but…”♫ ♫”You’re not there, I wonder,”♫ ♫”Could you be inside the closet?”♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”I have found you.”♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”You’re were hiding here.”♫ ♫(now, you’re it)♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”Finally found you, dear.”♫ ♫(Now, you’re it)♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”looks like I have won.”♫ ♫(Now you’re it)♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”Pay the consequence.”♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”I know you can hear me.”♫ ♫”Open up the door,”♫ ♫”I only want to play a little.”♫ ♫”Ding dong,”♫ ♫”You can’t keep me waiting”♫ ♫”It’s already too late”♫ ♫”For you to try and run away”♫ ♫”I see you through the window”♫

100 thoughts on “Hide and Seek cover (male version) | Jordan Sweeto

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    You can pre-order my new upcoming song "CONEY ISLAND" here on iTunes too: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1445034150?ls=1&app=itunes

  2. Hey, not bad. But you think you can add some creepiness? But other than that, you sound like you belong in Fall Out Boy. You absolutely sound awesome. I'm amazed.

  3. I heard an urban legend if yo sing an indonesian version of this its a indonesian urban legend
    Me:im dead T-T i live in indonesian ima move to australia or jakarta or china dont wanna talk indonesian im shy k

  4. His hair reminds me of mah fav anime
    Me saw da hair=AHHHHHHH(jungshook)
    Me=K 🙁

  5. It is just like SweetoToons showing WolfyChu the UNO reverse card just after WolfyChu sang "Hide and Seek" which is also the song shown to us now

  6. Sweeto toon his voise is little good but I like wolfychu voise by the way my name is angel -_- I don't know why that I like is daimon💫💎💍😇

  7. When I put hide and seek I draw you and your girlfriend and I do good and you song Coney Island is awesome I love it

  8. My friend knows their spirits if you sing the hide and seek song so when I sing it my friend just take my hand and guess hold it for 1 minute and she can sense Spirits in my hands so I have to wash it with hot water or even cold water

  9. think of the song…. now think of his name…. i dont think they match…. but this was amazing!!!!!!!!!

    Just a friendly game of hide and seek with Wolfychu

  10. Who else doesn’t watch the videos and just likes before watching then watches bc Jordan deserves all teh likes along with wolfychu? yes*! *beautifulness

  11. Amazing cover as always

    I definitely wanna hear Wolfychu do a cover of this. I think she'd be able to suit it really well due to her high voice

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