– [Carl] I think I heard her
just come up from upstairs. (suspenseful music) We
better hide! (grunts) ( Kyle screams) You should distract her. We
should help Kyle, Go Go Go! – [Child] You guys okay? (Cage and child screams) – Welcome home! You guys
are here on the Carl and Jinjer family channel. We’re going to play
another game of Hacker Girl hide and seek. We have the power pellets,
we have the power tube. It’s going to be so awesome, I can’t wait! But first we have a really
important question for you guys. Which kind of video do
you guys like better? Do you like hello neighbor in the dark or do you like this new game
Hacker Girl hide and seek with the power pellets. So you tell us down in the comments below, we would love to know what you think. – First off we gotta find
our hiding spots to hide from the Hacker Girl. – Because if we get
caught by the Hacker Girl and we get caught, we
frozen for 30 seconds so that’s really bad. – Yeah, also the Hacker Girl
has these spy gadgets that once she throws them in the
room it does the exact same thing. – Yeah, it shocks you
just like freeze tag. Okay guys she going to come
and hide the power pellets. We gotta hide these two, one
up stairs and one down stairs. – I’ll take the one downstairs! – Okay, we better get our
hiding spots, lets go! – Lets go! (suspenseful music plays) – Go go go go! – Are you guys going to
stay upstairs or down? – (children in unison)I’m gonna go down. – (Carl)I’m gonna go down this time. – I’m gonna stay upstairs – (Carl) There’s three of
us going in the basement. Okay I having specific strategy this time, and that is I’m gonna be
looking around as I go. I’m team pink. Okay. okay. (whispers)I’m gonna
find a good hiding spot. Where are you going? – (whispers) I’m going under here. – (Carl) You’re going under the table? (whispers) Okay, I’m uh… I’m actually gonna hide in the bed. I’m gonna hide in the
bed, under the covers. What? – I ran past one and got it.(chime dings) – (Carl) you got it?!
– It was on the bed. Yeah! – (Carl) oh no way!
That was yours already? – Yeah! – (Carl) well I haven’t
seen one in here yet. I don’t have very much time.
She only waits like 2 minutes. This is hard. The lighting
down her is all pink. And that’s my team color.
– (Kyle) Guys! I’m in here! – Oh! You’re in there?
– So you can’t some in here! – (Carl) okay, I won’t. – I’m gonna go in here. – Shh. – I gotta find a good hiding spot to hide. Under the bed. I think I
heard her just come out from upstairs. We better hide! (grunts) oh my gosh! (whispers) Okay. (suspenseful music) (intense music gets louder) – I think she’s in the basement (chime dings) – Now, I’m on a quest. To try and find as many
power pellets as I can. Lets see, is there any… (suspenseful music) – Shh – (whispers) Its so quiet. (whispers) Look! Yes! Power
Pellet number 1! (chime dings) Quiet quiet. All right. Time find power pellet number 2. (suspenseful music) (Child Laughs) (Carl Laughs) Get off! Get off! (whispers) Get out! (Carl laughs) (ice cubes clatter on the floor) (suspenseful music) – I think she just went upstairs (child laughs) – (Kyle) You guys okay? (everyone screams) (electrical sounds buzzing) (Carl screaming like being electrocuted) – Ah! We all got shocked! (grunts) – Oh my god that was scary! (carl) She tricked us! (intense music) (growls) (cage screams) No!
(electrical sounds buzz) – (grunts) Oh, okay, we
gotta find power pellets. Go go go! Oh my gosh she totally got us! – Dad! Dad! Wanna team up? – What? – Wanna team up? – No, I gotta (excited sound)
well maybe!(chime dings) If, I’ll tell yah, I’ll
help yah. If I see anything. – (Kyle) wait! There’s more over here! There’s one right there
for you! (chime dings) – Whoa! I got 2 already! Yeah I’ll team up with you Kyle! Thanks man! (electrical sound buzzing) – (sighs) okay, wait. Is Hacker Girl gone? (suspenseful music) (heavy breathing) – (Kyle whispers) She’s up there! – (whispering) Where is she? – (Kyle whispers) Can I come up? – (Cage whispering) no. – Wait, where is she? – (Carl whispers) Cage! Run run run! (panicked giggling) – (Carl whispers) Okay. Gotta be sneaky. (suspenseful music) – (whispering) Instead
of hiding in the shower I’m gonna hide behind the door. (suspenseful music intensifies) – (whispering) I saw her! I saw her! I have to go hide! – (whispering) Okay, the
boys are out. She got them. – I got it, okay. (Suspenseful music) – She’s downstairs! Is she in here? Okay ,oh my gosh! 1 2 Oh! There’s one! I saw another one! Right there! (chime dings) Yeah! She coming! – (Kyle) oh no! Dad
you got it, you got it! (Carl laughs) Shut the door. – She’s upstairs. – (Kyle) hey! Get out of here! – (Cage) I’m looking, I’m looking for my power pellets. Is there any blue ones in here? Well there’s one there,
how did you not see that? – Oh my gosh! (Chime dings) Again, you guys, I need to go slower. Okay, that’s 2 for me. 2. – Again! – Shh! She’s coming! Okay. Okay – What are we going to do? – (heavy breathing) Be quiet! Control our breathing. I only need one more ball. (Suspenseful music) (Kyle screams) (Kyle wails) (Kyle screams) – We should distract
her. We should help Kyle. Go go go! – (Kyle laughs) Help me! – (Cage) Get in here! (suspenseful music) – I only need one more power ball – I still need three. – She’s in the basement, okay. (murmurs something in excitement) – (Kyle) she’s downstairs!
She’s downstairs! Oh my gosh! There’s one
right there!(chime dings) How did I not see that?! – (Cage) there’s one! – Oh yes! (chime dings) Yes! That’s it! – One more! There’s a green one! There’s a green one! (chime dings) (Kyle) my last ball! – There’s a blue one! There’s
a blue one! (chime dings) – Its a ball!
– (Carl) its okay! Its okay – (Cage) okay! – (Carl) Look look look!
Look look look!(chime dings) We have to get them -how many
is that?! Three?! Here we go! That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! (victory piano music plays) – (cage) Yeah! (all together) Yeah! (Carl) We did it! (Cage) Oh my gosh! – All right! – We did it! – Yeah! (Kyle screams) I
can’t believe we…(murmurs)! – (Carl) Oh there she goes!
Oh my gosh! (creepy sound) Okay she’s gone, you guys. All right! – (everyone) okay – Okay, we gotta count
out. We gotta see who one. We actually got so many
power pellets, you guys, that don’t even all fit in the jar. Look at that! And you can see the story
of the game and how it went. It looks like, Cage you got
the first one right there in the bottom. Where was that one? – I’m pretty sure that one was up here, it was like… – (Carl) you don’t even remember! Ha hah! – I don’t even remember, I was too busy looking for everyone. – I found them on the
bed where you were hiding – That’s right. You found
that down where I was. Then I got three in a row, And then it was craziness all over. – Yeah – And I think I got the fourth one. – Yeah, good job! – So this game of Hacker
Girl Hide and seek I was actually the winner. So if you guys voted for me, on team pink. Awesome you guys! Thank you so much for
smashing that like button and giving me good luck. Thanks so much for
hanging out with us today. If you guy liked this
video, you’re going to like other Hacker Girl hide and seek videos as well as other ones like Hello Neighbor and stuff like that. And remind us, which
one do you like better? Do you like hello neighbor or do you like this
Hacker Girl hide and seek? Let us know in the comments below. And we picked these videos on the screen if you like this one
you’re going to like those. And we will see you guys next time. (all together) Bye! – Good job dad that was crazy! – (Carl) That was way cool

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