HIDE and SEEK !! | #Fun #Play #Game #MyMissAnand #ToyStar

Kids Where are you? Are you inside this? Or here? Where have kids gone? Are here Is here any kid? Where are the kids? So, you all were hiding here Yes So, Today we will play this game only Hide and Seek Your turn is over now who will seek? I won’t I also will not Even I won’t So let’s do who comes Mom is calling me to finish my home work you daily make excuses So, today have to be the den Counting…. Till I count you hit 50’000 likes to the video Now will see where are they hidden? Under this Was nice place..But no body is here I spy Will check out in the other rooms And here is spy…Dora Oh No I spy Vani I just seeked Dora Now it’s your turn I spy Now who will be the den? Dora…. Here Here I spy Oh Shit How did you found? Idea…Definitely will be under this How will I know? Yeah! found her I spy She seeked Take me out We were hidden in the perfect places…still you seek us Great..must clap for her Now whose turn? We will hide and he will be the den Wait when we will say then start counting Don’t tell us were we are hidden OMG! where are they going to hide? I spy Oh! no I always used to get caught Don’t know where Anantya and Vani are hidden? No No they are not hidden under Oh! they are down How did they hid here in the dark? Caught Ayan caught us Life….Darkness… out How did you found us? I heard your video making sound Oh Must have done in low voice Now it’s Vani’s turn Let’s go Vani Where could be they? No one is here Oh Aunty…Because of you I got caught Dora I will give you chocolates..Tell where are they? Why shall I tell that they are there.. Where has she gone?

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