Hide and Seek Game

“We Bare Bears” intro playsYou can make your own games and animations using scratch. Hide and seek games are a really fun way to get started creating. This tutorial will show you how to code a hide and seek game using Scratch and your cool new buddies from “We Bare Bears.” Grizz: “Yeah!” Panda: “Yeah!” Ice Bear: “Ice bear is in.” Grizz and Panda: “Yeah!” Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are always looking for ways to make friends. Grizz: “So many friends.” They are passionate about technology…. Panda: “This is my life and soul in rectangular form. …and they love using the internet to express themselves and share their ideas. Ice Bear: “Hashtag Ice Bear for President.” Now you can express yourself by designing your own hide and seek game with the bears. Grizz: “A-Awesome!” To get started, choose a bear. Then you can drag the “show” and “hide” blocks into the scripts area. When you click on them, your bear will show and hide. Panda: “That’s amazing!” Buts that’s just the beginning. You can use blocks to tell the bears when to hide and where on the screen they’ll show up again. You can create hiding places for the bears, like behind a big tree, and add a sound whenever a bear is clicked. Grizz: “Yeah!” And now you can really make this game your own. Experiment by adding different sounds or characters. Wanna hide a giant burrito in the woods? Go for it! Or add a score block so you can keep track of how awesome you are at your new game.Bears cheeringThere are so many different ways to add, create, and express yourself with Scratch. So take Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear and really show what you can do. Grizz: “Just watch. Millions of people are gonna wanna see this.” And you can share your project with friends and the Scratch online community. Add a title, and instructions, and hit the share button. You can always keep adding to your project or try remixing someone else’s project. So go ahead and get started. Grizz: “We gotta celebrate!”

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