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Okay, so when I was about nine’ish or ten I went to my neighbor’s birthday party. Every kid there was having a fun time. Me, my sister, my brother and the neighbors wanted to play hide and seek and this one girl, let’s call her Emma, wanted to play too. She was a family friend of our neighbors. So we kind of just got along instantly. When it was Emma’s turn to begin to count Everyone was running around trying to find hiding spots. After playing a few rounds it was kind of getting harder to find more spots. I looked in the bedroom under the bed and someone was already under there. So I went underneath the table and someone was already there, too. And I went into the living room and someone was already there too. So I decided to hide in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and I went inside the bathtub, and their bathtub had like a curtain that covered up the bathtub. So I hid behind that curtain. As I’m hiding the seeker Emma starts to run around to try and find everyone. I’m waiting there nervously and excitedly, I’m just shaking in the bathtub. Like she’s gonna find me. I eventually hear someone walking and I was like, oh my gosh. Oh my god. She’s gonna find me. Oh my gosh, and then I hear the door shut and then a click and I was like, oh no, that doesn’t sound good. So I look and peek and there’s this redhead dude, who is going to use the bathroom and I instantly look away and I don’t want to see anything. I hear him unzip his pants and begin to use the restroom! I’m sitting in the bathtub trying not to move or make any noise because I don’t want him noticing me and I’m just praying that he will go away very quickly. My plan was to right when he leaves get up and get out of there fast as I can – out of there. So, when he finishes up he begins to leave and all of a sudden the curtain gets ripped open and Emma’s there and she yells FOUND YOU and I look at her shocked and scared and then I look at the man who actually was her dad and he was looking at me and he’s like YOU WEREINTHERE? and I was I turned red. I was like, oh no, I was so scared. Needless to say I went home after that and just didn’t go back to the party. I was nervous and scared that I was gonna get in trouble. I never did tell anyone else that I this happened? So yeah, that’s my embarrassing little hide-and-seek story.

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  1. Hey storyboothers! We've been reading all of your comments about how similar this story is to Jaiden Animations story from 2014, and you're right, it is similar AND if you all read the comments further you'll see that this sort of thing has happened to lots and lots and lots of us. We love Jaiden Animations and think she is incredibly talented and creative and we are inspired by her work! We know how it feels to be copied and stolen from, and it's the worst, and we would never, ever do that. That's just not what storybooth is all about, in fact, that's the opposite of what we're about. We weren't aware of Jaiden's story when we chose this one and animated it, and if we had been we would have reached out to her to see if she was cool with it. We've reached out now and hope to hear back. You all are great fans of Jaiden's, and of ours, and we're fans of hers too. So, well, yeah….

  2. I once farted in public 😭😨😨😨😨😨😨🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫πŸ₯ΊπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

  3. That’s what happened to my cousin

  4. Lol i remembered i played hide and seek and uhm i was going to hide in the bathroom but when i open the door the SEEKER WAS THERE POOPING

  5. I know this comment is in December but,once I was playing hide and seek,I hid in the bathroom and stared at the cat I glued to the toilet

  6. lmao I just remember this time one of my classmates went to the bathroom at school, and she went to the boy’s bathroom by mistake, and she saw a teacher peeing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she came back to the classroom all pale and shocked

  7. Either this story was stolen from Jaiden Animations, or this just happens to be a coincidence that the girl had the same thing happen.

  8. Haha haha this happened to me, I was at my friends house and we played hide and seek, their house is small so we had no good places to hide, me and my friend hid in the tub and 10 seconds later a male walks in (it was a party) and starts doing number 2 and me and my friend we just just silently and I couldn’t resist so I bit a towel that was their to calm my self I haven’t been to their house since….

  9. Legit had the exact same story as her, same hide and seek a and bathroom story. Except that the genders are changed, female on the toilet and me behind the curtains…yeah..l

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