so this boy’s gonna go for what what do
you want give me something give me a bit no way no way no way what’s going on guys today we’re playing
Garry’s Mod pine see hide-and-seek I see pine seed fighting you what I hate pine
seed no pine salt – lets get into it okay am i hiding are you hiding
I might even I’m seeking hey you’re sinking of hiding we’re in a giant
kitchen as infinite sprint okay Ben it’s spring Infinite’s for you run for days
here does let’s crew bug let’s go bug oh why are you behind me why are you
looking at my screen it’s cold hello oh yes guys guys guys
all you guys dong what are you doing Tanner yeah hey well now he knows we’re
in somewhere I forgot who’s gonna can you give me another shot Taylor or any
other chance you guys will actually notify me colors flashing a flashlight
can hear it I can see you can see are you I’m Tasha lies I’m hiding now who’s
where is everybody oh you got hide in the dishwasher wait you knew unreal life
– is that a dishwasher next to a dryer or is that a washer next to a guy
doesn’t visual is that a dryer in the kitchen
these are questions than media history did work are you guys I didn’t do
anything I saw it what did you fall through the
grinds a table give me your watch this one can I get a chance
same map is you rescue boy rescue boy you see I see risky boy so second
episode a home alone ended back Paul yeah yeah we
the other know how to get up there another mole riding over here oh that’s
a kind of laugh what did you send me like come on over there Tanner or Paul
and Matt live I broke my leg and I went slower hit one
hi guys bastard seeker mm-hmm guys maker you guys want to be clean I
got them sneakers pick up dolphin so I’m in a good spot I feel it I sealed a good
spot that’s how good of this don’t get off of me where are you guys Matt just
starts hey hey ba yeah why Paul is doing hot stuff with the other person we’re in
a hot tub what do you want give me something give
me a bitch no way no way no way no all the hot design occasion you know yes I
just look at the water I’m good to go up in a row okay lady contain it now me a
break too much anxiety all right we gotta find Tanner did where
is my feet are so loud what what are you looking at
I’m reflect on you come on oh we got oh wait they want we’re yeah my hair now
I’m gonna sue you could say I found the best hiding spot sorry I’m looking into
your eyes so I can see where you are no somebody got some oh it was me I was
trying to hide behind him only the Seekers get it right you got it I jump
from the top the very top we got him did you find him
wait what Tanner’s looking at your screen Paul around
he’s all I need for sure he’s up here he’s upstairs upstairs corner or not I
err we can do it no I know is that I know he’s that so scared
also we’re gonna lose again didn’t I was gonna replay the spot oh wait I’m like tanner or cuddling in a dark work
this is a good spot this is a spot that I have confidence in you guys know
you’re so close yeah I move here look look up I see Matt you do Hayes he’s on
the other side of the kitchen always on my side I don’t even know where you are
oh you’re in that window yeah oh yeah how do you get masses below you
oh are you seriously well me both issues I just want you guys passage no pause
got that foodie from from a distance yeah I’m getting that
that front row seat hello let me get up here watch this
oh I hate that Howard boy go and let him go I let him
be free yeah I let him go like Free Willy we’re here you go Matt you saw me
didn’t you know I didn’t okay bigger this I know you’re trying to play it off
like you didn’t know why would I play it off dude I’m trying to kill you
oh man yelling before a sink I’m back in the hiney oh I just underneath the sink
ish predator asada oh geez my car is probably gonna be oh look I’m seeker I
got my running sneakers is with my sneakers I feel like I unintentionally
cheat and this came a lot by baking hello hello alive in the darkness I
remembered I had a flashlight there above us so we’re gonna just any spots
on this side of the kitchen Oh Matt done you’re done kid I don’t
think so hey don’t look at me this time yeah dude we suck Oh a couple of friends we’ve had a already in your spot
I’m just a girl I mean see doesn’t last one I won I literally only bit harder
no Taylor else here random it’s friendly who’d press the button Connor get in or
done stuck again you know I’m stuck oh great now I’m stuck oh no I’m good
Crouch walk press the button under you can get you got me stuck in you actually
no I couldn’t energy up my friends elbows each other we gonna pry them out
oh that’s what I wanted alright well let’s just leave Connor says he doesn’t
find me this watched all of you guys do all help me help you yeah I’m stuck I’m
literally stuck I can’t how do I even get up there honestly I don’t even know
how I know where I’m going your boys a seeker now oh I just watched him at fall
from the sky Oh was that Matt wait Paul no yes Jenna well I’m allergic to that
kind of stuff check you six boy I don’t like watching numbers check six some
cutting corners dog dude I cut corners in half like basket let me get this yeah
well you get this one I want to see Connor stuck roof all staying around him
and taunt Tanner over there hi cousin go fridge well I thought Matt was getting
yeah but we’re all gonna stand around on the lot in his face we only have 10
seconds yeah a little ways get him get him
oh no that’s right my little brother when he’s like I’m losing you guys one
more hide-and-seek action cuz it’s amazing click this right here that’s the
last time we played gmod hide-and-seek it was in a mansion it was huge it was
amazing lots of reading at each other or click that right there that’s when we
played hide and seek on a five-night sprays Matt it was scary
Connor was scared I was good for you alright GG

100 thoughts on “HIDE AND SEEK IN A GIANT KITCHEN? | Gmod [Ep 15]

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