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P♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫ James and Corbin: Hey treasure hunters. James: Welcome to The Beach house. Corbin: Today, we are gonna be playing hide and seek but Corbin: Yesterday we started a poll. And right now we’re doing a couple of things to Corbin: Wait and see how good they do. So James: The poll is should we play James: Jumanji Corbin: A lot of you guys have been saying yes, but a lot of you think it’s too scary, so Corbin: What do you think? Corbin: Should we play or not? James: Until then, let’s play hide and go seek! Michael: Well, you heard him folks, I’m in first Michael: So you guys have to hide I’m gonna count to 60 you guys have to hide Michael: I’m gonna go in the bedroom while I count so that way I have no idea where you guys are hiding. You’re coming with me. Let’s go. Michael: Waiting for them to hide Becca: Look, you should turn around. You should get in there backwards Corbin Becca: Okay Ellie you try Becca: Okay Ellie are you gonna hide in there? Good. Okay. Here’s Charlie’s spot now shut the cupboards Becca: Keep in here until we’re done Becca: Okay. Guys quickly quickly, come on, let’s go in the other room. I think somebody should hide in the pantry who wants to hide in the pantry? James: I do. Becca: You’ll have to hold still or else the lights will turn on. Oh right James he’s gonna hide behind your trashcan I’ll put that there Becca: All right, I think that’s perfect James Becca: We’ll just shove that right there. Becca: I cannot see you back there like at all. Becca: Let’s shut this door Becca: Okay, what about this front closet? Do you want to hide in this front closet? Becca: Ellie, you want to hide in here? Becca: Yes. Hide behind that Becca: Scoot in. Perfect. I can’t see you at all Ellie. That’s perfect. Okay. All right. Shut the…No, I can’t even see the Becca: Okay. Corbin, you’re the last one. Where you gonna hide? Michael: Time to count Becca: Okay, that’s good. Becca: All right. Ellie, get in there quick quick quick quick quick. Dad’s gonna come soon. Shut it shut it shut it. Becca: Okay Corbin in there. Ellie’s in there. James is in the pantry. Charlie come with me Becca: No, you can’t hide outside. Do you want to hide in here? Becca: Hide in there Becca: He’s almost got it. Max is sleeping in the swing Becca: James is hidden. Everybody is hidden. Except for Charlie and me. Becca: I have an idea! Becca: I have an idea Charlie. You could hide in this hamper and I’ll put dirty clothes on top of you so they won’t see you. Becca: Ready? Becca: Yeah. Get in there. Charlie: I can’t. Becca: Now I’m gonna put this blanket on top of you. Okay? Becca: You can sit up a little bit so you can breathe. Becca: Make sure you can breathe. Okay? Becca: That’s perfect. Now, where am I gonna hide? Becca: Oh. I think I know where. Becca: Okay, everybody stay in your spots. Don’t talk Becca: Got it? Becca: In one minute we will be ready for you to come Michael: 59. 60. Michael: So Michael: They took forever. I know I just counted the 60, but that’s because after like 10 minutes Michael: They said one more minute and then we’re ready Michael: So, here we go. It’s time to find them. Ready or not. Michael: Here I come Michael: That took so long. They’d better have like, the world’s best Michael: Found Max Michael: He didn’t hide very well Michael: I found you bud. Look at that poor head. Michael: It’s like no matter what happens every time we like typically said it just he just stretches and any kinks his neck Michael: But babies they’re okay with that kind of thing, I think Michael: Alright. Now where Michael: could they be? Becca: Charlie is saying echo like a million times Becca: He just said I’m right here Becca; Michael’s gonna have to find him quick Michael: I’m gonna look Michael: In the pantry Michael: I heard a noise. Where oh where are you? Michael: The light was off that strange usually lights on if there’s somebody in here unless they’ve been in here for a while Michael: Found you Michael: That means you’ve been hiding there for a long time Michael: Okay, so I got James first Michael: I don’t think there’s anybody else in there Michael: Let’s see. Well actually didn’t find you first. I found Max first. I have a feeling that Michael: Someone might give themselves away Michael: I’m looking at front closet Michael: Now the rule is everybody has to hide inside. Michael: Let’s see if there’s anybody in the front room Michael: Anybody in here? Michael: Should be a good hiding space Michael: Nobody there. Michael: I think…I don’t think Charlie quite understands the rules of this game Michael: Charlie Michael: You’re supposed to be quiet Michael: You’re supposed to not get found Michael: But you’re being really loud Michael: Nothing in that closet Michael: Where could Charlie be Michael: I’m gonna look in the bathroom! Michael: Behind the door Michael: Nothing there Michael: What about the bathroom closet? Becca: (screaming) Becca: I scared you so bad! Michael: You little stinker pot Becca: That was great Becca: I scared you so bad Michael: You screamed like a banshee Michael: It was terrifying Michael: It’s true though Michael: Got to let my heart settle down Michael: Keep looking and finding any other ghosts in the closets Michael: You snot Michael: All right, let’s see we got three more still looking for Charlie and Ellie and Corbin Michael: I’ve got a couple more closets here. Let’s just see if we can find something Michael: Nope Michael: I heard something let’s take a look in this closet though Michael: Nobody’s in the closet Michael: I heard that Michael: Oh I’m getting warmer Michael: It’s getting louder Michael: Let’s see, I think sounds like it might be Ellie Michael: Where could that person be? Michael: Nope, maybe nobody’s in here. I don’t think there’s anybody in this room Michael: There can’t be anybody in here. Michael: No way Michael: There’s nobody in this room. I’m just gonna leave Michael: There’s no one in here I’m going out now Charlie: Echo! Michael: There you are Michael: I found you Charlie Michael: That was a good hiding spot dude Michael: Hey, the next time you have to be extra quiet. Alright now I’m gonna find Ellie and Corbin now. Michael: Let’s ee Michael: This bedding looks suspiciously full Michael: But there’s nobody under there. Let’s see if there’s anyone under the bed. Charlie: This is my bed Michael: Anybody under this bed? Charlie: This is my bed Michael: Okay Charles Michael: Nobody under there Michael: Now where’s Ellie Michael: I don’t think there’s anybody in this closet Michael: Maybe there’s nobody else in this room Michael: All right, there can only be one more room. Michael: I guess I never searched in the kitchen very much Michael: Let’s just see if there’s anybody Michael: In htese cupboards Michael: Hello. Corbin and Ellie Michael: I’m coming to find you Michael: No. Maybe? Michael: Just towels Michael: Is there anybody up in here? Michael: Oh I never looked underneath Michael: Let’s look underneath Michael: No, nobody down there Charlie: Check in the washer Michael: I already looked in the washer Michael: Nope. Okay so… Michael: They’re not there. Michael: Maybe the kitchen. There’s still a few more hiding places in the kitchen. They could be. Michael: This is a really tough one Michael: Ellie and Corbin are hidden really well. All right, here’s the kitchen Michael: Do you think there might be somebody up on the top? Michael: That might be a bit too high for Ellie or Corbin Michael: So let’s look down here in some of these cupboards Michael: These drawers might be too small though. Michael: Found you Michael: Nobody there Michael: Okay Michael: Maybe there’s somebody up here. Mom might have helped somebody get all the way up here Michael: There’s somebody in here. Michael: I already looked in the pantry so maybe not Michael: Maybe they’re down here! Michael: Or down here. Or down here. Michael: Where are they? Michael: I don’t think they’re in the fridge or the freezer. Michael: That would be dangerous Michael: Maybe I’m just not a very good seeker. Michael: Are you laughing at me? Michael: I thought I was being pretty thorough Michael: Unless there’s like Michael: A big drawer a big cabinet someone can squeeze in Michael: Maybe Michael: Did I look in here already? Michael: Nobody in there Michael: Oh my goodness!!! Michael: How in the world did you fit in that tiny little cupboard? Michael: I was like, there’s no way. Michael: That was so unexpected Michael: That’s like the smallest cabinet. I’m so amazed you fit in there Corbin Michael: Okay, that means Ellie’s the only one left but I still haven’t found Ellie yet Michael: That means she definitely win but I still gotta find her before she wins the champion title Michael: And I remember somebody hiding over here once Michael: That was in the blindfold hide and seek. That was a really good hiding spot Michael: Nobody is there now Michael: Where is Ellie? Michael: I think I found her Michael: Are you guys ready? Michael: I found you Michael: You’re the winner Michael: You won the game Michael: Good job Ellie Michael: Okay, guys, I think that’s it for today Michael: That was so intense! Becca: There were some definite highlights Becca: I say me scaring Michael was a good one Becca: Him being scared by Corbin. I was not expecting you to get scared from that Michael: I was not expecting him to be inside that cupboard Michael: Okay, thank you guys so much for watching The Beach House, we had a ton of fun Michael: Don’t forget leave us a comment below Michael: Should we open the Jumanji game and play it or should we stay as far away from it and bury it as possible? Becca: And also, you can tell us in the poll. So tell us Michael: Yeah, I don’t know but I keep hearing the drums and so I don’t know if we should open it or not Michael: Let us know what you guys think we still got a couple more days before we’re gonna make a decision Michael: So let us know we love you guys. Thanks so much for tuning in and until next time pause the game. Corbin: Hey Joseline, thank you for writing your family or… Corbin: But thank you for the letter too. And I hope you like our videos ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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