HIDE AND SEEK IN FUNK BROS HOUSE! (if found, get waxed)

No way, one two three funk Mama,MAMA! ehuhh Do you know the definition of a lit. a lit video? That’s just it’s lit. It’s legitimate Almost almost, it’s you being involved in the video here ma give you a big hug because I love you Thank you for giving me making me a person in this world, and we’re going to play hide and seek with you Plus it first hey mom squashed it, but first the song – Challenge of the day All right coming up first is Kobe Allow the person next to you to put a tattoo anywhere on your body, right? Here no, no on your face – no I came from left to right left Alright secret meeting mama. We need you or a secret meeting. Chloe fix. Let me put this on his body somewhere. We could pick anywhere I’m thinking forehead Right here. See that’s a normal spots is a forehead. I don’t to be like a double-take You know his neck you look like a hardcore like a gangbanger (pew pew) Oh shit. Oh my gosh. Yeah, my ear jump. We’re putting it on your forehead you called over a tattoo artist Grandma funk What not a grandma yet? I said, I tell you mama me and Natalie This is the right guy nicky. It’s your funky challenge. Probably tables a little too savage. I’m sorry under – check it out I think it goes with the most – Hashtag face tattoo all this is beautiful. Oh my God. This is pop oh Sorry, why ah thank you? I’m on horse. I am brush your teeth with hot sauce No, this is way too. Gnarly No, Lynette. I’ll do it. I have hot sauce yes, we do the function challenges are going too far today Watch mine’s really cut off your finger, okay? That is not Warm yo, we need a nickname for you from where alligator heads. Don’t do this at home Barbie – Yeah breathe fire out – this watch. Oh How is the wind gust take two rubber chickens underneath Esther’s and wear them all day? It’s a handstand Be the worst. I want to see it’s like fake my toes if I was doing I was Gonna be so good a high speed no. God dang it How ironic the person who made this bucket challenge is named it’s Daddy Duck. I? Wanna Go outside with your Ex what what’s the rule okay twist ending? No
You’re the first person found you get the piece of duct tape on your arm ripped off by Kobe’s first step take that tattoo though Of course you guys know how big the funk houses, but I might have to search through all of it. It’s yosh – thank you very much. Yeah What oh, what about someone ah yes, I forgive early mama bunker guys found Well, I found it. Yeah, okay what the heck? They’re not even in here. I checked every room oh What a man, you didn’t get that duct tape off your arm. Yeah, ah Wow, you know he’s like. I tried to hide for as long as I could ah there is That look at you. Yeah, okay, what the heck? They’re not even here? Oh No, oh my God. I bet I can finally genesis really good heck my spot Yours truly is it this round and you know what you guys are going to be found within seconds round one was heavy But round terms of eden please Man, sit still for 10 hours for YouTube all right right or no, I’m coming in whether you like it or not And I’m just going to talk because I want them to know exactly where I am and all time so they can be Scared no, they’re not in here no It’s on court wait. Where’d you come from what do you have is playing the whole time you never found me? Oh, I just found you now. Oh You’re good I already searched this room up and down. Oh, I knew someone was in here found. No one oh I’m sorry. Oh my gosh. You scared me. Oh Even cause they’re compatible planning. Oh my God, it’s so hot back there. You can get up and then I can rip your oh It’s wet it off I’m going to be dripping sweat that an alligator. Oh my God I’m a gator head nowadays Kobe was in here, but do you think he would have hit in the same spot of cord? I think so Oh my oh, how did I not see you there? the whole time about when I’m found first it gets ripped off my Mouth first yeah, I’m pearl that’s my house. Wait. Where’s you really there the whole time, ha? Ha ha those are really good realize yeah, but you don’t very scary third, base, Jimmy Yo, just bought my new you jeez I never know I’m coming Good Good, but no way. I like it. Oh the crappy thing isn’t you look like you’re gonna buy me I found you There’s all the place you could Go give up will give up Slide her so bad Fuck just commend me bro. Yeah Yeah, that was like a mummy’s barrel site. Oh Damn, I saw the last round has begun. Thank you cord for being here. Mom is participating five people right side go Two minutes on the clock. I missed you my new case that from Rose calm I feel like I’m in one of those scary movies, and they you hear me coming. Oh Yeah, thunder tell me last time we play higher sequent my brother, and I were like 16 13 he hit up here That is the only other spot. I can think of a savage level for Corey oh See him Hmm where could someone be Mama you’re such an amateur Scary Movie, huh Thunderous, give me away. You wanted a clip of you doing it good eyes, ha ha good try ah respect oh be dry Cowboy Hi, Ashley hear me I’m so mean I Bet you’re dollar coins in the closet really. Yeah, he’s always been in there. Maybe we’ll come out one day Hey Sorry, girlfriend cause 20 20 y’all he’s not As you know addicts are awful enough Now find Cory confirm conspiracy Theory Koi ponds. Oh Yeah, but I don’t think you could take Chances I feel like it. Yeah, no way No, Cory’s got you up there. Oh bro Winner winner There did you do your photo be a sexy you voice you did? Thank you, bro. You’re crazy Yep, oh And you’re like. Oh look at liquid Cory said I know the attic is off-limits Winky face oh that as you say Screenshot that game was lit everyone get everyone to post post avocations post of Acacia goes up to this person Congratulations. Yeah, bye guys oh

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