hello its me i is fuzz light year It was working though that shop with her Make sure you coming down a little right now who you thinks gonna win both games? and then watch till the end of the video to see if you guessed it, right 3 2 1 – Where you going go away get away Oh gosh where to go? Oh my god for five To keep the count going 10 11 12 Guys I can only count to 10. Okay, I can’t do this. It’s sexy. This is easy Oh So I’m hiding in the kitchen in Marc’s new house. I can hear him. I think he’s quite a long way away 31 32 33 Okay, I need to calm down a bit My room is 56 57 58 59 60 Here we go, guys. I’m about to start the search right now But just before we do that, I’m gonna give you guys five seconds to subscribe to the channel. I like the video Let’s do this Okay guys before we head into the mansion I think someone will have tried to be sneaky and hide in the outside In this forest area of the house behind that IMO’s great well hasn’t gone well You know what Martin There you go. Come on. Come on mine in you go. It’s where you belong mine It’s where you belong get in the car. Come on, it’s where you belong Martin Martin. You’re awful at hide-and-seek Okay, guys, I’m heading into the house right now. Martin was absolutely awful But something tells me carer and more aren’t gonna be as easy to find us there. I mean we’re Okay, guys, I’m heading straight into the new Moore’s office in the new house Is anybody in here maybe under the desks or maybe around the back of the pool table? Okay, maybe not maybe around the back of here. Hmm Jesus so I found someone I was just the body manicure guys. Here we go Check this out the massive kitchen area. Is anybody gonna be in the kitchen? Hmm guys, I feel like I can smell someone in here. I’m not sure where but it smells like mom smells like Whoa, yo guys this ball just came flying out of nowhere What the hell where the hell did this just come from pull someone’s in the room? Maybe they came from out there guys are in the garden now. No one’s out here. Let’s go back in I have a feeling someone maybe Well Go way more and Get back here Maybe no one was in here after all Who is it Who is it? Whose idea was it to let you two idiots play But I did because I just bottled you better fall ready You know what you two Muppets may not be able to hide but I need you both to help me find Carers, the only one life who need to team up. Okay. Come on. Let’s do it guys. Come on a Few moments later We just searched the entire downstairs Well, she is one good hider. I know Morgan I don’t know what should be saying this in front of everybody the wife Karis hiding in the nooks The new super merger Morgan everybody watching this now wants to know what the new secret merchant you’ve got to tell okay Guys since we just moved into the new ports much to celebrate I got every single design we’ve ever released and put them together into one With the secret is limited edition Which means you don’t have long to comp it before it is gone forever guys. Go to motel Right now we need to check we need to find Before we check the numerix. Let’s check the bathroom. You never know. Maybe she went for a shower Well, then she won’t do all that. That’s a stupid place to hide. Yeah. Well, it may be as well Nope in here was just the shower. I don’t think there’s anyone else you Know We need to go true. God come on Guys, I can’t see it anywhere. She’s a little like she’s in the bed She doesn’t even look like she’s under all the new marriage. Well, then where is she? Some tiny guys, it doesn’t even look like she’s in her room. There’s like nowhere even here to hide She I think we thought actually was Cara. She’s not in here is she what the hell do we do guys the final bathroom if she’s not in here then I’m pretty sure yeah, I think Martin we’re gonna have to give Cara. Come on come out wherever you are you win We can’t find you you the queen of hide and seek? Need to look round again, we’ve got to carry on looking but first guys, I’m really sorry But I need to go to the toilet. I need to break Movies the middle of a hide and seek game you can’t go to the What can I say he’s gone crazy You might also hide-and-seek, whoa Yeah, yeah you are yeah you are so, you know in round two I’m gonna be the seeker and I’m gonna find all of you That’s what you Please you give me your attention right now Number two something really bad happened Someone broke into the new house, please guys, make sure you watch all the way till the end of this video I need all of your help To figure out who the hell just broke into my house Guys, get ready for game number two if I guarantee you you are not ready for what happens Okay I’m headed downstairs. I’m so excited So I’m super super excited. I don’t know where to go Hey, I’m going in the best play I know where she’s never gonna look This I don’t even know if Guys is there anywhere in the new office this room is so open could maybe hide under there maybe under there? I don’t know. What do you think guys or maybe I should go in the big kitchen? What do you think mama hid behind that I found her So maybe I won’t go there what if I try and get in one of these cupboards? I don’t know Oh my god, this is pretty scary Could I fit in I’m such a small space. I’ll show you in a minute gasps. I hope you don’t get locked in Let’s go Oh my god, just coming The still time I’m fine it’s a lightweight what the hell oh God not now, Joe. What the hell you do in a mighty cut yourself Okay, let’s check this bedroom Wait a long time No He’s gonna be the winning hiding place. She will never come in here doesn’t even know it’s here Haven’t even told us I thought she might get a bit scared nerds like secret places in the house So we’re just gonna I stay it seemed mom chill and then we’re gonna be the winners In actually can’t see anyone. Maybe there’s someone in the box no There is nowhere to hide in here. Wait, wait wait, there is one place. I’d there’s one place. I’d the Wardrobe Wait, hold on hold on. Hold on surely no one would have hid in that right besides in my hand. We Won And it’s a suitcase is one more chance for more child. Otherwise, I’m gonna have to actually use my legs and walk down stairs three two one oh My god Oh Actually found someone Oh am I the first person? Yeah, oh this is kind of my room so I know it pretty well I didn’t even think that you knew this those little doors were there Yeah, that’s where I go. When I want to be sad, but it’s not your sunroom. Yeah. Oh god No, she’s downstairs I can do this I can do this I can oh my god guys. I don’t think I can Guys I’m gonna make you a deal if I win this game of hide and seek you have to subscribe to the channel Yep one down and two more to go shy hell. Yeah help me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they need help What about Norges room now? I’ve checked about we’re about of that. I’m not working. Yeah. Yeah, that’s split ways. You might right So I go okay and check the cupboard. Yeah Martin Morgan, we know you’re in here. Wait. No, you’re not what you’re gonna find you I Said if I Can see something wait what isn’t in the garden Come inside So what we’re saying is there’s no way How to seek with us Guys can you see him anywhere? What about Susie are You sure you’re not pranking me did you leave any windows open mate guys guys guys, did you leave any windows open or anything? What if the house is haunted Margot what Well, we have to keep looking to see if we can find anything you come on let’s keep going oh my god They stop So Little kids stay back stay back stay back stay back That’s a real person in the house We’ve taken something in Rome, what do we follow does what we do? I don’t know your needs upstairs we can trap him Kill us why the hell have you got umbrella? It’s not raining in here Everyone get behind me. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. He could be anywhere up here But if we go room by room, I think we’ll be able to catch him Be careful. Be careful. Be careful Where you are wait guys guys What how do we go? Why do we check first? There’s a rule there we could go back we could go up that towards our bedrooms. What do we we just stay together what state? What The take the camera screen What do we do wait wait wait chop him Together That I’ll get right here. We can trap him Where is he, where is he? Where is he? He’s in your room, he must count the way he must have been in your room he must have Okay, where the hell did he go how he’s disappeared did we imagine it guys I have no clue What the hell rub against here, but let’s just keep looking. Okay Okay, Morgan. I know how bad you are at finding people in the past. Maybe we should Be careful. Hey, hey, hey step back side bars in here He’s not in there. Keep going. Just keep going. Mom. Just keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Stop many rooms up here He’s gotta be in one of them. You see him anywhere guys keep Don’t mom do ya Kara yeah siren. This is the only places left Whoa Logan Is a dead end he’s just trapped himself I understand what you do love Kara. I think we got Scared You I’ll do it. Oh, yeah, love you makes I Don’t understand guys, please comment down below right now If you have any idea who what or where this guy is guys? Don’t forget to cop the new limited-edition merch before it is gone forever. Trust me. You don’t want to miss out on this merch I’ve been walks guys have been awesome if

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