*INTRO MUSIC* What’s sup guys, uh you frickin did it *sad music* what’s going on guys? Infinite Lists here back with another video and today we’re playing hide and seek Uh… I usually don’t do this type of stuff in my channel, but you know what, I… I.. i… it’s fine Alright, we’re doing hide and seek it’s gonna be dope. We actually got this really sick place. So we got Tomo We also got Kiera and we got morgz YEET *Laughing* *Screech Sound* It’s gonna be dope places like 10 billion freaking billion dollars. It’s a lot of money Yeah, we’re really rich youtubers guys. Just kidding. *Sad Music* I get demonetized every video but buy my merch Yeah Basically, what we’re gonna do is everyone’s gonna have a camera so you’re gonna see each point of view So it’s gonna be pretty dope I’m gonna be the seeker first and then I think morgz is gonna seek the second time because you know the most subs gets to seek HEEEEY! Sorry Seven mil like almost seven mil millon. 5 mil… I’m sorry Yeah well I’m still pretty cool Yeah, this place is actually pretty huge it’s got like seven bedrooms it’s got like so many bathrooms there’s a lot hiding places There’s one kitchen. Yeah one kitchen LOL *Laughing* One That’s so many kitchens Its even got like an outside area. So it’s a pretty friggin big house. So it’s gonna be dope drop a like guys It’s a different video on my channel, but you know, this is dope. So let’s go and start Let’s go, let’s start it Should I come as well? No. No, it’s just us *Sad Music* Bye guys… Alright guys, everyone’s got a camera and yeah We’re gonna start the hide-and-seek in the ten trillion dollar apartment mansion thing LET’S GO DO THIS! Let’s flipping go Go everyone’s just hiding. Okay. I’ll just go look over here I’m on the run, I’m on the run, I’m on the run You got two minutes [Inaudible] MORGZ IS DOWNSTAIRS! No, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not Alright guys, so now I got away two minutes hopefully they picked good hiding spots This place is actually so big like seriously, it has like five floors. I think it’s freaking crazy. So we’ll see I don’t know. Hopefully they pick a good hiding spots. We’ll see is morgz good at hide-and-seek We’ll find out So you can hide the seat scares me because we’re in this big house, it’s really scary I think that might be a ghost and… I don’t want to be alone. I’m gonna find someone else Oh god, oh god guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, I don’t know where the hell to go, ok, ok. The curtain there is a wardrobe there’s a fireplace *gasps* A BIG bath tub Wait, who the hell is that Yeah, you know what okay you have this room I’m going I won’t stay in this room anyway I have got the best hiding spot No, I hope this door open. Oh no. Oh I was getting outside but it’s raining so we’re not gonna go outside There’s a balcony, I think this is a really good spot And it’s raining cool do I just stand in the rain I found a picture we are going to hide behind this picture I’m hiding behind the picture Once we bump into Tommy or something, that’s gonna be so awkward OH HE’S THERE! HE’S THERE He’s there, no way He’s literally there Ok it looks like I’m going up again guys All right guys it’s been about a minute or so so look isn’t like one more minute maybe two more minutes I don’t know maybe won’t be nice this place. It’s pretty big though. So they totally should be able to find a spot This is gonna be hard. Ok, guys I’ve got place it’s kind of creepy but I think I’m gonna do it Right. This is the bathroom. And it looks like this is around the corner here. There’s a literally a full shower So if I round here you guys as you say like there’s no way you can see me unless he actually comes down here But why would he doesn’t? like it just Guys you’ve got to drop the leg I’ve never done this before if you guys want more videos like this, make sure to drop a phallic. All right Can we break a hundred trillion like son, you’re sitting on a 33 K legs? I’ll be dope drop alike guys. Let’s freakin go Alright guys, it’s been like two minutes or so. So let’s go. Oh, all right guys, I’m opening the door. Let’s go. All right I’m comin Is quick I had in shower so I we both although it’s only third floor I think here it is only second. So yeah, we’re pretty spread out. I’m on the top Hmm anyone in here anyone trying to find a cheeky spot right at the entrance? No, okay. Hmm. Oh this is outside Okay, guys, we’re gonna go outside real quick to see if anyone is out here. Oh, it’s raining a little bit Meanwhile Sorry Shameless old guys. It’s been like five minutes. I think I might have worn if he hasn’t found anyone. Yeah, I’m gonna be disappointed Okay, it’s anyone What? Did it? Oh Okay. Okay, I guess not. Let’s not go in there. What is in here? We haven’t even checked this. Oh, it’s locked slow Oh God wait what I even know you could go down here. Oh, there’s a basement in here. Okay. We are coming, dude Wait what I literally had no idea. This was dirty. I thought the door was locked. This is actually so creep. Oh my god Oh, how big is this please dude? Okay. Is this like? What was that oh This is actually so creepy. Hello, dude. What is this place? This is insane. Okay. Is there anyone in here though? Hello come out It’s like a little really cold down here. Dude. What the heck? Okay, this is actually so creepy We’re gonna go over here just to see if anyone that’s actually down here What? Is that What is it bro, no, it’s gotta be haunted bro Were you guys at It doesn’t help someone who Taylor Oh Freaking found your wedding, what are you doing? I’m happy follow me. So what? It’s really freezing. You’re the first one I found. Oh really? Wait. What was really good, but you actually came outside Dude well, you got found first so nice job Here peace out. I’m a loser Morgues where you at, you’re next, you’re a hundred percent behind this TV. I already know it 100% hi. Oh Hello, nope. Oh, that just goes into the other room. All right, is there someone in here? Who is that just hello Guys this place is freaking scary your spiders everywhere. What the heck? Did I hear a toilet? What is that? Is he in here? Is he drinking out of the toilet? What is going on here? She gave him away we saw the crowd watching you Know All right, you got to go downstairs to where I was and give about two minutes and your turn all right guys rowdy What are you what are you doing? Around you guys morgues is You’re not gonna friggin find me dude no, I’m the best. I’m the best hider guys you’ll see he’s not gonna find me I’m gonna win. Alright, let’s frickin. Go ready go 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 Guys seriously, this isn’t my channel. I’m on foreign territory, right, but it doesn’t matter. Okay I’m still about to show you guys that I am the master of hide and seek when I find those there in like two seconds already The upon two freakin basement I’m gonna go down there and probably die, but it’s just a clickbait right? Let’s do it Right. Just All Right. See ya. Have fun Anybody will Ya he runs the basement I lock the door behind him No, it’s actually log if I die down here it’s gear Has to die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die a Few moments later Okay, absolutely, okay It’s definitely some creepy still around it. I’m gonna hide right here. Hopefully, there’s no rats or spiders. This is good This is gonna be right here guys So basically you can’t really see me if he comes in because I’m gonna just chill about this wall Guys I’m winning this no one’s gonna come down here cuz it’s freakin haunted, dude 100% hero knows him down here, but she won’t come down here because she’s scared, but I’m not scared cuz hashtag in for no army Ok Dude how how is no one in here? What are we blog lines? Oh, yeah. Wait, we need a channel says whines Oh girl, yo, we gotta check that and then if we if we can’t find out Where did you check in here? You check under the bed? No No, no that oh I’m such a savage and if you tapping on everyone right now Yeah, I’m bored why do I pick the boring sports the last game and she just stood in the balcony and just got soaking wet Okay, I’m right here. I’m in between the frickin beds right now in the basement They’re never gonna find me literally ever. No one’s gonna come down here cuz they’re all freaking scared wimp. That was kind of loud Guys, make sure you drop a like on the video. Okay, this is scary. Then this haunted and I’m scared and I might die How do its debate there definitely inducement to call oh No, no, we cannot call a cable. We can’t we God go down in the basement. We have to do it Oh, come on, we have to go down in the basement we have to do no No, no, no guys. We’re gonna have to go into the basement, which is probably won’t – it’s not ready for this What I know man, I really don’t want to go down because you’re going first or good wait. Why? Why do I have to go first? Uh Louis goes first No No, no, it sounds like in this plot room all four walls, there’s no one in there is the Oh God Okay, let’s check another sector. Oh My god, how can anything even be in Yeah Well Guys we got to find some food. Yeah, we do Um, can we eat that wait you see sound is this our new like living space? Oh, yeah, so Even know the Oh Oh Michael I need demonic notes in the haunted dummies don’t click bait. Oh my gosh, dude. Okay, what’s in here? That’s freaking creepy dude. Freakin party emply. No, we could we could eat that. Yeah, drink that I don’t know I think you should try it first. Oh, okay. Here we go More gonna put your channel up here. I know your password wait, maybe done I Have a child Morgan, I’ve come on away I came for being fast loser How did they not see but he walked indirectly that he was like this like he came in and he went like And yeah, he was looking like this they turned to me and he like looking at me So I think he just completely assumed that like there’s no way Really left? There’s like get in the closet white pasta, which Demons well, actually thought what actually is. I’m sorry That’s a piano. All right this weed you to get up now How do you guys fall for that? Yeah, subscribe to you Bridget or Morgan I’m changing your channel name to Tara’s boyfriend Subscribe to infinite lists bleep. They don’t put my channel and turn on post notifications Untain post notifications and yeah, that’s fine All right, you win wait so you won the first one and she won the second one what you wanted to meet you Hi guys You guys have been pretty loud anybody I know so you like do ya Do you want to know the story of where I was hired? Yeah, what were you writing, please show us where were you hiding IRA? Stop behind him on to me What she was right here, how are you staking Maya and then chase went into then second you went down it was like We almost died good. Yeah I can put that on the China though Yeah Sorry, but you know the pricing is also the Honda cking, I’m also the seeking king The king of Qi into anything guys make sure you check out all the channels below They’ll be linked more here and tell them about know, you know So if you guys want like maybe like a part two or something more with more Okay, make sure you click right here If you want to watch any more videos, there’s a playlist click that you should probably do that also down there just subscribe the channel WWL this friggin guy So better stay here and you click stuff Hey clean stuff here. What are you doing cliff top?

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