100 thoughts on “HIDE AND SEEK in NEW SHARER FAM HOUSE BACKYARD!! (Win $10,000)

  1. The mystery neighbor was in your film she looks suspicious and that's why the door was open she opened it she was getting some information from the house know for fact that she was holding but I think it was that I'm tacky wicked Maggie I don't know but look big

  2. Is saw the mystery neighbor twice 😮😮 onece behined Grace and the other one was dehinde Grace when she was hiding in the bushes and Stephen was hiding behind the pump that's the other time I saw the mystery neighbor like if you saw the mystery neighbor twice

  3. Stephen was hiding and John was counting and when goes with accounting Wednesday £100 I want to Karen they walked past and when in the front yard that was Miss Karen

  4. When Stephen was hiding the mystery neighbour walked pass. Then when john was at the front yard and thought he saw Stephen, it was actually the mystery neighbour and she was on the other side of road at very very start watching them!!!! Is the mystery neighbour thing a Roleplay or a actual thing that’s happening, cause if so call police….!!!

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