Hide And Seek In The DARK! Becca’s Lost!?

Okay, it’s dark outside. My hair is crazy. And it is time to play hide and seek. Okay. Before all the lights go out. I’m gonna explain. This whole floor is where we’re going to be playing we have Ryan, me. Michael, James, I think my mom is playing too. And Shinoah are you gonna do it? Okay. I’ll hide. I’ll let you be it. Just hide and he’ll come find you. You guys turn off all the light. I’m counting. Whose ready for hide and seek? That’s so creepy looking. One, two, Three, four, five. Skipped a few. 61 62 63 64 65 66 69 68 Ready or not. Here I come Where is everyone? That scared me. The creaky floorboards scared me so bad. Oh my gosh. I wasn’t expecting to see anybody down there. It’s a pretty good spot. That actually scared me really bad. Oh that’s hilarious. When I first saw you, I thought you were like just gripping onto the bottom and just like holding yourself upright. And I was like, how is he doing that? Then I noticed that you were just laying on the chairs. But that shocked me. That’s good spot, Ryan. Okay. Where’s everybody here? This is actually super creepy. Something about it being nighttime makes it extra creepy!! I wasn’t expecting you to scare me. I was trying to scare you. Good job. All right, where’s everybody else. Is upstairs off limits? Yeah. Okay. Hmm. This door wasn’t cracked open earlier See, we’re still looking for Rebecca. Oh my goodness. That was creepy. Are you actually reading in here? Yeah. Oh wow. I’ll let you just finish reading. All Right. Where’s Becca. You didn’t expect that did ya? I did not. You shocked me. Hmm Where oh where could they be? Are you sure that upstairs is off-limits? Yeah. Then they must be in the crafting room. Oh that freaked me out. Oh Oh that scared me so bad. I’m afraid of skeletons. I see a costume that’s not really a costume. Right there. Is Becca in here too? Becca was waiting so long. She turned into a skeleton. That was Becca. Michael, I stepped on a frozen jewel just like this. See how sharp and pointy that is? Ouch. It was like stepping on a Lego, except more worse. Where is Becca? Hmm I didn’t hear any noises in here when I was counting. Yeah, it’s much harder. I feel like she’s in a very tight spot wherever she is. So nobody has any ideas where Becca might be? Are you sure upstairs is off-limits? Mm-hmm In the hallway at least. She’s the winner right? Yeah. Wherever she’s hiding, She’s definitely the winner. Sure, it wasn’t there but these one’s wouldn’t fit Becca. You guys don’t know where she’s hiding? Let’s look. Let’s look at all these cabinets and cupboards here. No. She’s skinny but not that skinny. There’s somebody outside. Who is that person outside? Is that little boy outside looking in. Looks just like you. No. I bet she’s under a cushion or something. Let’s just try sitting on all the couches. See if they squeak. She’s not in the fourth. Rebecca? Where in the world? Wherever she is it’s the best hiding spot in the house. What the heck. Maybe she went to Wendy’s again. The only place she could be now is some place we haven’t looked that’s off-limits. She’s cheating. Nope. I don’t think she’s that much of a contortionist. Yeah. Wow. This might be the first time where a hider never actually gets found. Cause they’re hiding too good. She cheated whatever she did. I just know it Did you guys hear that? She sounded like she was under something. Like her voice was very very muffled. You didn’t see me! And you guys where looking for me right here four times. Oh my goodness. I have to tell you I did know she was there. I did too. You guys are all evil! I moved it aside and I thought her hair was a wig actually. I actually, I thought this right here… And you didn’t know as me. I saw this right here. And I was like, that is an ugly wig. You’re the best hider in the whole world. Well, it’s official I’ve got a horns. You are evil for hiding so well. I am officially the best hider. Ever. They looked at me so many different times and I mean I literally was touched. Multiple times and nobody even knew it was me. Thank you guys so much for watching our hide and go seek in the dark. You are evil and thank you guys for suggesting this video in the comment sections of some of our most recent games. We want to keep doing fun games. All right guys, make sure to subscribe and let us know if there’s any other fun games You guys want to see us play and we’ll be bringing them to you soon. That’s right. Pause the game. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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