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Becca: Welcome to The Beach House. Today, we have a very scary episode of hide-and-go-seek in the dark Becca: And we are with That YouTube Family! Becca: So I’m going to be seeking first. Becca: And everybody’s gonna be hiding in the dark and all we have is this little light on the camera, isn’t that scary? Michael: So if you get caught you have to come here by the front door the last person to get caught wins. Becca: Okay. Becca: Good luck everybody. Becca: Okay. Becca: Okay, I’m counting. Becca: One Becca: Two Becca: Three Becca: Four Becca: Five Becca: Six Becca: Seven Becca: Eight Becca: Nine Michael: She’s counting. Katie: She’s counting. Jordan: Wait, how far is she counting to? Katie: I don’t know but we better hurry. I have the perfect spot. I told you. Guys, I know where I want to go. Katie: Oh my goodness. It’s dark down here. We got to go slow. I got to go slow. Katie: Yes, this is where I want to go. Katie: It’s creepy in the laundry room, but it smells so good in here. So I’m going in here. I’m gonna go back by the furnace. Katie: I can hear her right upstairs Katie: I’m gonna duck right here. All righty. Let’s see if she can find me. Michael: That’s a good spot Corbin. You need me to shut it for you? Okay. Michael: That’s a good spot. Michael: Okay Ellie, let’s go find you a good spot. Okay? Ryan: Oh, behind this couch. Michael: Do you want to hide behind the couch? Michael: That’s a good spot. Ryan: Sneak up like this and lie down. Oh we got a lot of space. Michael: Oh that’s perfect. Michael: Okay, be quiet now. Michael: Are you good Ellie? Ellie: Yeah. Michael: Hey, be quiet now. Michael: Something’s going on inside there Audrey: He’s gotta hide. Audrey: I don’t know where I’m going. Audrey: I gotta hide somewhere. Audrey: Oh this is creepy. Audrey: I’m going to hide in here. Audrey: Jordan, Jordan take this. Audrey: Good. Because now she can’t find me. Jordan: Audrey, we’re hiding here together. Audrey: Okay. Turn off the lights so she doesn’t see us. Jordan: She’s gonna find us! Jordan: This smells really weird in here. Jordan: Audrey! Oh look how cute. Audrey: Where are you? Audrey: Wait, who’s by me? Jordan: It’s off. Turn it back on Jordan: It’s gone Audrey. Michael: Oh wait. Michael: There’s space under the bed. Becca: Ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, a hundred! Ready or not, here I come! Michael: Uh oh. She’s coming. She’s coming. Michael: I got a spot. Becca: I can hear people. Becca: I hear people. Becca: In this creepy dark house. Becca: This is the room that everybody was in Becca: Now it looks empty. Becca: But is it though? Becca: We have to check. Becca: There’s a place where I think somebody might be Becca: Oh scary! Becca: I got David. David: I had to find a big spot to hide in. Becca: I know I was thinking that one for me too. Becca: Heard that. Becca: Okay. Becca: There’s some suspicious looking curtains…oh there’s curtains over there too. And I didn’t even look. Becca: Nobody under that table. Becca: I heard snickering! Becca: Oh my goodness, you’re just scared me so bad. Look at this seriously. Becca: If I don’t have the light on him, it’s like so creepy. His just sitting there in the corner. Becca: Okay, I know I heard somebody. Did I miss somebody in the curtain? I have to check. Becca: I am coming for you. Is that creepy? Becca: Nobody under the table. Katie: Okay guys, it’s really quiet. The whole house got really quiet cause Rebecca is trying to find everybody now. Katie: I can’t even hear her walking. Katie: I don’t know if she’s getting closer. Katie: But I think I need to stand up cause I’m like, getting… Katie: She’s downstairs! I just heard her find someone. My goodness. Katie: I don’t know whether to stand or not stand. Katie: Oh no. I think she’s in the hallway. Katie: I can’t tell if she’s downstairs or if she’s upstairs. Katie: Okay, I’m standing up. Katie: That is so hard. Becca: I see somebody! Becca: You were who I was hearing. Becca: Oh no. But are you the only ones… Becca: That was like a cleaner or something that jumped at me! Becca: It’s creepy in the dark. Becca: You are scary. Becca: Okay, I think that the upstairs is empty. Becca: Unless I made a mistake and I’m going downstairs now. Becca: It’s really dark down there Becca: He’s creepy right? He scared them too David: Come and sit. Join the party. Becca: Okay downstairs Becca: Maybe nobody’s in here Becca: Nobody told me what rooms were off-limits. I think this one’s an off limit too. Katie: She’s right out the door. Katie: She is coming Katie: She’s right in the hallway, I hope she doesn’t know about this room and she doesn’t open up Katie: She’s right outside Katie: I can see the light of her flashlight Katie: I think she went past the room that I’m hiding in. Becca: I found you. Becca: It’s actually a little bit scary. David scared me. Becca: Okay, nobody is in the bathroom. Becca: This door is open. It wasn’t before. Becca: Look. I’m going down this hallway. Becca: Okay Becca: Nobody’s in here Becca: But I know there’s more people. Becca: I think somebody might be in this room. Becca: I smell you. Becca: Nobody’s in the closet? What?! Becca: Somebody under the bed?! Becca: Nobody’s under the bed. Becca: This is getting freaky. Becca: Okay, I’m almost the whole basement now. Becca: Somebody has to be down here. Becca: Nobody’s under there. Becca: You scared me. Becca: Good job hiding. Becca: I know. I was not expecting any body to be in there. Becca: Good job, that was a great hiding spot Becca: I’m betting no body’s in these. Becca: Yeah. Becca: No one. Good. Becca: Oh, that’s a bigger spot Becca: Oh my goodness! Corbin, you actually scared me. Becca: I’m so jumpy. Becca: I seriously walked right past this. Corbin: You were like this. Becca: Oh man. Becca: Wow Becca: Good hiding spot. Becca: High five. Becca: Oh, I don’t think so because you heard things that I did here so you gotta go upstairs cause whoever’s the last Becca: wins. Corbin: But it was still a great hiding spot right? Becca: Yes, that was a really good hiding spot. Becca: I see something. Becca: Found you. Becca: You didn’t even scare me. I think everybody else has scared me so far. Becca: You’re the only one…wait, is there somebody hiding behind this… Becca: There is! Becca: Ellie. Becca: Good job Ellie. You did a good job. Nobody…good. Becca: Ryan! Becca: Okay. Becca: Alright, I’m in the last room. I know somebody is in here. Becca: I know somebody is in here Becca: I see James Becca: I see Ty. Right Ty? Becca: That’s your name right? I see Ty. Ty: Were we the last ones? Becca: Oh no. Ty: He made like a little noise and like nooo! Ty: I can’t get down. I can’t get down. Becca: Oh really? Ty: I’m lying up on here. Becca: Oh my goodness. Okay. Becca: Really? Becca: Well I think Michael. I haven’t found Michael yet. Becca: You told me a secret. Ty: He’s not in the closet. Becca: Okay. Ty: He might be behind the chair. Becca: Look. There’s a big lump right there. Becca: I wonder who it is Becca: It’s Michael. Michael: Really? Becca: I found Corbin, James, Ellie. Becca: That’s a good spot though Michael. I really wouldn’t have seen you if I wasn’t like…the shadows of the light wasn’t on there. Michael: Would you have known I was in here if he hadn’t say I was in here? Becca: No I would have known you were in here. I looked everywhere. Becca: Oh no I would have found you in here. Becca: I knew there was people in here and this is the last room to look in. Becca: And I’m pretty sure Becca: that we found everybody right? Becca: Are we missing anyone? Becca: I think we found everybody. Becca: Michael do you realize that you are the winner?! Becca: Because I think because when I’m pregnant I’m really jumpy I got scared by most everybody Michael: All right, thank you everybody for being in our awesome hide and go seek in the dark video. That was super fun. Michael: Thanks so much for watching. Make sure to go check out on that YouTube family. We play sardines make sure to go check out that video right now Michael: I’ll have a link in the description below and the pin comment Michael: So, go give them a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time Becca: Pause the game. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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