Hide and Seek in the House with Sign Post Kids!

Hi, you’re watching Sign Post Kids! with Hannah Carlei Emy Jojo and Katie Today, we’re playing hide and seek! How about I count and you guys hide? Ok Alright One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Ready or not, here I come! That’s not how you hide! That’s how babies do it. Guys, let me show you how to hide. Jojo, how about you count? Okay, I’ll count right here. I have a great place to show you how to hide. Come on, everybody! One Two Three This is how you hide. Four Now, cover me with pillows! Five Six Seven Eight Now, we’re gonna hide just like this. Nine Ten Ready or not, here I come! Where should we hide? Where should we hide? I don’t know. hmmm I know! Right here! Yeah! Hey kids, help me find my sisters! Hmm, I wonder who’s in here. Look at all these pillows. That’s a lot of pillows to be right there. I bet someone’s under there! Who do you think is behind all these pillows? That looks like my younger sister Katie would fit in there. Let’s find out! I will hide in this blue tent. We will find somewhere else to hide. You found me! I found Katie! Woo-hoo! I hope they can’t see me through these? I’ll just cover myself with the blue towel. Where should we hide? Where should we hide? I know! Katie, come and help me find our other sisters! hmmm Where should we look? Where should we look? Let’s check our room! Perfect What is that big blue towel in there? I don’t know. I don’t remember seeing a big blue towel in our tent. hmmm I think that looks like Emy. Let’s find out! I’ll hide in the closet! Perfect I’ll go find somewhere else to hide. shhh three, two, one… We found Emy! Aw, you found me! Let’s go find the other kids! Yeah! Where should we look? I wonder where we should look. I wonder too. mmhmm I have an idea! This way! I know. I’ll hide under the dining room table. The closet! Ready, set, pull! Go! Found you! We found you! We found Carlei! Ohh There’s only one person left! I wonder who it is. Let’s find out who! Carlei Emy Jojo Me Hannah! Yeah, it’s Hannah! Let’s find her! This way! I wonder where we should look! I wonder where we should look. I wonder that same thing! I wonder the same! The dining room! Let’s do it! Yeah! I think Hannah could fit under one of these tables. I wonder which one. How about that one! We found Hannah! You guys found me! Come out! Thank you! Thanks for watching! Bye

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