Hide and Seek in Your Color!!!

– So guys, today’s video is coming straight from the
– Maldives! – We’re having so much fun here so far, this is our dream vacation,
and we love it here. But today’s video is
gonna be hide and seek in your color. (exciting yelling) I’m really excited but also really nervous ’cause I didn’t hae much
time to examine this place. I don’t know the good hiding spots. But we got some really interesting spots. We got the pool, I’m sure
that’s gonna be very popular. We can hide in the
plants, inside that villa. I’m really excited. So basically, how the challenge works, we’re gonna have four rounds and each round we’re gonna be hiding inside a different color
picked from this cup. This is the Cup of Mysteries, we’ll be choosing the color
we’re gonna be hiding in. – Mwahahaha. – I’m really scared
’cause I really wanna win! – Okay Karina, I’m obviously
gonna win this one. I mean, you won all the other
hide and seek challenges, give me a time to shine. – I’ll think about it. All right, but first thing I gotta do, rock paper scissors who goes first. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Yay! – Come on. – Okay Karina, you’re gonna go over there, put on some headphones,
and I’m gonna pick my color to hide in. – Alrighty, what it’s gonna be? – What’s it gonna be, what’s it gonna be? – Please be blue! – Oh wait, you think I’m
gonna hide in the pool? Why does this take? Blue, no! – [Karina] Where are you gonna hide? – I don’t know, in the pool! – I think I’m gonna win
this round for sure. – Okay Karina, we’ll see about that. You have one minute to find me, so go over there and
put on your headphones and I’m gonna win. – So guys, I’m gonna
put on these headphones and I’m gonna hide behind this door so I can’t see or hear anything. – Hopefully Ronald’s
gonna hide inside the pool because that would be super, super easy, not in the beach because that might take a long time to find him. Bye Ronald! I’ll see you in your hiding spot! – Bye, and I’ll see you
in the loser’s lounge. So guys, I only have two minutes to hide and I have to find something
that’s not in the pool because the pool, she’s
gonna look at right away and I don’t want her
to find me right away. She only has one minute to find me, so I don’t need that
good of a hiding spot, but I need a better one than the pool. Okay so let’s look for one. Here, I’m in the bathroom,
the master bathroom, and we need to find something. Everything here is brown! Brown, brown, brown, brown. Okay there’s nothing here. Okay run. Run. Anything in here? No, nothing in here. Okay. (nervous exclaiming) The only option’s on
the beach or the pool, but that’s way too obvious so I need something else. I saw that I was like naw, that’s green. Okay. One more minute left. Oh does that count as blue, no? Ah! Ah! Come on, I need something blue! Blue, blue. Blue, blue, blue. Blue! Ah! Guys, I have 40 seconds left. Where do I hide? I don’t know where to hide! Okay guys, I think guys this
is a slightly blue cloth here. So let’s take the cloth,
or whatever this thing is, and let’s hide. We have like five seconds left. Okay let’s hide. It’s really dirty, but
it’s gonna have to do. Oh that smells disgusting. – So guys, Ronald’s two minutes are up! Now it’s time for me to
find him in one minute. I think it’s gonna be super, super easy because there’s only two
things in the entire villa that are blue. So I’m gonna find him
in like three seconds. Just watch me, okay? Ronald!
– Karina started. – Where are you? Ronald’s definitely not in the pool. Ronald, I know you’re in the beach! I know it! Ronald, I expected you to be here. You’re not there. – Oh no, she’s coming back. (wind drowns out talking) – Ronald! I’m gonna find you! I’m gonna find you! – 30 seconds left. – Maybe outside here? Ronald’s not there, all right, gotta go. Gotta go this way! He’s gotta be in this room. Ronald? Ronald where are you? That closet. This closet. No, not in that room! Ronald, where are you? Ron, I’m gonna find you! (phone beeping)
No. I lost to Ronald! No, Ronald! You were there! (Ronald laughing) No! – Oh I did it, I did it! Oh my goodness, I was panicking. I could hear you all the time! – I thought I was gonna find you! Guys, I can’t believe
I didn’t find Ronald. I completely forgot
about that blue blanket. – Mwahahaha. Karina, I knew if you
didn’t see me in the pool or the beach, you had
no idea where to look and you weren’t even paying attention. – Well I guess you got that right, but you’re not gonna
get the next one right ’cause I’m gonna win the next challenge and I’m gonna be like aw yeah, I win! And you’re like oh, I know it. – Karina, ya wish. You’re gonna get red and
I’m gonna destroy you! – No, I’m gonna get brown and
I’m gonna hide in the closet. (record screeching)
Oh, I wasn’t supposed to say that. (Ronald laughing) – Okay guys, round number two. Karina, pick ya color! – All right, what is it gonna be? I’m gonna pick this one. – My feet are hot, my feet are hot! – Please be brown! – What is it? – [Both] Yellow! – What, how am I supposed
to hide with yellow? There’s nothing yellow! – Well, there’s more
things yellow than blue. Okay Karina, I’m gonna
go put on my headphones and go behind the door. I’m gonna find you right away. You’re just gonna be
snuggled up in the sands. – [Karina] Oh no. – Adios, I will find her! – So guys, it’s my turn to hide. I only have two minutes,
I don’t know where I’m gonna hide because I
have to hide in yellow. There’s nothing that’s yellow. I mean the sand I guess? But I don’t wanna hide in sand. All right, there’s this yellow pot. Maybe I could side inside there? I don’t think I’m gonna fit in there. Maybe behind this bean bag? No, I don’t think I’m
gonna be able to hide behind the bean bag. Maybe there’s something inside the villa. Come on. There’s nothing. There’s a yellow pillow over there. I don’t think that’s gonna
do much for me though. Come on, maybe here. This is kinda yellow. Maybe I could hide in this one. Oh I don’t think I’ll
be able to fit in there. It’s way too slim, I don’t
think I’ll be able to fit there. – You’re fat. – Oh this one I could fit in! I could sit in this one. This one has some life jackets and robes, but I think I can fit in here. I can stand up. All right, close the door. All right I got a little light crack so you can still see my face. All right, so this is my hiding spot. I don’t know if Ronald’s gonna find me, but I think he’s gonna find me. This is really obvious
hiding inside the closet. – Okay guys, two minutes has passed. That means I have one
minute to find Karina. Karina, you’re going down! (sneaky music) Yellow, yellow, yellow! Is she in there, no! Okay sand, sand. In there, no. Sand. Okay I don’t see her. Okay. Yellow, where are you? These are slightly yellow. Ah! Karina! You’re not in there, okay. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow! Oh my goodness! Where is yellow? This is brown. Karina! (phone beeping)
No! Karina! Where are you? Outside? – I’m right here, Ronald! – No Karina, that’s brown! – Well that’s yellow. Oh my goodness Karina. Fine, I’ll count it, I’ll count it. But that’s still not fair, come on. – Ronald, I won fair and square. – Okay well you’re not gonna find me this next turn. It’s one to one, time for round three. – So guys, I just won the second round, now it’s time for me
to win the third round and the whole challenge. – Karina, ya wish. You’re gonna get pink three times and I’m gonna find you right away. – Ronald, I don’t think
pink is even in the cup, not even three times, ’cause
there are only two more in the cup, papers in there. – Okay let’s see, but it’s
my time to pick a color and hide in an epic hiding spot, so. – Oh, what is it gonna be? Please be green or something. – No, be brown. White! Is that even good? – Wait, I don’t think that’s good. – Is it? Okay we’ll find out, okay. Time for me to go hide. Okay Karina, here are your headphones. I’m gonna hide in an epic spot and you’re never gonna find me. – All right, let’s see about that. Bye Ronald. I’m gonna find you! – Ya wish. Okay guys, let’s go find
an epic hiding spot. I don’t think there’s
anything good outside. Actually, nevermind. Oh, there’s a chicken over there. But we have that thing, that white thing that we can just lay on. Do you think she’ll come find us for that? I don’t know. But I saw this earlier. The white rocks. And I think that’s a
really good hiding spot. So let’s go hide in that. – [Man] A few moments later. – Do you think she’s gonna find? No, actually let’s not hide here. It’s not completely white. She’s gonna make the argument that it’s not completely white. So let’s go hide somewhere else. I think another spot over here is good. I don’t think she knows about this spot. Is this place dirty? ‘Cause if it is, I don’t wanna be here. Okay that’s white. Okay let’s go deeper. Oh that smells disgusting. Okay. White thing right there. I don’t really wanna go deeper in ’cause then it’ll be really gross. Okay guys. I think I’m ready. – So guys, it’s been two minutes. Now it’s time to find him in one minute. I’m gonna do this. There’s not very many
places that are white. All right Ronald, I’m gonna find yoU! Ronald? Okay. Ronald. White, curtains. Ronald? Maybe in here? There’s curtains here. Ronald? Okay. Ron, behind there. Curtains, this thing! Come on. Oh I thought that was the
walls, that was the door. Curtains. One, bed, no. Here, towels? Still here. Ronald, where could Ronald be? Where could he possibly be? I’m gonna check the beach! First the deck. No not there. Ronald? – Thank god I didn’t lie
on that bed outside thing. I don’t know what it’s called. – Ronald’s not here, we gotta go back! – When she comes back. (phone beeping)
– No, my time’s up! No Ronald, where are you? – [Ronald] Karina! – I was about to check that! No, I was gonna check that but I thought Ronald
wasn’t gonna be there! – Yay! Karina gets a strike! – So guys, this is the
fourth and final round. I’m super excited ’cause no
one has found anyone yet. So because of that, I think
we should do winner takes all. – Wait no, Karina, I’m
already in the lead! I don’t wanna make it harder for me. – Well Ronald, we have to do it because no one has won yet,
so this is a special round. – Okay fine, for the specialty. – I am gonna win, I am so excited, and get my trophy! Is there a trophy?
– No. There’s the accomplishment of being won. (drop whistle sounding) – Okay so, let’s pick my color. All right, there’s one more piece of paper inside this cup, so I will take it.
– It’s gonna be red! It’s gonna be red, it’s gonna be red! – Well the only thing
that’s red in this house is the flowers here. I don’t think I could
hide inside of there. – Oh yes you can. – All right, let’s unreel. – [Ronald] Red, red, red, red, red, red. – [Karina] Brown! Yes! – Karina, Karina, Karina. – Yes! You’re never gonna find me. You’re never ever ever ever gonna find me! – Karina, but you can’t
hide in the cabinets ’cause you said those were yellow. – Don’t worry, I won’t need to. So guys, I have the perfect spot in mind. So, I don’t think I’ll be
hiding inside the cabinet ’cause you know, that’s boring. But, I’m gonna hide over here. So, do you guys see that brown spot in the water over there? That’s seaweed, but from
afar it looks brown. So, I’m gonna hide inside the
water with a snorkeling mask so Ronald will not be able to see me. I know, it’s a perfect spot to hide. So guys, it took me literally
10 seconds to change. Now I’m gonna go into the
water, I’m ready to go. All right I gotta put my mask on. I think I’m ready! Wish me luck! (tropical music) – Guys, Karina is done
finding her probably trash hiding spot and guys, it’s the last round. Wish me luck. If Karina wins this, she’s gonna win the whole entire challenge, which is not fair, let’s go. Okay. (video game springing) Brown, brown, brown. (ding) Trees, no, she’s not behind the tree. In there, anything, no. Okay. Brown. Brown. Behind this? Okay, no. She said those were yellow,
so that doesn’t count, okay. No she’s not in there. I’m scared! Okay I don’t think she’s in here. But I think I know where she could be. (jaunty music) (phone beeping)
Karina? Time’s up! Is that her? Karina! Karina! Time’s up! – No, Ronald, it’s not. You didn’t find me, I’m not Karina. I’m a bystander! – Karina, time’s up, come on. Guys, Karina was in the water. She was in the brown spot. Apparently that counts. Karina, that’s so unfair. – It’s the best spot in the world. So guys, that means I win! – Why did I agree to winners take all? That’s not even fair! – Good thing Ronald gave me the chance or else I would not win. I’m the winner, winner, chicken dinner. That means you have to
make me a chicken dinner. – Karina, I’m gonna make you
a pineapple and pizza dinner. How ’bout that? – Ew, I don’t want pineapple on pizza. – Well, you’re gonna have to deal with it. – So guys, we hope you like the video. If you did, – [Both] Smash that like button and we’ll see on time, good bye! – What was that? (upbeat music)

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