Hide and Seek [Justice(저스티스) / ENG]

It’ll be over once you leave for the Philippines in two days. If you didn’t use his brother as bait, he would have gone all the way without releasing me. Right? No one is smarter than you, Chairman Song. Is there something else you want? Yes. I don’t want to go to the Philippines. Either Australia or somewhere more developed. It’s good for my child’s education. The good nature of a person comes out when they are faced with fear. – Dad! / – Hey. Is this your friend’s house? The house is awesome. I had a lot of great food too. What’s your name? I’m Yang Seungil. Yang Seungil. Come here. Buy something delicious with this. Thank you. Good boy. Good for you. Your dad’s… tough days are over now. Darn it, why is it suddenly pouring? You’re here. Wooyong, I can’t get a hold of that jerk, Yang Cheolki. Where do you think he is? (Special thanks to Lee Daeyeon) (for his cameo appearance.) (Justice)

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