Hide and Seek on a Giant Cruise Boat w/ Ninja Kidz TV & Shot of the Yeagers!

What’s up Fun Squad? We are here on a cruise in the Caribbean! Woo! And we are here with the Ninja Kidz! Yeah! Woo! And we are here with the Shot of the Yeagers! Woo! Yeah! And we are playing an ultimate game of hide-and-seek on this giant cruise ship! Woo! What are the rules? Here’s what the rules are. All of these people have five minutes to go hide. And Jazzy and I are going to be the seekers. And we have to go find all of these people. Okay? After the video, we’ll have end cards to both of these videos. We did a video on the Ninja Kidz channel, and what on the Shot of the Yeagers channel. You can see how many people they found. We’re having a challenge to see who can capture the most people, okay? Win $10,000! That’s right the winner wins $10,000! Woooooo!! Alright, it’s gonna be hard. There’s lots of good hiding places all over this cruise ship. And it’s ginormous! Okay, so everybody has five minutes to hide and then we have 20 minutes to go and find all of them, okay? Alright, you guys ready? You guys ready to go hide? Yeah! Woo! Alright! This is gonna be epic! Three! Two! One! GO! Come on! Yeah, we’re gonna win! Don’t watch. You guys, don’t watch. Don’t watch. Turn around. Close our eyes. So I have the perfect plan, so I am actually wearing my bathing suit. So I chill by the pool. Okay. We are here in this spot of invincibility. Oh this is fun! I think we’re totally getting it! Are we gonna get this? Yes! Definitely. At least let’s get at least twelve! Okay. So those kids are hiding. They ran right past me and didn’t look at me once. They didn’t notice me, so I’m not gonna be found. The chairs. Hide underneath one of them. I have a feeling everybody’s gonna be on the top floor. Cause on the other channels most of them are on the top floor. So I’m gonna search on the top floor. I wonder if Paxton and Jack are in trouble. Is there enough room for me? No, see you later. Bro, I could come in too. So we found a spot. We’re gonna go in here. Ninja dad was on that side. We’re still gonna go over here. Jordan’s underneath, so she – if I get caught, hopefully she can stay quiet and stay safe. It’s muggy. It’s perfect. And it makes you cough. Okay, time to get real quiet. But 16 is our goal, alright? Yeah. Three more minutes until we can start searching! Three more minutes? Yep. It’s just another hider. I thought we were getting caught. Guys, I’m in my spot, and no one is gonna find me. And Derek’s right there. Hi ha ha ha Dude, that’s pretty good hidden. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Go! Ah! Alright, I’m going to go this way. I already forgot which side she said she was going on. Alright, I don’t see anybody yet. Oh, we gotta run. Okay, you’ve got to lay down. We found our hiding spot. We’ve got a cruise ship model right here. It’s kind of risky because they’ll probably go like right there. So we just gotta hide behind these chairs. Oh, okay, I don’t see them anywhere. They totally just walked by and didn’t see me. I totally heard Jasmine. Alright, now we’re going inside. There’s nobody on this, this area. I don’t think. So we’re gonna go walk this way. Ah, okay. Ahh! I’m gonna go over here. I don’t think they’re in there. I think that’s off limits in the kids club. Okay! I’m running out of time. I have to find people. There goes Jazzy. Hey, which – Jazzy, are you going that way? I tried in kids club, and they’re not in there. Okay, you’re going that way? Yeah. Okay, she’s going that way. I’m gonna go around this way. You go that way. So far, I found anybody yet. This isn’t a good sign. But let’s go. Let’s see. Here’s a good spot. Are they back here? Okay, that’s locked. Oh no, where are they? Okay, I don’t see them. Jasmine just ran by. Run around this way. I’m not seeing anybody. Look at that beautiful ocean over there. I don’t see them guys. This is making me nervous. Oh! Oh, I see you! I see you! One right there. One right there. Alright, I have not found a single person yet. This is not a good sign. So I need to, I need to start finding fast. Holy cow, the pool’s empty. That’s crazy! Okay, come on, guys. We have to find. I have two people. Fourteen more to go! I don’t know where anybody is. I think they’re all hiding the exact same spot. Okay, I’m gonna have to go up a level. I can’t find anybody! Ah! I am really hoping that Jazzy’s getting people because I haven’t found a single person. Ahh! Dang it! Okay we’re going down by the pool to see if I can find anybody. Somebody. I see him. Ha ha ha! Dang it! I almost did not see her! He almost walked right by me! I looked up and heard him and I gave myself away. Oh that was very, that was brilliant. Brilliant. Oh my gosh, he almost walked right by me! [Alarm sound] Okay, I got one! You’re the first one. Okay, we gotta keep looking. I got one person now. Oh I got you! [Alarm sound] I have three people. I think Uncle Derek was hiding by someone else. Got you! Got you! Yes! No way! Now I have thirteen. I really hope Dad’s got at least a lot. Well guys, I got a little confused. I didn’t know exactly who all was seeking, and I was found, but they didn’t find Stephen. Hopefully he stays there for the rest of the game. I have to make it. Oh two more places! Two! I am not finding a single person in here. I am not finding a single person. This is not good. Holy cow, why can’t I find anyone? I was doing so good at the first. Oh, I think I just found somebody. Hello! Ha ha ha! Ding dong ding dong! Good spot. Ha ha ha Wait. Wait, how did you find us? [Alarm sound] Oh, anybody in the bushes back here? Yes! I finally found somebody! How did you find us though? This was an awesome spot. That was a great spot. But how did you find us? I just looked. I don’t know. Okay, we’re doing good so far. I see Bryton and Cayso. Oh! Oh! Bryton! Caught you! Where the heck did you guys hide? I’ve checked everywhere! Looks like some good hiding spots down in here. Oh, I see somebody right there! Oh, I see a couple people back there. Wohoo! Is this more people right here? Oh man! Ah, the Yeagers got found too. Dang it! Oh man! He found me with one minute left! [Alarm sound] NO! No! [Alarm sound] Found Shane! Alright, awesome! I found a few more. Okay. I am almost out of time. I better hurry! Wahoo! That was the jackpot. I almost walked right past them. He found three of the four of us. [Alarm sound] But we have one still in it, which is not bad. You still safe in there? Yeah. Alright, stay hiding. We’ve got about one minute left. Okay. Can’t believe he found us! Did you find both of you. Huh? Oh that’s good. I’m gonna go check right here behind this cruise ship because I don’t know if I check it yet. Nope. Nobody’s back there. Hey Fun Squad, I just heard my dad talking right behind us. I don’t know if you could see me, but I’m in this corner and still covered. I don’t think they can see you. I know. Alright, hmm I think I’m about out of time. Okay, guys so I’ve been hiding in the arcade for 19 minutes so pretty sure they’re not gonna find me. This was a pretty epic hiding spot. I think we got a good chance at the 10,000. Okay, well. Dang it, are we out of time? We were literally hiding in there so long that we are sweating. Where? It was so hot that the walls were sweating. We were by the elevator. There’s like this um model of a cruise ship on the top of us. Yeah. We were hiding in the box below it. You were in the cabinet? Yeah. I was just barely there! No, you went to a different one. No there’s two of them over there, and I looked at both of them. But I didn’t look inside the box. Dang it! We were laughing so much! The walls were sweating! Yeah, the whole thing. And you’re sweating too! Of course! I’ve been running around. It’s officially time up. I’m out. That was my spot, in between the machine and the door ha. What? Is the time up? Yeah, time’s up. Darn. Woo! Paxton. You didn’t get found? Not in any round. Dang it. You got found in every round? Yeah. Were you in the same spot in every round? No, I was in a good spot every round. How about you, Jack? Me and Paxton were sweating. And I walked right past these guys. I know where they were. And ali was in the arcade, and I checked every arcade machine except the one that she was hiding behind. Alright, the truth comes out. We’re going to see how many people we got. So if you – for all the people that got caught by us go on this side. Anybody that did not get caught goes on this side. Yeah Cayson got caught. Shane, did you get caught? Oh, yeah I did. Yes, you did. Okay, you guys didn’t get caught? Okay, so we got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. That’s all? I swear – I swear we got more. Is that it? I guess not. None of these people look like they got caught by us. Alright. Oh you got caught. That was it. Alright. One, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine! We got nine! Okay. Woo! These are the people that did not get caught. So, we have so much fun. Come here Jazzy. We had so much fun playing hide-and-seek on this giant cruise ship! We’re gonna have end cards. Go to the Ninja Kidz Channel and go to the Shot of the Yeagers and to see who won this epic hide-and-seek challenge. Okay, the winner gets $10,000. The other channels have to pay the winner $10,000. Did we win with nine or did Ninja Kidz win or did Shot of the Yeagers win? So go check out those videos right now! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Woo! Yeah!

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