Hide And Seek On Flying Boats! | Minecraft [Ep 10]

mmm you guys not gonna help I’m gonna go everybody to get good the gaming crew
who’d you hit I didn’t do anything didn’t hit that no I didn’t play her mad
it’s an I don’t hit people all right so we’re gonna be playing hide and seek on
some minecraft or II know you guys wanted to see it we played hide and seek
on a pirate ships on the other side of the map
now we’re gonna be playing on pretty much a bunch of boats it’s like a bunch
of boats it’s good yeah so rules are the seeker is going to have a diamond sword
a bow some steak cause you boys hungry I’m seeker by the way they get one
cobweb each and yeah I get some food yeah you guys go I’ll stare at this wall
all right I’m gonna come I’m gonna hide next I’m at in scream I swear you do
that I will hit you off the edge I wish you would
all right time’s up no are you guys ready for this you have any spot just
ready to be your no spot will you call spot connor dust spot be a spot Oh
spot a spot like no way mm I see a cobweb over here Matt on the ship oh god
he found me oh no help me light did you know so much help
oh goes down already fell wait Matt are you making it you pass I did you passed
me don’t really yeah you passed me I was up there I was in that ship right there
hey wait no I’m gonna go help you oh yeah I like that he’s where rules me
he’s I am yes he’s in a ship the people that I get though but he didn’t get you
see voluntarily did that he’s look exactly shocking for the car dude dude
how about I just use a shotgun on your face Oh
oh my gosh Becky yeah yeah you gotta get to that safe some bro I’m fine where I’m
at right now are you though yeah oh wait I see I see
tanner yeah you already rented that ship yeah I
checked it all wait it’s all dream you guys Wow guess I’m the best hider e hey
hey check this out check this out I’m playing a lot of hockey he’s got to be
inside of me but I didn’t see him on the top of all this died someone Garza’s
he’s moving he’s moving with Tanner a flight around yeah dinner I thought he’s
flying the ship did you cheatin ditching for me and I respect I’m just so
dedicated to the way you said you already checked the right and left mouth
ship yeah and the ball all those ships on the I’m out all right maybe you went
down did you check down I died I went down
you went down oh yeah wait not you again I’m gonna find him fall please just
Fantana found me multiple times Jay I found her lying in the fire oh I
think I can do this oh I think I can strain here’s where you guys on the
lower part still don’t even know where now where it says what upstairs yeah
like oh holy moley Matt I know I found you I found an ICU
it’s nighttime oh there he is look that’s it
all right who’s trying to kiss me hands who’s this gonna be way too easy
Matt Haslam I’m seeing I’m seeing a gap in which I can run you better have to
gap you found a gap which we control I was right off the edge I’m running to
heizaburo Oh I’m gonna make it anime place here I can
plot my sword in time can’t you can’t look me I’ll use have it wait try to
rush the game on me on my mouth cuz I’m now on Tanner’s team are you then you’re
my enemy though you’re still in creative no I should have just pulled my icon or
anywhere didn’t go anyway go down stop actually no idea where you are though
just because it’s all just like a cluster you guys not gonna help before
you a gun no I don’t want to commit I’m gonna start going yeah Todd hey why
can’t I jump jump on my pretties that’s definitely the wrong way
yeah you’re going further the wrong Paul you could’ve said I heard they’re into
the wrong you’re going further into the wrong I’ve never seen so far in the road
you know how somewhere I am the Katniss Everdeen exactly nothing alike huh did
you make a pass no Matt hit me in the head you were gonna shoot it wait I mean
you see me I don’t see those like I think I got ya oh-oh-oh I can’t see the yeah I made it I see now straight up straight up yeah well I died but I’m at kill himself
no I killed man I shot him off the high oh yeah yeah so that’s it
all right time wait all right I’m looking for you guys I’m looking okay is
it fixed it I see him I can seem clearly now oh I can see clearly now delemus oh
and the sky Oh yes this is way more fun yeah Oh see me
that is don’t read all the true battle dudes who is more masterful with the bow
oh yeah Polly where’s Matt hey man you take all the arrows oh there is even
that has diamond armors it’s where they I’m at oh oh I know ricotta hey hey
topping the middle I see him I felt nice wanna do this kid no no I don’t I don’t
what then come here my child nope guys like my leg died yeah it’s
just tied you check out the last time we played minecraft hide-and-seek it was on
a boat it was really fun right there also on a boat a video that YouTube
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