Hay guys lets play hide and seek. okay Jalen let’s play hide and seek and
see who can find the paw patrol toy okay I’ll count to ten and you hide and you
ready five six seven eight nine ten ready or not Jalen here I come where did
he go guys hey guys kick me out guys have you seen Jalen I can’t find it
anywhere I’m sure I heard you down it oil guys
let me know did he come down I don’t know guys gonna keep looking whoa check out all the spider-man guys
that is so cool it’s the spider-man nerf gun web shooter
guys it looks so cool whoa guys look at these Robo alive they
look so you got it Jenny when were on you guys Jane is so
good at hide-and-seek what is by doing here
maybe he went this way guys let’s go find him hey guys I found paw patrol but we’re
Jalen I have you here’s the money book super cause they
have Marshall that’s so cool Zoomer chase and sky so cool guys and here’s some of those ready race
rescue they have case and Marshall check out the chase team police cruiser
you get steaks feeder guys come up below with your favorite check out the launching ball paw patrol
the guys this one looks so cool and it was to the
tree metal beauties so cool well that’s no big right let’s try the
button guys super cool that is awesome pick up the mighty trucks action gift and check out this mobile pitstop guys do it has sounds it comes with a vehicle
launcher chase and another vehicle guys

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