Hide and Seek Rainbow Lockers with Sign Post Kids and Mommy!

*doorbell rings* I’ll get it No, no, no, Jojo! I got it. I got it. It’s ok, I got it. Hold on, guys! I’ll get it Wait! No, Carlei! No, I’ll get it! I got it, though! I got it, Kaite! No, I got it! Hey, guys! I’ll get it. Hi! You’re watching Sign Post Kids! And today *music playing* Wow! WOW! Oh my! This is the biggest present I’ve ever seen! Hannah, this present is giant! No, Carlei. This present is enormous! No, Emy. This present is humongous! You guys! This present is gargantuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Look at all the colors, it looks like a rainbow! I love purple polka dots Comment down below which color is your favorite! Comment red if red is your favorite color Comment orange if your favorite are the orange polka dots Comment yellow if yellow is your favorite color Comment green if you like the green stripes Comment blue if you like the blue Comment purple if you like purple polka dots *siblings whispering colors* Hey guys! Don’t you wanna see what’s inside? Yeah! How do we get up this high? I have an idea Katie, come on! Woah, Jojo! Woah! Yeah! I’m up here! This is so cool You’re so high Katie! Let’s see what’s inside Let’s see Wow! It looks like… a box! or a locker It’s a big square How are we going to get this down? Hey, guys! Why don’t you get down carefully and I’ll carry them all inside Okay! Last one, guys! Here I come! Carlei, we know there’s something green in here Let’s try and get it out Okay! Ready? One, two, three Woah! It’s a green locker! This is so cool I wanna open mine next I wanna open the purple, not the green! There you go, Katie. It’s a yellow locker, not a purple one Carlei, can you help me unbox it? Yeah, Katie! Woah! *siblings laughing* *siblings laughing* Thank you for helping me, Carlei and Emy You’re welcome, Katie I’m going to go next! Since Jojo opened the red box, I’m going to open this yellow box It’s purple! Hannah, you have my favorite color! Carlei, can you help me get this out of the box? Sure, Hannah! No way! That’s awesome tah-dah! I’m going to open the blue box I wonder which locker’s inside Do you think it’s gonna be blue? Comment down below which color you think it’s going to be Here you go, Carlei It’s the orange locker! Woah! No way! Carlei, would you help me get your favorite colored locker out of the box? Sure, Emy! Woah! I got the orange locker Well, I think I’m gonna open the orange box ’cause there might be another orange locker Yeah Ok, so let’s switch Ready? Yeah I think I can help myself get this out of the box Are you guys gonna guess what color it is? Yeah! Yeah I think it’s blue ’cause it was in I had the orange locker in my blue box and I think she’s gonna have the blue locker in her orange box You don’t think it’s another orange locker? No Orange Blue! You guys were right Hey Jo, why don’t you open the green one since it’s your favorite color! Okay I wonder if we can figure out which color is missing from the rainbow We have purple blue and green yellow orange and red Red was the missing color Yes! Yeah! Jojo, can I help you? No Oh yeah! Jojo, no! Jojo, no! Oh Yeah! Guys what do you think the most ginormous present ever? Awesome! What do you think we’re gonna do with these lockers? We’re gonna put our school books in it That’s right! Happy back-to-school! Yeah! Thanks for watching Bye Hey guys! Wait, come back Come help me clean up the mess please Okay, grab lockers take them out to the hallway Okay Alright I’ll grab this orange locker *music playing* *laughter* Alright, you guys got those two? yeah I think so! Want me to help you? Let me help you Thank you *music playing* *laughter* Ok guys, I’ll grab the yellow locker If you can get all these boxes out to the garage then that’ll be great Okay *music playing* *laughter* I thought I asked those guys to clean up this mess Get this out of here *laughter* These empty boxes are heavy *laughter* Wow, these are super heavy Girls, where are you? I need help What do they make this boxes out of? Like, concrete or something? Guys, where are you? This is so much work I’ll push this one out I need a break Alright *screaming* *laughing* I was looking for you Are you guys in here too? *laughter* Come here Where’s Katie? Are you in the box too? No way! Alright, nobody gets out of here until you help me clean up Okay Ready? set go! Thanks for watching, everyone! Hey guys *laughter*

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