Hide and Seek Search for Toy Noah at the New York Toy Fair 2020 | SuperHeroKids

(Eden gasps) – Noah got turned into
a toy and we sent him to Toy Fair in New York! What are we gonna do? – We need to get our brother back. And there’s only one way we can do that. We need to go to New York! – [Noah] Hope, Eden, help! (staccato music) – All right, so we’re trying to find Noah. That means no getting distracted, got it? – Got it! (upbeat pop music) – Okay, this is it, Toy Fair. – My radar says Noah’s inside. We know he is a toy, but we
don’t know what he looks like. So we have to check every
single toy until we find him. – Oh, I’m sure it can’t be that hard. Uh!
(sinister music) This might be more
difficult than I thought. (upbeat orchestral music) Psst, Noah! (Hope sighs) It’s not him. (Eden sighs)
– Hey, what are you kids doin’? You’re lookin’ mighty suspicious. – Nothing, sir, we’re
just looking for our– – Breathtaking toys! There’s so many. I’ve never seen this many before. Isn’t it crazy/?
– Yeah. – Now just know this, if
you two are up to anything suspicious I’ll be keepin’ my eye on you. Both of you. (dramatic music) (Hope gasps)
– That was close! – Sorry I almost blew our cover. – It’s okay, now let’s keep looking. Noah could be anywhere. (upbeat rock music) – [Eden And Hope] Psst, Noah! Not him. – The famous Eiffel Tower. We should see it while we’re here. (upbeat rock music) – [Eden And Hope] Oh, maybe in here! – Olly Ball! – Is this Noah? – Let’s see. Noah. I don’t think it is. But let’s leave a message for him just in case he passes by. – Okay. Wow! Look how it glows in the dark.
– So cool! Ooh! – Hope, we’re looking for Noah. We have to focus. – But, Eden, it’s so much fun! (Hope and Eden laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Noah, Noah, is that you? It’s not Noah. (upbeat rock music) – [Eden And Hope] Noah, is that you? – No. Noah, is that you? Ugh, come on! Noah, no. Noah, no. Noah, no. Noah, no. Noah, ooh! No! – [Noah] You know, there’s something you should know about me. I’m human. I know, it might come as a shock, but I hope it doesn’t mean we can’t continue this friendship. (show tune music) Thanks FGTV. I knew you’d understand. Also, I hope my sisters can get here soon so that I can stop
pretending that you can talk. It’s starting to feel weird. – We can’t find him anywhere! – That must mean he’s
somewhere really private. (Eden and Home gasp) That’s it, I bet he’s in the private area. We gotta sneak in! – I don’t know if that’s a good idea. – Stealth mode! – Hey! – Go, go, go! – You kids can’t go back there. (girls pant) (upbeat music) – You! (staccato music) (upbeat pop music) – I think, I think we lost him. – Ooh, look, more toys! I think he might be over there. (girls sigh) – [Noah] Psst. Psst.
– Do you hear that? – [Noah] Eden, Hope, I’m here! – Noah, where are you? – [Noah] Right here! (Eden gasps)
– Noah! We finally found you!
– [Noah] I can’t believe it! How’d you find me?
– Well, we tracked your power ring, and we figured you’d turn yourself into a toy. So, we flew to New York, went to Toy Fair, got chased by security, and
now we finally found you! – Well, when you say it like
that, it sounds kinda weird. But hey, it worked out. – Right!
– Hey! (security guard gasps) Found you! – That’s not good. – Run! (heavy footsteps) (security guard gasps) – Stop! – Come on, Noah, we’re almost there! – Eden, hurry! – Hey! (sinister music) (security guard gasps)
Just stop! – [Noah] We made it! Now what? – Stand back, Hope. (low pitch warp music) (high pitch warp music) (Noah gasps) – I’m back! Thank you guys so much! Sorry, Eden, for messing
with your machine. – It’s okay, we’re just
glad you’re all right. – Yeah, and now we can all go
see the Eiffel Tower together! – You know the Eiffel
Tower’s in Paris, right? – Oh.
(Hope laughs) (security guard gasps)
– That’s right, you get outta here, and don’t come back! (security guard groans) – Oops!
(low pitch warp music) – [Security Guard] Ooh, ooh, I’m a puppet! Who had me turned into a toy? Anyone, hello! Oh, this isn’t good.
– Check out Olly Ball they’re awesome! – Glow in the dark fun! (crowd chatters)

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