HIDE and SEEK!! WINNER GETS $$$! | Emily and Evelyn

– Hi guys and today
we’re going to be doing a hide and seek inside our apartment, and this is gonna be so much fun because we’ve done this many times before. – And it’s super fun! – Yeah and there’s also a
lot of good hiding spaces in here, so that’s good. So what we’re going to
do, first, well not now but after I explain we’re
gonna do rock, paper, scissors to see who’s going to hide first. And then
– I want to! – The hider is going to
have one minute to hide and the seeker is going
to have two minutes to find the hider, which
is not a lot of time, but this is not the biggest place so… – And we’re gonna have three rounds! – So for this challenge you
are gonna really want to win because the winner is going to get $100 out of the other person’s allowance, so the loser is gonna have to pay $100 to the winner, which I
mean, it’s pretty bad if you’re the loser because… – It’s pretty good…
– You actually lose money. – If I’m the winner. – No, you’re not going
to win, I’m going to win because I know more
hiding spaces than you. – And I’m so small so I can fit in tiny, tiny spaces like this. – Make sure you subscribe
for more crazy challenges like this, and now we’re gonna do rock, paper, scissors, shoot
(bell ringing) to see who’s going to hide, so. – (Girls) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Oh. – (Girls) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Yay!
– No! – Choppity chop
– I have to seek. – Choppity chop
– Okay. So what the seeker’s gonna
do so they have no idea what the hider is doing,
they’re going to go out in the foyer, cause in
front of our apartment, we have like where you
enter with the elevator and stuff.
– Yeah. – And it’s like,
– And actually (mumbles) – It’s basically a different room – All the other apartments. – Okay guys, so I have the timer here, once I exit this
apartment, into that room, and after I close the door, Evelyn is going to hide
and I’m going to start the timer of one minute, so let’s go. (door opening) The time starts now. – Okay guys I have one minute so I really need to go look, I do not
want to waste any more time. No, that’s obvious. No. (mumbles) bedroom. Wait, maybe I could go
in the suitcase, no, (suspenseful music) messy closet, no. Under the bed, no. (suspenseful music) Here? (suspenseful music) Yes, gonna go under. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Okay. – [Mom] You okay? – Yeah, can you please close it. – [Mom] You’re gonna film yourself? – Yeah. – [Mom] Okay, good luck, bye. – Okay, one minute is up, so now, I’m going to set it to two minutes and I’m gonna go find her. Okay, where is she? Mango do you know where she is? No, you don’t. (suspenseful music) No, she’s not gonna be there. – Guys, it’s kind of tight and
also, it’s very dark in here, so I hope Emily doesn’t find me. (suspenseful music) – No, no. (suspenseful music) Definitely not. Those things are too small. (suspenseful music) No, (mumbles). (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Where is she? – I can’t hear her, I hope she’s on the other side of the apartment. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – Where is she? No. (suspenseful music) (sigh) Oh gosh I have a quick minute left. Evelyn! Wake up, wait not wake up, get out! – oh my dog, I can hear her! – Um. where is she? Um, 30 seconds! (suspenseful music) Probably (mumbles). (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (whispers) not behind there. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Where is she? Ah, where is she, I
have like no time left. (suspenseful music) Evelyn, time is up! I didn’t find her! Where is she? (upbeat music) Evelyn, time is up. – [Mom] Evelyn, you can come out! – [Evelyn] (mumbles) have to! (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Ahh!
– Haha! That’s, I should have looked there! I checked in the other
ones, I didn’t check there! – Haha! One point for me, zero to Emily. I know that I’m gonna win this $100. Okay guys so I’m about to go outside and Emily’s about to go and hide, so, okay I’m gonna set the timer. One, two, three! (upbeat music) – Okay guys, let’s hide. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (door opening) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) I have my spot, because
I hid out here because it takes a while to open the door, she will never find me here. – Three, two, one, (suspenseful music) It’s time to find Emily! – Okay guys this is so much fun, I could do this every day
and she’s probably not gonna look here, so. – Start! (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) She won’t be in the suitcase, so, um No. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – She’s never gonna find me. – (mumbles) – What? – Haha Emily, can’t believe I found her, like that was so fast! – How did you find me? – Because I looked and
it was kind of obvious. – I thought you weren’t going to find me I thought I actually had a good spot. – But now I have two points, yay! – Okay, round two, one
minute time starts now. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – (whispers) come. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) okay, there’s no way she’s finding me, I’m actually behind a wall
(knocking) so I don’t thinks he’s
gonna find me, buh bye! (suspenseful music) – Okay guys, now I have to go find her. Okay two minutes on the
clock, let’s go find her. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) What if she’s not in a (mumbles) spot. (mumbles) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) No. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Do you hear Max? – I can’t hear her, it’s so quiet, maybe she’s looking out the balcony. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – Okay, we’re good in here. (sighs) Is she in here? (suspenseful music) I see you! – No!
– I found her! I found her, I found her! I found her, yes, I have a
chance of actually winning. – I thought she was never gonna find me. – That’s such an easy spot, I hide there all the
time when we play this. Should have had a better spot. It’s two to one now, I have one more round Evelyn’s going to be paying me $100. – No! It’s my turn, one minute on the clock. – Okay I need to hide like
really, really well, let’s go. (whispers) I think I know
where I’m gonna hide. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (whispers) In here. It’s so tight in here. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – [Mom] Are you okay? – [Emily] Yeah, it’s actually quite comfy. – [Mom] (laughs) okay, I can’t see you – [Emily] Where’s my
phone, oh it’s with me. – [Mom] Okay I can’t see
you so I think you’re okay. (suspenseful music) – Okay I have to find her again. Okay let’s go find her. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Any clues? – [Mom] Nope. – I could really use clues. – [Mom] No clues, you
need to find her yourself. – [Evelyn] (mumbles). (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (popping sound) – [Emily] (whispers) OMG! – Oh no. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Is it a hard spot? – [Mom] I don’t know. (suspenseful music) You’re gonna run out of time. (suspenseful music) – I will not run out of time, (mumbles). (pause) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) This is really hard! – You’re smiling. – [Mom] (laughs) I’m smiling. – I hope she’s going in
a different direction. (suspenseful music) – [Evelyn] Let’s go. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Has to be somewhere! (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) No! (womp womp womp womp) Where was she? – [Mom] Can you tell us where you are? (giggle) – [Mom] Go and find her. – [Emily] Evelyn, I’m in the closet! – [Mom] You looked in there! Haha. (upbeat music) – [Emily] You didn’t see me? I thought you would find me! (shrieking) – [Mom] She looked. – I thought you would find
me I was squished in there. And the hanger was in my ear. – [Mom] Did you see her look in there? – Yeah, I was like (groaning
sound) when she came inside. – Okay guys, so it’s a tie
right now, it’s two two so we are going to have
one more round each and it’s Evelyn’s turn to hide so she’s gonna go hide,
I have to go count. – This will decide the winner, so I have to hide really well. – Okay guys so I really, really
need to find her this round because I don’t want to
give her $100, I want $100, so she’s gonna have one minute to hide. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Okay let’s hide. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – [Mom] You have a spot? – I’m really looking for one. – [Mom] You know these things are sheer. – [Evelyn] Well, (suspenseful music) I’ll hide behind this stack. Can you see me? – [Mom] Kind of, now it’s blurry. Yeah, I think it’s okay. – [Evelyn] Yes. – Okay let’s go find Evelyn. Okay two minutes, let’s go. I know where she’s hiding. – [Mom] You do? – [Emily] Yeah. – [Mom] In the fridge? – Yeah I would expect this from Evelyn. And then she’s not in there. (suspenseful music) (popping sound) (suspenseful music) – [Emily] I’ve gotta hurry up. (suspenseful music) Oh no. (suspenseful music) Where is she? (suspenseful music) Let’s go into my bedroom. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Um, she’s not in my bedroom. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Oh my God, I found her!
(cazoo noise) I found you! I found you! – [Evelyn] No! – [Emily] Oh my God, I found her! I found her! – I can’t believe you, this is such a good hiding spot, you can’t see! – The reason why is because
I wanted to hide here. I wanted to hide here. Because I knew that you
cannot see anything back here so I wanted to check,
because it’s a really good hiding spot, I didn’t think you were gonna be in there but you were, so, I found you. (upbeat music) This is gonna be the
last round for Evelyn. Okay, so right now it’s three to two, I’m three, so I’m winning. This round we’re going to
see if it’s gonna be a tie or if I’m gonna win, I’m super excited. – Okay guys, Mango gonna keep me company while Emily’s hiding,
so I have the timer for one minute and now set for one minute. – Okay guys, I’m in it to win it, so I need to win this. I have a plan but (whispers) I don’t know if it’s gonna work, follow me. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (mumbles) – [Mom] (laughs) okay, good luck. – [Emily] Thanks. – Okay Mango let’s go find Emily. (upbeat music) Two minutes, let’s go. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – [Mom] You think she went to your spot? – I love that spot so much. – [Mom] It was a good spot. – Yeah, I want to beat her! (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Where is she? – [Mom] I don’t know. – No, she wouldn’t be in the laundry. – I think this is a good
spot, I can’t hear her. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – [Mom] You’re gonna run out of time. – [Evelyn] (gasp) hold on. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) it’s so hard (mumbles)
the best hiding spaces. – [Mom] Well you had a good one too. – (mumbles) that one worked. Okay I have less than a minute. (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) Emily wants to be (mumbles). (suspenseful music) – I have a nice view at least. – [Mom] Where did you
go, I can’t follow you. (laughs) Evelyn. Evelyn I can’t find you (laughs). – Ugh! No! (womp womp womp)
Emily! (upbeat music) Where are you? (upbeat music) Where are you? – [Emily] Look around. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Evelyn] What? – [Mom] She in there? – What? – [Mom] Where is she? – [Emily] Hello? (laughs) – Where could I be? (laughs)
– I don’t know. – [Mom] You seriously don’t know where the sound is coming from? – [Evelyn] I do, it’s in here, I can tell that she’s
on the floor somewhere. – [Emily] Hello? – (groan) Why were you there? – Because I was here. (Evelyn groans) It’s a really easy spot, just
look behind the curtains. So this was a super fun
challenge and also I won, so Evelyn owes me $100. – Well I owe you $100, but I got Mango. – Okay well you still owe me $100. This was really, really, really fun, like it’s one of my
favorite challenges to do because hide and seek is just
like really fun in general, and also, we had to like rush because we had a time limit. – Yeah. – And my favorite hiding
space was probably behind the curtain, even
though I had to be like really squishy, cause my little toesies couldn’t, you know, stick out. – Mine was the cabinet, in the bathroom, with the first one that I ever did in this challenge. – And I also really liked
the one in the closet, even though it was even more squished, because Evelyn, she walked in the closet, and I was like… – Yeah, Emily, the reason
why I liked the one, the first one that I
did, was Emily went in to my bathroom, I think, or like close to it. – Yeah and I didn’t even see her. – And was like, just right
here behind the cabinet. – Yeah so comment down
below if you were doing hide and seek, which space
do you think was the best out of this video, and also – The Mango spot – The Mango spot is not a spot, but don’t forget to watch one of our videos down
here and thanks watching. – See ya next time. – [Girls] Please subscribe, bye! – Bye!

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