Hide and Seek with Ronald!

– Hey guys, it’s Karina and I’m back inside some more Roblox. And today we are back
playing Bloxburg with Ronald! – [Ronald] Hip-hips! – And Ronald got the monkey hat. (Karina mimicking monkey calls) – [Ronald] I’m gonna change my outfit. – Change your outfit.
– Hmm, to what? Handsome wear. – Handsome? You look like a spy, Ronald. – [Ronald] I am handsome. – Ronald has not seen my house yet and I wanna show you it. There’s so many new updates, look. There’s street lights
now, we can order food, like pizza and hamburgers from our house. There is new food, I think. And that’s all I know, there
rest, if there is rest, then we’re gonna have to find
out that ourselves, okay. My house is over here. – [Ronald] Is it the big one on the right? – Maybe. – [Ronald] Is that your house? – Maybe. – [Ronald] I think it is, oh no. (chuckles) – There, here’s my house. I kind of did this in the wrong spot, like the garbage is in the wrong spot. But that’s all right, you
know, doesn’t really matter. – [Ronald] Listen, can you
make me roommate or something? – I’ve already done that. (Ronald exclaims in surprise)
All right. So, what do you think? – Oh, what’s–
– Who are you? – What’s this?
– Get out. Who opened the door? – [Ronald] What’s this, some lamb? – That’s lamb, yeah. – [Ronald] I’m gonna eat it. – Do you like this place?
– Yeah. – Come on, come on. I have a very white house, as you can see. Come on, I’ll show you upstairs. So this is the guest room. – This?
– Yeah. Do you like it?
– Nice. – And then, this is your bathroom. – [Ronald] Yeah. It’s so white.
– I know. – [Ronald] You should change
the colors of the doors. – No, I like it that way. And this is my room. – [Ronald] Nice. – I have a window seat, look at that! I have a window seat! – [Ronald] Oh my, oh,
that looks like the one that we had at our old house. – Yeah. And then I have this
balcony with this telescope. You can’t use it, but, still. Hey, girl, what you doing? You jumping on my trees? – [Ronald] Is that all? – Come on, come on, she can get in from the trees, she can jump. I also have a closet here. This is my closet.
– Yeah. Sadly, you don’t have a closet. – [Ronald] I’m showering in your bathroom. – Ronald! (laughing) That’s my bath, wait, for some reason I have toilet paper over my sink. – [Ronald] That’s, that’s
just like, that’s just great. – Oh my God, that’s just, why. – [Ronald] You wanna see my house? – (grunts indecisively) Not really. – It looks like our real house. – Wait, no, strangers are gonna get in. – [Ronald] Karina, it
looks like our real house. – Not really, all right. Do you wanna have lamb for breakfast or like, spaghetti for breakfast? – [Ronald] For breakfast? – Go sit down, I’ll go make
something for breakfast. Okay, go, go. Go sit down. What are you doing? What you doing? Ronald, don’t dance on my lamb. Go sit down and I’ll make you something. It’ll be delicious, all
right, take ingredients. I know you’re not a fan of eggs, Ronald, so I’m not gonna make you any eggs. But I really don’t see what
else I can make for breakfast, other than boring pancakes. (sighs) All right. Oh, Ronald, they added
like, you have to do things, other things than just like cook the food. You have to stir, like right
now, I’m gonna have to stir it. – [Ronald] Oh, that’s, I
don’t like that change. – I love it, it’s so cool. And it’s the real–
– Well, it’s cool, but like, it’s more work. – Who cares about more work? – [Ronald] Oh, Karina, this
channel is my favorite. (laughing) – Oh my God, someone got a
monster truck outside, Ronald. Look at that, there’s a monster truck. – [Ronald] Yeah. – That’s so cool, they added
new cars, I think, oh wow. All right. – [Ronald] I have a tactic
for getting in the house, but not opening the door
for like a split second. When you go up to the door you click E and then E right after,
while you walk through it. – Everyone does that, Ronald. – Like that,
– all right, Ronald, I’ll make you some toast. Ronald, do you want coffee? – [Ronald] See, they cannot get in. (mellow pop music) – All right, Ronald–
– Oh my, I’m stuck. – Ronald!
– I’m stuck. I’m (laughs).
– What, Ronald! (laughing) Oh God.
– Okay, I’m good now. No, no.
– No! Sorry, girl, gonna have to kick you out. – [Ronald] Oh, she gave me 3000. – Oh, that’s nice of her. All right, Ronald, you’ve got you coffee. – Coffee, no. – That’s your spot. I’ll make you some toast as well.
– I’ll pick some here. I got my coffee now. You want some? Want some?
– Ronald. All right, I’m gonna make you some toast. I got toast from the fridge
and I’m gonna toast it now. – [Ronald] The music of
this TV show is so good. How much money have you got? – 57,000. – Oh, I got 190,000.
– Okay, I made you pancakes. You got some toast and you
got some leftover cookies. And I’m gonna make myself
some bacon and eggs. Baking, baking, pancakes,
baking, pancakes. Baking, baking, pancakes.
– I ate it already. – I’m singing the baking pancakes song, but I’m not actually baking any pancakes. – [Ronald] Karina, I ate it all already. – You did?
– Yeah. – Oh wow, you’re a fast eater. All right, you can go and
make yourself comfortable in your room, I guess, if you want. Ronald, open the door,
there’s someone knocking. Ah, you turned off the lights. Ronald, stop! It’s not a disco here.
– Have you got a power box? – What?
– Have you got a power box? – Power box, no.
– Okay. I have got one, you kinda need one. – Why?
– So like, you don’t always spend the bills, like when
you go out of your house, you turn it off to make
sure all the lights are off. (Karina exclaims in acknowledgement) Is this makeup, I’m putting it on. (laughing) – Ronald, stop putting on my makeup! (laughing) Ronald! – [Ronald] Look at me. – Ronald, stop, you don’t
look any different, Ronald. Hey, those are my eggs! (Ronald laughing) Put those back. Where did you put them, Ronald? – [Ronald] I ate them. – Those are mine. Next time I will make
you a massive breakfast, like 20 pancakes. Go to your room, I’m
grounding you, for life. Ronald, you have your own computer. – [Ronald] Yeah, in my house, I actually have a three
screen gaming computer. – Ronald come on, you
have your own computer. It’s this, see? It’s an iPad.
– It looks good. It looks real good, Karina,
it looks really good. – It’s an iPad, Ronald,
go play on your iPad. – [Ronald] Yeah whatever, I’m out.
– Lock you there for life. I’m just kidding. Ronald. – [Ronald] Yeah, let’s go somewhere else. – Yeah. Wait, wait, right there for a minute. Your ride’s ready, Ronald. – [Ronald] Where are you? – In the car.
(laughing) – [Ronald] Let’s go,
they’re jumping on us. – I’m just gonna close the door behind us. (Karina exclaims in shock)
(Ronald laughs) What, what was that for? Oh God.
– That was a smart idea. (horn honking) – Oh God. – Run.
– All right, let’s go on the highway. They added new streets
to Bloxburg, that’s a police station, I think.
– There’s a highway? – Yeah, this is the
highway, I’m on the highway. I think it’s a highway.
– But isn’t it easy, I’m looking where the highway goes and it just goes to the
other side of the town. It’s just faster to go
on the actual street. – I’m driving in style, okay. All right, we need to go
to the gas station, okay. – [Ronald] There’s a gas station? I’m going.
– All right. – [Ronald] I’m buying some apples. – Ronald, we came here for gas,
not to spend all our money. – [Ronald] Karina, I gt an apple. Where are you? – (sighs) I’m gonna get some potato chips.
– Karina, look, I got an apple. – I’m getting a hot dog.
– [Ronald] I got an apple pen. (laughing) – No, Ronald. I got a hot dog.
– I’m gonna grab some potato chips with me. – I got a hot dog, I’m gonna eat it. I’m gonna move my car.
– Should I eat the chips in the car? – Yeah, why not? Just don’t get it on the seats,
or else you’re cleaning it. – [Ronald] I will, don’t worry. I think I should change–
– Come on, Ronald. – [Ronald] Wait, where are we going? – Look, there’s a billboard,
ice cream billboard. – Where?
– Right there. Come chill out with us. Ben’s Ice Cream.
– Let’s go right now. The people that work there are
lucky, they get extra money. What does that path lead to? – What path? – The brown one.
– Oh that, no, this one? It’s to the camping site. We’re not going camping, not yet. We haven’t packed yet, okay. – [Ronald] We should go camping now. – No.
– I got the perfect costume. Perfect outfit.
– Ronald. – [Ronald] Oh, another billboard. What’s through the tunnel? – Nothing, you can’t go through them. (Ronald grunts with disappointment) – [Ronald] That’s boring. – All right.
– Okay, I’m getting the chips on the seats. (chuckles) (Karina humming) Karina, I got the chips on the seats. How do you feel?
– Ronald, you’re gonna clean that. Oh look, there’s like a new
neighborhood thing here, hotel. Let’s go see the hotel. – [Ronald] Oh, what’s through the, the tunnel behind you,
you could go through. – That one you can go through, but I don’t know where it leads to. – [Ronald] Let’s go there right now. – No, first, I wanna check out the hotel. – [Ronald] Is this a
place where you can like. – Look at my awesome parking skills. Ronald, I haven’t yet parked. – I’m savage.
– There we go. – What’s this?
– Look at that. Beautiful!
– Is this a cafe? – (gasps) Cafe, oh my gosh, so cool.
– I cannot get in. – What?
– I cannot get in. – Knock, hello.
– Is this someone’s house? – Is this someone’s house? – No.
– I don’t think so, no. – [Ronald] It says open. Is there a secret way of getting in? – Are you open, hello? – [Ronald] Is there a
secret way of getting in? – I think this is
actually someone’s house. Oh my God.
– No, I don’t think it is. – (gasps in shock) Cool, oh,
they locked us in, Ronald! – [Ronald] Here we, oh,
there’s a door here. – No, you won’t be able to get out. – [Ronald] Like, Karina,
stand there, stand here. – Ronald, this is someone’s house, look, the trash bin thing is here. – Come on.
– We have to jump over this. – Yeah.
– Oh and I left my car in there, oh no. (laughing) We’re completely stuck. Jump
on the light on the walls. – [Ronald] Wait we can jump on this car. – All right, why did we think
this was an actual hotel like the game generated this thing here? – [Ronald] Okay, which one is our car? – This is our car. (engine umbles) Get in, Ronald. – [Ronald] Let’s go
back to the gas station, I want more chips. – No, Ronald, we have come to explore this city.
– Okay, let’s got through the tunnel, let’s go through the tunnel. All right.
– Oh, I think this whole thing is someone’s house. – Yeah, this is someone’s house. Oh my God, ah. ♪ Wild, wild, wild, wild,
wild, wild thoughts ♪ – All right, let’s go.
– Go back, go back through the tunnel.
– Oh yeah, through the tunnel. – [Ronald] You could go
on the grass, you know. – No, I’m not breaking the law. Ah!
(laughing) – Run.
– Ultimate traffic jam. – [Ronald] They got a faster car than us. – All right.
– Looks like we got friends in the house. – We have to get a better car soon. – [Ronald] I’ve got the best
car, we could go in my car if you want.
– This tunnel is pretty cool, got lights at the top. What’s this place?
– Oh, what’s this? Is it a ice cream shop? – No.
– Yes. Come on, we gotta, I’m gonna use my awesome parking skills and park. – [Ronald] What is this place though? – Ronald. I dunno. Come on, go faster. – [Ronald] Probably going up these stairs, I have a bad feeling, oh, yup. – We just sit here and look. – [Ronald] You know, you, ah. – Ah, this is boring, let’s go. It’s boring, this is boring. – [Ronald] I think there’s, oh, Karina. – What? – [Ronald] I know what this is. I wish you could run on this game. – Yeah, same. Ronald, where you at? Where are you?
– I’m wearing the red cap. – Oh cool, Ronald, cool
outfit, all right, get in. – [Ronald] No, let’s go around
the mountain, go straight. – Here?
– Yeah, there. – What if we crash, Ronald! This is so risky. (laughing) Oh my God. Oh, I’m stuck.
– We’re stuck. Let’s just go. – Oh my God.
– Oh no, Karina. (laughing) – I going for it. – [Ronald] Karina, I’m out of the car. (Karina screams)
You’re about to fall. Isn’t this the place
where there’s gliders? – Yeah, it is, oh gosh, I’m stuck now. (screams) I fell down the crack. Oh my God, my car.
– I’m gonna head to the gliders, Karina. – Oh gosh, my car is done for. Ronald, come back down here. – [Ronald] I’m gonna glide down. – Okay, but go to the
ice cream shop, okay. – [Ronald] Yeah, ice cram shop. – That’s where we’ll meet. – [Ronald] Where do you get the– – At the very top.
– How high do I need to go? – At the very top. – Mmm, so high.
– I know. I’m going to the ice cream shop. – I see you.
– I’m going in to the ice cream shop.
– Yellow glider or white glider.
– I see you, I saw you. I saw you jump for a minute. – [Ronald] Yellow glider or white glider? – White.
– Okay. – I’m gonna be an ice cream person.
– I’m going. – Hello, I would like to
be an ice cream person. Hi, what do you want? One chocolate and vanilla.
– Karina, I’m gliding. It’s gonna take while,
because I need to go down. But hey, oh, I just unequipped it.
– A chocolate. That’s, what? – [Ronald] Now, I’m kind of
running to the ice cream– – I’ll get a vanilla and
chocolate ice cream, okay. – [Ronald] Is there a strawberry? – Yeah. But I ain’t giving it. (electronic chime thrilling) Mmm, this job is boring.
– Are they all the same price? – Yeah. All right, I’m gonna get myself
some chocolate ice cream. – [Ronald] I want strawberry. – I wanna get on the Ferris wheel. – [Ronald] Karina, wait for me. It’s so slow. (sighs) Now you can actually sit on the seats. – Mmm-hmm, without teleporting
to some other seats. – [Ronald] I’m saving my ice cream, it was very expensive.
– I ate it already. Oh my gosh, I’m smelling, I’m smelling. I’m stinky.
– Should we just climb to the top of it? – Yeah, I don’t know how
it’s gonna work out for us, but we’re gonna somehow do it. – [Ronald] Yes, I’m making it. – We’re making history! – [Ronald] I’m eating
ice cream at the top. – Yes, we’re breaking the
world record, (squeals). (laughing) – [Ronald] Did you fall? – You pushed me. (laughing) I’m gonna get back up to the top. No, what, no! – [Ronald] I’m just dancing up here. I’m just dancing up here, Karina. – It’s so sad, I keep on falling. Okay, Ronald, get down here, get down. Get down.
– Nope. – I’mma reset my character so I get back at the house, you know. – [Ronald] I wanna see what house– – And then, Ronald, and
then you can show me how your house looks like. – [Ronald] But I think I need to go to main menu and select it. Yeah, okay, I’m gonna
main menu and select it. – Okay, I’m gonna wait
right here, you know. – [Ronald] But I don’t know if it’s gonna, well, I have a premium
so I think I can select where I want it to be. So I might select it next to your house. – Yours is already next to my house. – [Ronald] Yeah, but,
yeah, that is my cottage. I’m gonna do my fan mansion,
I think it’s called. – Cool. All right, I’mma take a
shower ’cause I’m stinky. – [Ronald] The music is unreal. ♪ Shower, shower ’cause I’m stinky ♪ ♪ I’m stinking, stinking, stinking ♪ (Ronald humming off-key) Ronald.
– It takes 15 years to load. – I know.
– Oh, yes. Karina, where are you? I thought I got to select. – Ronald, you can’t really do that. – [Ronald] Wait, Karina, I think
your house is next to mine. – Yeah, it is next to mine, yours. I told you that already. – [Ronald] My door is
open, I need to close it. Come to my house, Karina. – I’m busy watching TV. – [Ronald] Seriously, Karina,
you wanna see my house or not? (laughing) – Maybe.
– You’re busy. What are you watching, Nyan Cat? – No, I’m watching the unicorn show. – [Ronald] That’s Nyan Cat. – No, that’s not Nyan Cat. – [Ronald] Well, it used to be Nyan Cat, but they changed it to Roblox version. – All right, turn that off. – [Ronald] I’m over here
waiting, like it’s not good. I even have a Ronald– – I’m going.
– I even have a Ronald– (Karina whooping) I even have RonaldOMG poster. – Oh wow, Ronald, your place is fancy, but you got ugly doors, no offense. – [Ronald] I like the doors. This person is weird. – Oh you can see a car,
you got a banana man. – Okay.
– Ronald, it’s not Christmas anymore. Okay, this your room? – [Ronald] No, this is guest room. – How many guest rooms do you have? – Like, six.
– Well, make me roommate. – [Ronald] Okay, okay, come over here. Change roommate. – Thank you.
– I even have a door bell. – I can’t do any, I still
can’t open and close doors, you didn’t do it. – [Ronald] Wait one second. – There we go.
– What I accidentally clicked party thing, so I’m gonna reset my character. You can explore, it kinda looks similar. – I like you kitchen,
don’t like the doors. You got a nutcracker. – [Ronald] Why do you not like the doors? – The doors are weird. You got a mushroom poster, okay. I have a KarinaOMG in my house. In my old house, in my old
house, my old Roblox house. – [Ronald] That’s my room there. I got a elevator. Yeah, I told you I have a
three screen gamin computer. – Why can’t I play on the other ones? – [Ronald] I don’t know, it’s just. – Okay, you got your logo on
the picture frame as well. – [Ronald] I know, I got
my premium trophy here. – Cool, you got your elevator. Oh, pretty bathroom.
– Karina, I’m in the elevator. Come on, come in. – All right I’m going.
– I can show you your room. – My room?
– Yeah, because it’s our house in real life. – Awesome, wait, oh this
is our house in real life. Oh my gosh, it is. (sighs) – [Ronald] What? – It doesn’t look the same. – [Ronald] Well, I cannot
make it look exactly the same. – No, wait, you go through here. I have my closet, my
closet is at the entrance. – [Ronald] I know, here’s
the problem, if I’d done that it would be sticking out here
and would’ve looked ugly. – And then you turn here. – (groans exasperatedly) Karina, stop. – And then, to my room. – But do yo like it?
– Yeah. – [Ronald] You have your Mac here and your makeup and your books. – Ronald.
– What? – Why do you get a three
screen and I get one? – [Ronald] Because it costs Blox bucks. Oh, what is it called? – (gasps) Ronald, you forgot one room. – [Ronald] Yeah, I know,
I have no room for it. – (gasps) And a secret room. Why is it a bathroom? – [Ronald] Because like, why not? – Why is the secret room a bathroom? The secret room in our
house has nothing in it. – [Ronald] I know,
before you say something, there’s supposed to be closets here but some of the–
– Where is the balcony? – Okay.
– Why are there closets covering the windows? What’s the point in having a window there, if you’re gonna cover it up with closets? – [Ronald] I tried my
best, I tried my best. – The sinks are supposed to be, Ronald, the sinks are supposed to be
on this side, not on this side. – [Ronald] Oh yeah,
true, I thought it was. And then if you go around, you see the toilet and the shower.
– Here’s the toilet. – Shower is bigger than that. – [Ronald] Okay, how am I
supposed to get a bigger shower? – I don’t know. – [Ronald] ‘Kay. And I just jump down here. – Wee. – [Ronald] Oh there’s a piano
here, I should move this– – We don’t have a piano in our house, Ronald.
– Yeah, we do. – No, we don’t.
– Yeah, we do. – No, we don’t. – [Ronald] Right next to
the dinning room table here. – Yeah, but, yeah, we do but– – [Ronald] I added it
before you got the piano. – Why is there a popcorn machine here? – [Ronald] ‘Cause I like popcorn. – Okay, at least you got the… This looks nothing like our backyard. – [Ronald] But like, come on. Like, you–
– Ronald. It’s completely different. Why is there closets, why is there closet clothing here?
– Because, why not? I could change my outfit here. (laughing) – Ronald. We don’t have palm trees in our backyard. Yeah, actually we do, but still. And we don’t have diving board. – [Ronald] But like, it’s
cool to have a diving board. It’s cool.
– And we don’t have candy canes in the front of our house. – [Ronald] But that was when, I did it when it was Christmas. – Then why don’t you take them out? It’s not Christmas anymore.
– Because they look good. They look good. And you wanna see the
best car in the game? – What? – [Ronald] This, looks fancy, come in. – I like this better. It’s cooler. Get a limo and then talk to me. – [Ronald] Look how fast this is. (laughing)
– Ronald! Stop.
– Karina, just get in. – I wanna get in, I wanna get in. – [Ronald] Get in (chuckling). (engine rumbling) This is way faster. (Karina exclaims excitedly) Should we go order some food? – Yeah, I want pizza,
let’s go pizza, pizza. Wait, wasn’t this ring around
the pizza place red before? – Yeah, they changed it.
– Now, it’s yellow. – I like the red better.
– I like the red better too. How dare they change it. All right.
– Okay. – Pizza slice. – [Ronald] Pizza slice
and Mega Gulp, that’s all? – Can I get like an entire pizza and not just like one pizza please? – [Ronald] Wait, where was the place that you said you could
order Pop-Tarts and stuff? – Pop-Tarts? At your house! – [Ronald] How? – Going to your fridge
and grabbing a Pop-Tart and then going to–
– Oh, okay, let’s go to Burger King. – You want Burger King. That’s not Burger King, just so you know. – [Ronald] Or Bloxy Burgers, whatever. – Bloxy Burger, this is where
I used to work, I think. – Bloxy Cola.
– But just cut the line. – [Ronald] You just skipped the, there’s this whole line here. – It’s like I’m a state skipper. How do you feel? Okay, Ronald. (Karina gasps) – What?
– I wanna get a new car. – [Ronald] I think the car
that I have is like Blox bucks. – But I still wanna get a new car whether you like it or not. – [Ronald] It’s the one
in front of you, that one. – That one, okay. Hello, can I get a new car? – [Ronald] It’s 2500 Blox bucks. (horn honking) I got a quad bike and motorcycle. – What is this place? I’d like to buy a vehicle, I don’t want any of these ones though. That’s 80 Blox bucks, that’s 1600, oh wow. That’s 1000 and that is just 2000, 1200 Robux, okay. Ronald, where’d you go? – [Ronald] I died. – Ronald, how’d you die? – [Ronald] I don’t know. – You just like, died on the spot? (engine rumbles) – I–
– I’m going to you, Ronald. I’m going to your house
and I’mma stalk ya. Ya. – [Ronald] Are you in my car? – Maybe.
– I guessed it. – I’m not in your car, Ronald. I was never in your car. – [Ronald] Where are you? Do you wanna play hide and seek? – Yeah! Ronald, try to find me now. (door bell rings) You’re never gonna ever find me. – Hmm.
– I’m in the best hiding spot ever. – Hey!
(Karina screams) – Run. – [Ronald] Where are you? Karina, are you counting now? – No, okay, now I’m gonna count. Ronald, Ronald, I’m gonna
count right here on this wall, one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Ready or not here I come. Found you. (laughing) I found you, Ronald. (laughing) – [Ronald] I needed it to come down. – Why did you hide behind
and not in it, Ronald? – [Ronald] I don’t know, because you, okay, I’m counting. One, two, (chuckles) three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, ele, oh, 10. – Okay, you’re never, ever,
ever, ever gonna find me. – [Ronald] It’s basically
showing me where you are. – No one is showing me where they are, showing you where they are, me are, where I are, where I am. (engine rumbling) – Karina!
(laughing) Karina, I found you. Karina, I found you.
– No! – I found you.
– No! – [Ronald] Karina, Karina, come back. (sighs) I’m gonna respawn the car.
– Fine. – [Ronald] Guys, I’m
gonna respawn the car. – No, Ronald, there’s a, no. All right, Ronald, now it’s
time to end this video. – [Ronald] Wait, count, count
one more time, one more. – No, Ronald, come on. – [Ronald] Come on, please. – Ronald, I’ve got enough of
this insanity for one day. Come on, I’m gonna close the door on you. Well, the garage door. – [Ronald] You know I
could just go through this. – Ronald, come on!
– Where are you? – Go fast!
(clapping) – You were in the garage.
– It’s hide and seek all over again. – [Ronald] Where are you, there you are. – So guys, I hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button. I’ll see you guys next time, good bye.

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