Hide and Seek with Sign Post Kids and Mommy!

I wonder if someone’s behind these pillows. Hi, you’re watching Sign Post Kids! with Hannah Carlei Emy Jojo and Katie! and Mommy! Yay! Today we are playing hide and go seek Mom’s it! Alright, I’m going to count to twenty! Ready Set Go! Come on, guys! One Two Three Where should we hide? I don’t know. Oh, in the pillows! In the pillows! Four Good idea, Jojo! Yeah! Let’s hide Jojo. Grab some pillows. Five Six Let’s go C’mon Seven Shhh C’mon! Hmm Hmm! Eight Where should we hide? I don’t know. How about in here? Great! Nine Perfect and I blend in! Shh C’mon, c’mon! Ten Where should we hide? I don’t know. hmm Eleven I know! Let’s go over here! Okay! Twelve In here! Thirteen Yeah! Ohh Where should we hide, Katie? I don’t know. Fourteen Hmm I know! Let’s go over here! Fifteen Yeah! Let’s hide Sixteen Under the table! Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty! Ready or not! Here I come! Do you think they’re in the bedroom? Let’s go find out! I wonder Well, where would somebody hide in this room? Here? Right there! I found Jojo! That’s a great hiding place behind the pillows! Come on out, Jo! Don’t bump your head! High five! That was a great spot! Now I have to find Hannah, Carlei, Emy and Katie. Would you like to help me? Yeah, sure! Alright, let’s go into another room. I wonder where the kids could hide Hmm. I think there’s a great place in this bedroom. I wonder if someone’s behind these pillows Hmm, no? What about these pillows? Whoa, these are great hiders! I wonder if one of them is over here I bet one of them is in the tent I found Emy! You found me! I did! I found Jojo and Emy and now I have to find Hannah, Carlei and Katie Do you want to help me? Let’s go! I wonder where the other three might be hiding Hmmm Maybe in the closet! Let’s go check! The closet is this way! I found Carlei Mom found me You found me! I found Carlei! I found Jojo Emy and Carlei Now I have to find Hannah and Katie! I wonder where they might be hiding Hmmm Where could they be? I wonder Where would Hannah or Katie hide? How about, the family room? Let’s go check! The only place somebody could be in this room Would be under the bean bag What do you guys think? Yeah! Let’s check. Under the bean bag, ready? Ugh Oh! Not under that one Ugh Hannah is not under the bean bag and Katie is not under the bean bag where else could they hide The kitchen! Let’s go! C’mon! Here’s the kitchen! I wonder where Hannah could be hiding Where’s Hannah? She’s not on the ceiling! That’s true If I were hiding in the kitchen Where would I hide? Hmmm Well, she’s not on top of the table. I wonder if she’s under the table. Oh! I found Hannah! Come on out! Now, I have found Jojo Emy Carlei and Hannah Now I have to find Katie and I’ve looked everywhere Where do you think Katie is hiding? You know where she is? She probably has a super duper secret hiding spot She does! Ok well I’m going to go look for Katie over here. Well Katie is such a good hider I need to take a break. I’m gonna go sit down over here. What do you think guys, should we turn on the fireplace? Yeah! Whoo! I found Katie! Were you hiding on the sofa this whole time? No Where were you hiding? Behind you! Behind me? She was behind me the whole time? The whole time! You’re the best hider in plain sight in the whole world! Good job, Katie! Thanks for joining us for our hide and seek in the house video! Thanks for watching! Bye! Hey mom! If you watch our video you can see me sneaking behind you the whole entire time! I will and I’m gonna comment with a purple heart every time I see you! Bye!

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