Hide and Seek

Hi everyone! Welcome to Legacy
TV! My name is Sarah, and I’m so blessed to get to share with you
the Word of God this month on Legacy TV. This is so cool, and
an honor for me! I love it when Jeremy comes to me the night
before and says “Hey, wanna do TV tomorrow?” “Sure, I love it!”
I love spending time with you guys and this is just━ the Word
of God is so powerful and it has the power to change our life. It
doesn’t mean that everybody experiences that power. It’s
only those who take time to let it get in their hearts, let it
be planted, and sooner or later, if you plant the Word of God it
will show up. Now let’s just pray today, and believe that His
words would fall on good ground, amen? Father, we love you today.
Thank you for your Word. Thank you for showing us what we need
in this time. That even when we don’t know what we need, you
know what we need. And we’re asking you to give us revelation
today. Things that ━ words and information straight from
heaven. We receive it from you today, in Jesus’ name. Amen! We
have been studying Psalm thirty one nineteen. This is our
beginning text and talking about what it means to live Hidden in
the Healer. To be hidden in Jesus. To find a secret place
where we are protected from all evil in the world, and this is a
part of the blessing of the Lord that has been given to us,
because of what Jesus has done for us. The ability to live
inside the blessing and I want to read this text to you. And ━
let me talk about that for just a second. You know, faith is a
location. Have you ever heard anyone talk about ━ ask you
about a situation that’s going on in your life, “Are you in
faith over that?” Or you may be thinking, “Am I in faith over
this? Have I have I stepped over into that place of faith where
I’m trusting God, or am believing God where I’m honoring
God with this? How I’m thinking about this? What I’m confessing
over the situation?” Faith is a location, and you have to step
over into that that place, that location of faith, and get over
into that place. That place where you hear from God that
place where you’re fully trusting in Him, fully at rest,
and fully assured in Him. And so I wanted, today, I want to think
about what that place is, talk about it. Let’s just renew our
minds to that hiding place. Psalm ninety one calls it, “The
secret place of the most high.” If you look up any dictionary
word of what a secret place is, it’s a hiding place. It’s a
secret! It’s an abiding place, and we see this all throughout
Scripture. Let’s read this, though, in Psalm thirty one,
verse nineteen. “Oh, how great is your goodness, Which you have
laid up for those who fear You. Which you have prepared for
those who trust in You.” And I look at this again, and it makes
me so excited! You know, the goodness of God is not for
everybody. And not everyone will experience the goodness of God.
Now, God laid it out there for you, but it’s only for a person
who does two things. A person who fears God, and honors God,
and a person who trusts in God. That’s who will experience the
goodness of God in their life. Verse twenty says, “You shall
hide them in the secret place of your presence.” Oh, that just
makes me so happy! I love the presence of God! I love what it
does to me! Did you know His presence is medicine to you? The
Word of God is medicine, but did you know that Jesus is the Word
of God made flesh? He’s the Word made flesh, and when He walks
into the room and you walk into His presence, man, there is
healing there! His presence is medicine. And, so, I just want
to just look at some of these Scriptures today on the hiding
place and what that is. One Scripture that comes to me when
I think about it is, “The name of the Lord.” This is in
Proverbs chapter eighteen, verse ten. “The name of the Lord is a
strong tower; The righteous run into it and are safe.” Run into
it! Run into His presence! Don’t run away from Him when you need
something. Run to His presence! Run into that strong tower! You
know, we’ve been looking at Psalm ninety one there’s so many
references to what it means to be in this hiding place. This
secret place this shelter, this refuge. It’s like━ it’s like a
fortified city, a castle, a city on a hill. It’s a place that is
just, that it’s often times when they would talk about a
fortress, or tower, it was a place that was lifted up higher
than something else. It was━ it had an advantage, and we have an
advantage over our enemy. We have the Word of God, and we
have the Spirit of God, and we have Him. Every day we have
these things every day to lead us, and to guide us, in and
through, every situation that we encounter, praise God for that!
As we’ve just been looking at Psalm ninety one, we’ve been
talking about meditating on these Scriptures, and that Psalm
ninety one is yes, definitely, it’s a beautiful description of
how to be protected. It really is protection from all kinds of
evils. Not just needing your angels to protect you, and maybe
when you’re out on the road driving, or flying in an
airplane, or sleeping in your bed at night. It’s all those
things, but you know what else Psalm ninety one is? It’s
protection from all kinds of evils. It’s protection from
sickness and disease. And I just love how God paints a picture
for us of how you can live inside His protection, inside
this this fortress, in this bubble of protection. There’s a
wall. You can put up a wall around you. Okay, I’ve got a
couple of scriptures that I’m thinking of I want to, I want to
share with you along these lines. I read this to you last
week. It’s just standing out to me again. Psalm thirty two,
verse seven says, “You are my hiding place; You shall preserve
me from trouble;” Isn’t that word, “preserve,” awesome? I
mean, you think about how they preserved bodies now, how they
pump them with formaldehyde, and actually, they say people today
have so many preservatives in their bodies from the food they
eat, that when they actually die they’re like, not decaying like
they’re supposed to. Isn’t that crazy? But preservatives – God
can put preservatives in you, that will preserve you in your
body and keep you healthy, and strong, for all the days of your
life! “He’ll preserve you from trouble; You shall surround me
with songs deliverance.” You know, a song can be your shield?
A song can surround you? Now, you can’t see this happening can
you? But anything with God, if it’s faith, you don’t have to
see it. You shouldn’t be able to see it, you believe it, and then
you have it. You believe to see the goodness of the Lord in the
land of the living. Man, I’m so animated out here with my pen,
and all. Here, let put this pen down. Okay. I talk with my hands
here, so all my guys are here laughing at me, but okay. But
you can believe to see the goodness of God in the land of
the living! Believe to see! You don’t see it first and then
believe it. You believe to see! This is how faith is. Faith
never has to see, and it never has to feel before it believes.
It simply looks into the Word of God and sees it as a mirror,
“You know what, God? If you say it in your word I’m going to
believe it.” This is real faith. And this scripture, “You are my
hiding place; You will preserve me from trouble; You shall
surround me with songs of deliverance.” This tells me that
the words that we sing are powerful that they can either
bring life, or death, and you can surround yourself with a
song. You can hide yourself in the Word of God, If the Word of
God is what’s coming out of your mouth. If the Word of God is
what you’re singing. “You shall hide me; And surround me with
songs of deliverance.” Hey, sing songs that are full of the Word
of God! Don’t just sing songs that make you want to cry. Yeah,
sometimes you will cry, I cry all the time. You guys know, I’m
a cryer. Actually, I told my guys today, “I’m controlling
this crying thing! I’m doing better.” Yes! This is good, and
I did wear my waterproof mascara today, and I know that was a
smart move. But I’m just so happy I haven’t cried one time.
The tears have filled up my eyes, they have, but I’m doing
good anyway. “You are my hiding place; Lord, and you are my
shield.” I want to read you this one. Oh, I got so excited when I
read this one today! It’s Psalms – let’s see, one twenty one, and
it’s talking about that preservation, that, how God will
preserve you. I just want to read all of it to you, it’s so
good. Verse one says, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills━
From where my help comes from. My help comes from the Lord, Who
made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to be moved;
He who keeps you will not slumber.” This is all God, even
while you’re sleeping, He’s not sleeping. He never sleeps or
slumbers. He is consistent! He is consistently taking care of
you. Consistently working in your body. Consistently
preserving you as you sleep at night. I believe God – before
you go to bed, don’t just go to sleep. Pray, and ask the Lord to
let His healing mercies work in you all night long as you sleep.
Whatever you put in your body during the day, ask Him to go
in, and work in you. He’s not sleepy, He’s not slumbering,
He’s wide awake working in you, if you let Him. And I love this,
He doesn’t ━ “He neither slumbers.” Here it is, verse
three, “He will not allow you allow your foot to be moved; He
who keeps you will not slumber. Behold He who keeps Israel Shall
never slumber nor sleep.” He’s saying He’s so awesome, He’s so
big that He’s actually watching over, and keeping Israel! The
whole – the whole country! The whole place! He is keeping
Israel. If He can take care of that many people, He can take
care you sleeping at night. He will keep us. He can keep all of
us. Verse five, “The Lord is your keeper; The Lord is your
shade at your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day,
nor the moon by night.” You know, for some of you people who
are fair complected like me, you need the scripture, okay? I’m
just gonna tell ya. You need, I need this Scripture every day.
Now I’ll put sunscreen on, yeah, but I need even more so to stand
on this Scripture “The sun will not strike me by day…” I don’t
want wrinkles, okay? I don’t want to get old! I don’t want to
age! Now, the Bible does tell us that over time – this body, and
this flesh, isn’t the most important thing. But what I’m
telling you is God will protect you from the sun. He will be
your shield, He’ll be your shade, and if you are fair like
me, you go ahead and put this up on your mirror in your bathroom
before you go out in the morning. Confess it every day.
“The sun shall not strike you by day, Nor the moon by night.” No
skin cancer! No more skin cancer! No more problems with
your skin. God cares about your skin! He is that good, He is so
awesome. Verse seven says, “The Lord shall preserve you from all
evil.” Do you know that sickness and disease is evil? It is a
form, it is from the curse, and Jesus has redeemed us from the
curse of the law, being made a curse for us that the blessing
would come on us. The blessing is on me, the blessing is on
you, but you gotta believe it, you’ve gotta say it, you’ve got
to declare it. “The blessing of the Lord is on me.” It says,
“The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve
your soul.” That’s your mind, your will, and your emotions.
Stop saying that you’re losing your memory! Don’t say any more
that I’m going crazy, I’m losing my mind. These words should
never come out of our mouths! No, we say that the Lord is
preserving me! The Lord is keeping me! The Lord who never
slumbers or sleeps, He is taking good care of me and mine. Verse
eight says, “The Lord shall preserve your going out and your
coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.” “Hey,
that’s not till you get━ That’s just when you get heaven
someday.” No! “From this time forth.” Now He will preserve
you. Now He will keep you, He will take care of you. He’s
never sleeping, He’s never slumbering, when we’re resting
even, He’s still working! You know, we’ve been writing this
song, ministering lately, this song that says, “Your presence
is medicine. Jesus, I know that you are moving, and working,
healing, restoring.” I believe that, and I’m going to sing
about it, and I’m going to confess that all the days of my
life. The Word of God is a shield, and you know, the Bible
tells us that, “He is a shield to all those who trust in Him.”
He will be your hiding place. He will keep you safe and secure
from all sickness, all manner of disease. He will keep you, if
you trust Him, and you honor Him. Those are the people who
see the goodness of God. I was thinking about, this morning,
when I was praying about all this, what it means to hide in
Him. What it means to make Jesus your hiding place. And I started
thinking about when I was a little girl and my brother Josh
and I loved to play – actually Josh, Jordan, and I, all love to
play hide and seek. But this story, I only remember Josh in
it, and not sure why I don’t think Jordan was there. But we
were hiding, we’re at my grandma’s house, staying with
her, and we were hiding━playing hiding and go seek with with
her. And Josh and I were on a team. And if you know me and
Josh, you know we’re little competitive when it comes to
sports. That’s all, not anything else. We don’t let that get in
involved in our life, that competitive spirit, but, when it
comes to sports, and it comes to that – you know, that basketball
game that you play at the arcade? Whatever it’s called.
You don’t want to play that basketball game with me because
I get really into it, and really riled up, and and I’m going to
beat you, okay? I’m going to beat you. I have a deal with
Jeremy, he doesn’t win. And if my kids are with me at the
arcade, you know what? I will use all of their tokens to play
the basketball game. I will use all the money that they put on
the card because I have got to play that basketball game until
I win. You don’t get to leave the basketball game unless I am
the last person to win, that’s how it works. So, all that to
say, me and Josh – little competitive in the sports, that
area, and we were playing hide and go seek, or something like
that. Yeah, you don’t want to come to the Hart house when
we’re playing cards at Christmas time! It is just – you are not
going to win. I’m going to win, okay? All that to say, Josh and
I were playing hide and go seek with my with my, “Mimi,” and we
were at her house, and I can’t remember exactly where we hid.
Josh and I, we were pretty little but we were going to win
this game no matter what, and we were on the same team. We went
downstairs, we hid under the bed. Either in the bed, or the
closet, or something. I can’t really remember that part all,
the only part of the story that I remember is that we hid for a
really long time. We hid so long that even my Mimi, she could not
find us anywhere, we hid ourselves so good and for so
long that finally she started panicking. And Mimi, if you’re
watching this today, I love you. I know you’re watching this
today! I love you, and I’m sorry, okay? I just want to
apologize to you for doing this to you. But we did from her and
she could not find us for so long, and she was like, “Guys,
guys, please come out! Please guys! Game’s over, come out!”
And you know what? We were determined, we were going to win
this game at all cost. We were not going to give in, we were
not going to concede. I mean, nobody was going to win this
game but us. And so, she kept calling out to us, “Guys,
please, please come out.” And pretty soon it got so bad, she
couldn’t find us. So there was only one option left. She had to
call the police. And she called the police and we heard her on
the phone, and at that time I think we probably came out and
showed her, but this went on for a really long time. And the Lord
was reminding me of this story and He said to me, “Sarah, don’t
come out of that hiding place. Stay in your hiding place until
you win!” Don’t give in! Don’t quit! Don’t lift your voice and
announce where you are and give it away. I have some notes on
this right here. But don’t give yourself away! Don’t say, “Hey,
here I am! This is how I feel right now!” Don’t let the enemy
ever see you sweat. Stay in your hiding place, in that place of
His presence until you win. Now by faith we believe that we have
won, and Jesus has finished the work, and by His stripes we are
healed. What I’m saying is just keep on, just living in that
hiding place, live in that abiding place. And stay in there
with Jesus, stay in there in His Word. Stay in there, in His
presence. Keep on standing, keep on believing, don’t give in,
don’t give up, don’t reveal where you are to the enemy.
MiMi, you are not the enemy, okay! You are awesome! But don’t
give in, just stay in your hiding place until you have
victory, until you see your victory, until you win. Stay
there, don’t get out, don’t come out of faith! Stay in that
location of the faith. Stay in that place where you are
trusting God. And the only way to do this is to consistently
return to the presence of the Lord. Consistently, day by day,
put your eyes on the Word of God. Doesn’t Proverbs tell us?
“Attend to His word, pay attention to His word, let it
not depart from our eyes keep it in the midst of our heart, for
it is life.” And the Hebrew says, “Medicine and health to
all our flash.” Stay in that place. Attend to His words. Live
your life Hidden in the Healer. Hidden in Jesus. As I was
praying over this I thought about what this means. Really,
this is what Jesus was talking about when He said, “If you
abide in me, and my words abide in you, you can ask whatever you
desire, and it will be done for you.” This abiding place that
Jesus was talking about, this is your hiding place. And this
hiding place that we’re talking about? This is your healing
place. The place of His presence where you go in, you go into His
presence you stay there. You know, it reminds me of what
Jesus said. I want to read this to you in John chapter ten. You
know, we quote this scripture so often about, “The thief comes to
steal, kill, and destroy.” But Jesus said, “I have come that
they might have life, and have it more abundantly.” Do you want
to know what the Word, the scripture says, the verses right
before that? Let me read it to you. Jesus said to them – again,
this is verse seven. “Most assuredly, I say to you, I am
the door of the sheep.” In Jesus. This is the way you get
into that place of faith, that you get over into that location
of faith, that you get into your hiding place. He’s the gate,
He’s the door into that place. You can’t get there without Him.
There’s no faith for healing without faith in the healer. You
get over in that place by faith, in Jesus. You gotta become
mindful of Jesus every time that you go into that place, but He
says, “All who ever came before Me are thieves and robbers, but
the sheep did not hear them. I am the door. If anyone enters by
Me, he will be saved, and go in and out and find pasture.” Jesus
is the way that we go in to all the goodness of God. The place
where we eat, the place where we’re blessed, the place where
we received healing. He is that door into that location, that
place of faith where we live and we’ll abide. He is the door into
that healing place. Hey, we have so much more to get into these
next few weeks. Why don’t you just stick with us, we’re going
to worship together, and we’ll be back to pray with you at the
end. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] The Bible says in Romans chapter
ten, verse nine that, “If you
confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and
believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead,
you will be saved.” Verse ten says, “With the heart one
believes in the righteousness, and with the mouth confession is
made unto salvation.” You know, the Bible tells us that it’s
God’s will that all men would be saved. Like Sarah is ministering
to you today on the broadcast, the will of God for your life is
healing. The will of God for your life is good, but it begins
with making Jesus the Lord of your life. That’s God’s will for
you. And how are you saved? How does Jesus become the Lord of
your life? Just the way the Bible says. You believe in your
heart that He is Lord, and you say with your mouth, you call
him your Lord. You believe that God raised Him from the dead,
and you say it with your mouth. When what’s going on in your
heart comes out of your mouth, that’s when miracles happen in
your life. So if you’ve never been born again, I invite you
just to pray this simple prayer after me. Say, “Father in
heaven, I come to you in Jesus name. I believe in my heart and
I say with my mouth, Jesus is Lord! I believe He lived for me,
I believe He died for me, and I believe He rose again for me.
Jesus be my Lord. I receive forgiveness for all my sin. I’m
clean, I’m brand new, and I am the righteousness of God in
Christ Jesus.” Amen! It’s a simple prayer! It’s a simple
prayer, if you prayed it, the Bible says you’re born again!
This is the first day of the rest of your life, and we want
you to know how thrilled we are about that. Everybody here at
Pearsons Ministries wants to rejoice with you! If you’re
watching this right now inside the United States and you prayed
that prayer, call that number that you see there on your
screen. Let us have the opportunity to rejoice with you!
If you’re outside the United States watching this, and you
prayed that prayer, just visit us online at Pearsons Ministries
dot com. There’s a way there to get in touch with us and let us
know the good things that God is doing in your life. We want to
rejoice with you! The Bible says all of Heaven rejoices when one
comes home, and you need to know that everybody in this family is
pretty excited about it too! Hey before we leave the broadcast
today, I want to remind you that partnership is the way God gets
things done in the kingdom, and if you want to get on board with
what God is doing here at Pearsons Ministries and Legacy
Studios, we invite you to join us in our mission to serve our
generation with the Word of God!Teaching them how to live by
faith, in the day of Grace. Help us reach everyone, everywhere,
every day with the good news of Jesus Christ. Everything you
need to know about how to give, how to get involved is right
there on your screen. Use that information and join us in
partnership, and getting the gospel out, and serving another
generation with the Word of Faith. Father, we bless the
giving of the people today! We call them blessed, enriched,
increased, and multiplied, in Jesus’ name! Amen! We love you
today, thanks so much for watching Legacy Television.
We’ll see you again next time. Bye bye!

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  1. Thank you for this timely word its a inspiration to me, right on time! Iron sharpens iron! I'm finishing this race STRONG in the Lord and the power of HIS might!

  2. I am 15 and I love watching all of these, I am from RCC and I love to listen to a church that believes in faith like I do, thank you

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