|| “Hide n’ Seek” || BatFam_(Animatic)

Dick: I demand someone to tell me why am I here! And why it so bright? God- Jason: I’m so happy that I found you and now you’re gonna tell me where your little buddy is. Dick: I’m not telling you nothin’ ! Jason: Look you can make this easy for the both of us. You’re just wasting your own time. Jason: You know where he’s located! Help me! Dick: I can’t! Jason: Look this little thing that you’re playing right now. What are you getting out of it? Dick: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jason: Look, you know where he is and you’re gonna tell me now! Dick: I don’t know nothin’ and that’s that! Jason: Look, I don’t know where he hid and I searched everywhere. Dick: And I’m serious. I don’t know either. Dick: That’s why I don’t play hide-and-seek with Tyrone! Dick: I mean, did you look in the basement? Jason: And I checked the attic! Look, I ran out of options. Jason: I really don’t know where else to look. Tim: Sup y’all? Jason: Where were you at?! I looked everywhere for you! Tim: School. Jason: School?! Tim: Yeah, school! Tim: Like where y’all need to be! Tim: Like y’all keep skipping classes doing whatever y’all doing but y’all need to stop ’cause we had exams today! TIm: And y’all missed history and math! Y’all better be happy Tim: I was in a good enough mood to bring y’all the homework y’all missed. Jason: GOTDAMN! Look at the- Look how thicc this is!!

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